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General Information

Name:  Aaron Renier  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Illustrator

Audience: Children;

Born: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Illinois Connection

Renier lives in Chicago

Biographical and Professional Information

Aaron Renier is an author and an illustrator. While he writes and illustrates his own books, he also illustrates the books of other authors. He teaches drawing and comics at universities in Chicago.

The author of three graphic novels for younger readers; Spiral-Bound, Walker Bean, and Walker Bean and the Knights of the Waxing Moon, Renier has also illustrated Dave Eggers' The Lifters.

Renier is the recipient of the Eisner award in 2006 for talent deserving of wider recognition, and was an inaugural resident for the Sendak Fellowship in 2010.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability: Yes.

Selected Titles At Your Library

An anaconda ate my homework!
ISBN: 9781423113546. OCLC Number: 262883824

Disney/Hyperion Books,. .

On his way home from school, Digby, unhappy about the ten pages of homework due the following day, is carried off to the jungle by a raptor and must escape from an extraordinary series of dangers using items from his backpack.

Spiral Bound
ISBN: 9781442022706. OCLC Number: 313663436

Paw Prints. .

Spiral-bound :
ISBN: 1891830503. OCLC Number: 225426831

Top Shelf Productions,. .

In this graphic novel about the young animal characters who live in the Town, Turnip the elephant is using the summer to find his artistic voice through sculpture, his friend Stucky the dog is building a submarine, and Ana the rabbit is working on the town's underground newspaper. Their stories all wind around the town's deep, dark secret about the monster that lives in the pond.

The adventures of Sir Gawain the True /
ISBN: 0544022645. OCLC Number: 607083619

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,. .

Relates the adventures of Sir Gawain, the only undefeated knight in King Arthur's court, who eventually learns the value of friendship, courtliness, and courtesy after a challenge from the Green Knight.

The Adventures of Sir Gawain the True.
ISBN: 9781480602885. OCLC Number: 824353265

Paw Prints. .

The adventures of Sir Givret the Short /
ISBN: 0547248180. OCLC Number: 213407286

Houghton Mifflin,. .

While not the most intrepid knight of the Round Table, Sir Givret the Short helps King Arthur and the other knights with his cunning and cleverness.

The adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great /
ISBN: 0547237561. OCLC Number: 181516735

Houghton Mifflin,. .

Relates tales of Sir Lancelot, the bravest knight in King Arthur's court.

The unsinkable Walker Bean
ISBN: 9781596435056. OCLC Number: 515477765

. .

Walter Bean is happiest when he gets to spend time tinkering on his inventions in his grandfather's workshop, but when his grandfather acquires a curse, Walter must embark on dangerous quest to return a pearl skull to the witches who made it.

The Unsinkable Walker Bean.
ISBN: 9781448756032. OCLC Number: 696092220

Paw Prints. .