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General Information

Name:  Ophelia Julien  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: 1956 in Elmhurst, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Julien was born in Elmhurst, Illinois and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts & Sciences from the University of Illinois – Chicago. She now resides in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Ophelia Julien writes about ghosts, the paranormal and the unexplained for Young Adults. She has written for both ''Examiner Publications'' and ''The Daily Herald'' in the suburbs of Chicago, and has had several free-lance articles published in local DuPage County periodicals.

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Titles At Your Library

Haunted: A Bridgeton Park Cemetery Book
ISBN: 1480158100

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2012

Staff ghost story night happens every Thursday at the Poet's Corner Bookstore, but this Thursday will change Cassie's life in ways she could never have imagined. When Michael Penfield walks into the store as the new hire, Cassie is surprised to see her friend from childhood. But Michael has changed since she last saw him, from his completely serious demeanor to the scar that mars his face and his neck. Cassie, still reeling from the death of her boyfriend, Daniel, has concerns of her own. That night, Michael tells a true ghost story from the earlier years he shared with Cassie, and both of them are soon involved with phantoms from the past: the haunted house where Cassie lives a horrific murder from thirty years ago even the story Michael has never shared with another living soul. Not everyone is haunted, but everyone has a ghost story.

Dead Voices (A Bridgeton Park Cemetery Book) (Volume 2)
ISBN: 1497381274

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

When Nick Borja asks his psychic friend, Cassie Valentine, for her opinion on a haunted bed and breakfast, Cassie is left with a slew of questions: Who haunts the mansion, and why? What happened in the small back room that makes it the crux of the haunting? Why has Aaron Jacoby, the caretaker’s young son, become so ill after moving to the premises? Most of all, why is her boyfriend, Michael Penfield, suddenly acting like an alien changeling? Answers won’t be easy to find. Because although both Cassie and Michael are receiving messages, as young Aaron Jacoby says, Dead voices are hard to hear.

Drawing Vengeance: #3 (Bridgeton Park Cemetery)
ISBN: 1517235154

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

Like any other young couple, Cassie Valentine and Michael Penfield have some relationship issues to work through: insecurity, past loves, past losses. And then there's the dead people. But even as they are trying to figure out their relationship status, Cassie's godfather and their mutual boss, Steve Crawford, starts to make headway on finding the man he believes murdered his entire family when Steve was just a child.Cassie and Michael are inevitably brought into the ongoing investigation. Meanwhile, the sad spirit of a little boy, probably killed by the same murderer that Steve is pursuing, continues to haunt Cassie. And to make matters worse, Cassie begins to have progressing visions of a deadly hunt where she is the prey. Michael realizes to his chagrin that he can't help her: all they can do is hope that working with Steve and his law enforcement colleagues to find a murderer, might bring an end to the nightmare visions that take Cassie all the way to the gates of hell.

These Living Eyes (A Bridgeton Park Cemetery Book)
ISBN: 1546586377

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2017

Housesitting an art-filled mansion with good friend and co-worker Nick Borja sounds ideal to Michael Penfield. This will be his first taste of independence and self-sufficiency. Nick, child of a large extended family, agrees. But things at the genteel old house aren’t all that they seem, and it isn’t long before Michael is disturbed by a mysterious unseen caller who visits in the night. And Nick himself begins to change, shifting from the funny and good-natured art student they all know to someone aloof, sharp, and dismal. Then the Poet’s Corner Bookstore begins to have disturbances of its own. Even with Cassie Valentine, Michael’s girlfriend and gifted psychic, beside him, Michael can’t see who or what is stalking the mansion. Nor can either of them perceive what might be troubling the bookstore. All of which leads to a very worrisome question: is it Nick himself who is haunted?

Touching Shadow, Stealing Light: #5 (Bridgeton Park Cemetery) (Volume 5)
ISBN: 1979185182

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2017

Cassie Valentine was happy with her life. Boyfriend Michael Penfield has agreed to help her explore some of the places listed in the notebooks of Gus Valentine, Cassie’s father and a gifted psychic. Additionally, her mother has asked for assistance in planning her upcoming wedding. Life could not be better. But then Cassie befriends a vulnerable young girl who seems desperately in need of that friendship. And Steve Crawford, boss and owner of The Poet’s Corner Bookstore, seeks help trying to solve the mystery of the cold spots that now plague his store. In short order, Cassie and Michael are again dealing with what Michael calls “the dead drama” in their lives, from the cold spots at work to the shadowy figures that have come to haunt both of them. Before they can resolve anything, they will both discover again that only the dead have the answers.

Dead of Summer
ISBN: 1560020652

Univ Editions. 1991

Saving Jake
ISBN: 1978101155

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2017

Philip Corts has a special gift that his best friend, Jake Holdridge won't let him ignore - Philip can "track" lost objects, people and even past lives with his mind. But not all trackings have happy endings, and Philip vows to lay his gift to rest. Now after an absence of nearly three years, a desperate Jake is back with a request that triggers the worst of Philip's nightmares: Would he track for Jake, just this one last time? Philip already has enough to worry about with his first year of college, a scholarship contest deadline and an absentee girlfriend. Is their friendship worth it? Philip must decide: Watch Jake die, or try to save him and risk both their lives



Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

Julien's presentations have ranged from open discussions of ghost stories and how they are structured, through the creation of a story from opening line through publishing, with hands-on writing and sharing included. The subject matter of her visits depends on the age of the audience, size of the group, and preferences of her host. Ophelia lives in the western suburbs of Chicago, but is willing to travel for author visits. More information can be found at her web site - http.