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Name:  James Conroy  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: Long Island, New York

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The Night Is Once Before
ISBN: 0773428305

Edwin Mellen Pr. 1997

This is a collection of 30 poems. They are non-religious, but there is a sprituality running through the poems that pays tribute to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of the modern world's loss of committed values not associated with gain or notoriety.

Stealing Second
ISBN: 1591290228

PublishAmerica. 2002

Tom Cassidy, a personable and charming man, is a professional thief. But after all, it’s a living. Along with his buddy, Juan Alfaro, Cassidy steals bearer bonds off a courier. So begins Stealing Second and it’s anybody’s ball game. Life is like baseball, only more dangerous. Tables turn with every hit. Tom and Juan become fall guys in separate scenarios connected to the robbery. It does not take long for them to know both sides want them dead. With nowhere to run and no leverage, they set about their own “set up.”

The Anarchist
ISBN: 1591332206

Hilliard & Harris Publishers. 2007

Who really knows a friend? The passions and secrets we hide from each other? The untimely demise of Hector Morreti unleashed a secret: that old revolutionaries never really die. Deep under cover, their cause is always sure and the fight continues. Jonah Chappel, a free-lance reporter, finds himself on life's downslide. Disappointed with his failed ambition to become a best selling novelist, he has become obsessed with pursuing stories of Chicago's corruption. Jonah navigates the seedy underground with no illusions about his role as a chronicler of deceit and despair. His only friend and haven of sorts, was Hector Morreti, the recently deceased and apparently reticent professor of languages, so it falls to Jonah to handle Hector's affairs. Hector's possessions reveal a political activism Jonah never suspected. Hector was not the tame academic everyone saw on the surface. He was involved with a new Global Anarchist Movement. The movement is a network of terrorists with many, like Hector, who have come out of retirement to advance the cause of anarchy in the world. Hector Morreti was their "banker." Suddenly Jonah finds himself a target of the FBI, and perhaps more terrifying, the band of fugitive terrorists interested in continuing Hector's work. Terrorists who are determined to eliminate Jonah before the US government can convince or coerce him to help bring the anarchists down. Jonah is desperate, but the key to surviving may lie in his own literary failure. His forgotten novel is a handbook for revolution. Manipulating the terrorists and the FBI in deadly balance, Jonah hatches a plot of his own. When his survival plan is complicated by his attraction to the lead FBI investigator, Special Agent Leslie Randolph, Jonah must decide if some secrets are worth the risk of sharing in order to find happiness.



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