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General Information

Name:  Maria Mola  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Illustrator

Born: in Barcelona, Spain

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Illinois Connection

Mola lives in Evanston.

Biographical and Professional Information

Maria Mola studied art at the Francesca Bonnemaison School in Barcelona, Spain, and the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. She works in both traditional and digital media, often combining both. She has illustrated books in the US and European markets.

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Titles At Your Library

Koala Challah
ISBN: 1512420883

Kar-Ben Publishing. 2017

Lila's older sisters both have jobs to help their family get ready for Shabbat. Lila wants to help too, but she can't figure out the perfect job, and everything she tries just ends in a gigantic mess. Then Lila has an idea. Maybe she can make the most beautiful, most special, most delicious challah ever! At least she can try....

Sparkle Boy
ISBN: 1620142856

Lee & Low Books. 2017

Casey loves to play with his blocks, puzzles, and dump truck, but he also loves things that sparkle, shimmer, and glitter. When his older sister, Jessie, shows off her new shimmery skirt, Casey wants to wear a shimmery skirt too. When Jessie comes home from a party with glittery nails, Casey wants glittery nails too. And when Abuelita visits wearing an armful of sparkly bracelets, Casey gets one to wear, just like Jessie. The adults in Casey's life embrace his interests, but Jessie isn't so sure. Boys aren't supposed to wear sparkly, shimmery, glittery things. Then, when older boys at the library tease Casey for wearing "girl" things, Jessie realizes that Casey has the right to be himself and wear whatever he wants. Why can't both she and Casey love all things shimmery, glittery, and sparkly? Here is a sweet, heartwarming story about acceptance, respect, and the freedom to be yourself in a world where any gender expression should be celebrated. Sparkly things are for everyone to enjoy!

Jeremy's Dreidel (Hanukkah) by Ellie Gellman (2012-08-01)

Kar-Ben Publishing. 1856

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