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Name:  Arlene Erlbach  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1948 in Cleveland, Ohio

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Illinois Connection

Erlbach lives in Morton Grove. She received her Masters from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Arlene Erlbach is a writer and was an elementary school teacher at the William P. Gray School in Chicago for 17 years. She wrote forty-five books, a frequent speaker at schools, and was the teen advice columnist for ''CompuServe’s Wow!''.

Published Works

  • Does Your Nose Get in the Way Too?, Crosswinds, 1987
  • Guys, Dating, and Other Disasters, Crosswinds, 1987
  • Drop out Blues, Crosswinds, 1988
  • Hurricanes, Childrens Press, 1993
  • Peanut Butter, Lerner Publications, 1994
  • Tornadoes, Childrens Press, 1994
  • Soda Pop, Lerner Publications, 1994
  • Floods, Childrens Press, 1994
  • Bicycles, Lerner Publications, 1994
  • A Little More to Love, Bantam, 1994
  • The Best Friends Book: True Stories about Real Best Friends ..., Free Spirit, 1994
  • Video Games, Lerner Publications, 1995
  • The Herbie Hummerston Homework Haters' Club, Willowisp Press, 1995
  • Forest Fires, Childrens Press, 1995
  • Blizzards, Childrens Press, 1995
  • The Families Book: True Stories about Real Kids and the People the Live With and Love, Free Spirit, 1996
  • Wonderful Wolves of the Wild, Willowisp Press, 1996
  • Teddy Bears, Carolrhoda, 1997
  • The Kids' Invention Book, Lerner Pulblications, 1997
  • Sidewalk Games Around the World, Millbrook Press, 1997
  • Happy Birthday, Everywhere!, Millbrook Press, 1997
  • The Kids' Volunteering Book, Lerner Pulbications, 1998
  • The Kids' Business Book, Lerner, 1998
  • My Pet Rat, Lerner Publications, 1998
  • Kent State, Childrens Press, 1998
  • Bubble Gum, Lerner Publications, 1998
  • Comic Books, Lerner Publications, 1998
  • Everything you Need to Know if your Family is on Welfare, Rosen Publishing, 1998
  • Worth the Risk: True Stories about Risk Takers Plus How you Can be one, Free Spirit, 1999
  • T-Shirts, Lerner Publications, 1999
  • Working in Education, Lerner, 1999
  • Happy New Year, Everywhere!, Millbrook Press, 2000
  • Christmas - Celebrating Life, Giving and Kindness, Enslow Publishers, 2001
  • Hanukkah: Celebrating the Holiday of Lights, Enslow Publishers, 2001
  • Merry Christmas, Everywhere!, Millbrook Press, 2002
  • The Middle School Survival Guide, Walker, 2003
  • Thanksgiving Day Crafts, Enslow Publishers, 2004
  • Valnetine's Day Crafts, Enslow Publishers, 2004
  • Mother's Day Crafts, Enslow Publishers, 2004

Selected Titles At Your Library

Does your nose get in the way, too? /
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Guys, dating and other disasters /
ISBN: 0373980051. OCLC Number:

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Dropout blues /
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Hurricanes /
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Describes the movements and destructive power of hurricanes and explains how they are predicted and monitored.

Floods /
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A little more to love /
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The best friends book :
ISBN: 0915793776. OCLC Number:

Free Spirit,. Minneapolis, MN :. ©1995.

Presents true stories about real best friends and includes codes for secret messages, advice on handling arguments, things to do together, long-distance friendships, and how to find a new best friend.

The Herbie Hummerston Homework Haters' Club /
ISBN: 0874067383. OCLC Number:

Willowisp Press,. St. Petersburg, Fla. :. ©1995.

Homework stinks! It should be illegal. That's why I came up with my radically awesome idea, a movement to stamp out homework for good.

Forest fires.
ISBN: 0788197355. OCLC Number:

Diane Pub Co,. [Place of publication not identified] :. 1995.

Blizzards /
ISBN: 0516410733. OCLC Number:

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Tells about blizzards and discusses the causes and effects of winter weather.

The families book :
ISBN: 1575420023. OCLC Number:

Free Spirit Pub.,. Minneapolis, Minn. :. ©1996.

Discusses, using case studies, what strengthens and weakens family life and how relatives interact.

Wonderful wolves of the wild /
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Willowisp Press,. St. Petersburg, Fla. :. ©1996.

Teddy bears /
ISBN: 1575052229. OCLC Number:

Carolrhoda Books,. Minneapolis :. ©1997.

Describes the history and popularity of teddy bears.

The kids' invention book /
ISBN: 0822598442. OCLC Number:

Lerner Publications Co.,. Minneapolis :. ©1997.

Profiles eleven inventors between the ages of eight and fourteen, describes the steps involved in inventing a new product, and discusses contests, patents, lawyers, and clubs.

Happy birthday, everywhere! /
ISBN: 0761303464. OCLC Number:

Millbrook Press,. Brookfield, Conn. :. ©1997.

Describes birthday greetings and celebration customs from nineteen countries with complete how-to-do-it descriptions of food, games, and crafts.

The kids' business book /
ISBN: 0822598213. OCLC Number:

Lerner,. Minneapolis :. ©1998.

Profiles business owners who began their businesses between the ages of seven and twelve, describes simple methods of starting a business, and includes tips on accounting and advertising.

My pet rat /
ISBN: 0822522608. OCLC Number:

Lerner Publications,. Minneapolis :. ©1998.

Text and photographs follow a twelve-year-old girl as she learns to care for her pet rat.

Kent State /
ISBN: 0516207873. OCLC Number:

Children's Press,. New York :. [1998]

Records the historical event that took place May 4, 1970 at Kent State University, in Kent, Ohio.

Comic books /
ISBN: 0822523906. OCLC Number:

Lerner,. Minneapolis, Minn. :. 1998.

Discusses the history of comic books and focuses on the steps taken to produce and distribute a finished comic book.

Everything you need to know if your family is on welfare /
ISBN: 0823924335. OCLC Number:

Rosen Pub. Group,. New York :. 1998.

Provides basic information about the welfare system and dispels myths about welfare recipients.

Worth the risk :
ISBN: 1575420511. OCLC Number:

Free Spirit Pub.,. Minneapolis, Minn. :. ©1999.

Discusses the value of taking risks and different kinds of risk-taking, both good and bad, and offers advice on and examples of this type of behavior and how to learn from both successes and mistakes.

Happy New Year, everywhere! /
ISBN: 0761314881. OCLC Number:

Millbrook Press,. Brookfield, Conn. :. ©2000.

Describes New Year greetings and customs from twenty countries and includes games, recipes, and craft projects.

Christmas--celebrating life, giving, and kindness /
ISBN: 0766015769. OCLC Number:

Enslow Publishers,. Berkeley Heights, NJ :. 2001.

Discusses the origins, symbols, decorations and costumes pertaining to Christmas, and includes a Christmas craft project.

Hanukkah :
ISBN: 0766015777. OCLC Number:

Enslow,. Berkeley Heights, NJ, USA :. ©2001.

Explains the Jewish holiday and how it is celebrated in the United States today.

Merry Christmas, everywhere! /
ISBN: 076131699X. OCLC Number:

Millbrook Press,. Brookfield, Conn. :. ©2002.

Presents Christmas greetings and traditions, with related activities, from around the world.

The middle school survival guide /
ISBN: 0802788521. OCLC Number:

Walker & Co.,. New York :. 2003.

A guidebook to help deal with changes in school, families, social lives, and bodies that come during the middle school years, with specific advice for a variety of situations.

Thanksgiving Day crafts /
ISBN: 0766023451. OCLC Number:

Enslow Publishers,. Berkeley Heights, NJ :. ©2005.

Colorful presentation of craft projects relating to Thanksgiving. A great way for kids to participate in holidays, this series of craft books includes step-by-step instructions with photos and requires inexpensive materials that can be found at home or in the classroom.

Valentine's day crafts /
ISBN: 0766022374. OCLC Number:

Enslow Publishers,. Berkeley Heights, NJ :. 2004.

Provides information about the origin and customs of St. Valentine's Day, ideas for celebrating this holiday, and directions for making such crafts as a bag of Valentine wishes, a friendship necklace, a lacy Valentine bookmark, and a love bug card. Hearts, candy, hugs, and kisses ... it's Valentine's Day, and it's a great time to show others you care! In Valentine's Day Crafts, authors Arlene and Herbert Erlbach present step-by-step instructions to make ten simple crafts with materials that can be found around the home or in the classroom. So get ready to create some fun crafts and make this Valentine's Day even more special!

Mother's day crafts /
ISBN: 0766023486. OCLC Number:

Enslow Elementary,. Berkeley Heights, NJ :. ©2005.

Presents easy craft projects to make for Mother's Day. Provides information about the origins of Mother's Day, ideas for celebrating this holiday, and instructions for making cupcake magnets, a picture frame from a CD case, and a tulip sun catcher.


Does Your Nose Get in the Way Too?

  • Golden Medallion for best young adult novel, Romance Writers of America, 1987
  • The Best Friends Book

  • Parent Council selection
  • Recommended Title, International Reading Association
  • The Families Book

  • Parent Council selection
  • Worth the Risk

  • Parent Council selection
  • The Kids' Invention Book

  • Notable Book in the Field of Social Studies
  • The Kids' Business Book

  • Notable Book in the Field of Social Studies
  • The Middle School Survival Guide

  • Book for the Teen Age List, New York Public Library, 2004

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