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Name:  James Dunlap Nowlan  

Pen Name: James D. Nowlan

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1941 in Kewanee, lllinois

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Illinois Connection

Nowlan was born in Kewanee and now resides in Toulon. He received his B. A. , M. A. , and Ph. D. degrees in political science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Biographical and Professional Information

James Nowlan has been an Illinois legislator, state agency director, statewide candidate and campaign manager for US senatorial and presidential candidtaes. He was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives in 1968 at age twenty-six. Four years later he was the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, running mate of Governor Richard B. Ogilvie. In 1978, he managed the successful re-election campaign of US Senator Charles H. Percy and the follwing year organized the national presidential campaign of US representative John B. Anderson. During the Governorship of James R. Thompson, Nowlan served in eight different capacities, including trouble-shooting state agency director (three times), special assiatnat for education, and executive director of a speical transition team that bridged the Governor's third and fourth terms. Nowlan received his PhD in political science from the University of Illinois at Urbana. A former community newspaper owner and publisher, Nowlan served as president of the Taxpayers' Federation of Illinois from 1991 - 1994. He is a senior fellow at the University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs and an adjunct professor of public policy at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.

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Titles At Your Library

The Politics Of Higher Education : Lawmakers And The Academy In Illinois

University of Illinois Press. 1977

The Itinerant: A Heartland Story
ISBN: 0963439561

Conversation Pr Inc. 2000

Jake Trickle was a journeyman printer who loved reading, kept to himself and moved restlessly from small town to small town. Then in August 1949 he stepped off the bus in Williamstown, Illinois, and life opened like a flower in spring. He learned to love, to care about a community and to spot a problem in the local political system. But he also learned that "road oil and romance don't mix", through a series of discoveries tumbling one after another that changed lives all over Williamstown--including his. This insightful look at mid-century life in central Illinois will provide a walk down memory lane that touches your heart while it broadens your feeling for people and politics. Jim Nowlan knows what he is writing about, and it shows.

Your view of small town America will never be quite the same, but you will be richer in understanding people everywhere.

Glory, Darkness, Light: A History of the Union League Club of Chicago
ISBN: 0810115492

Northwestern University Press. 2004

With roots in the Civil War, the Union League Club of Chicago grew up, prospered, and suffered alongside its city. Glory, Darkness, Light: A History of the Union Club of Chicago tells an honest story of how the Club and its members have built, boosted, and squabbled with their city for 125 years.

The Union League Club of Chicago is unique among the country's 2,000 city clubs in its rich mix of civic, artistic, and charitable missions. In 1893, Club leaders saved and then presented the incomparable World's Columbian Exposition to 27 million awed visitors. Today the walls of its 23-story clubhouse are gilded with a noted art collection whose pieces overlook elegant dining rooms as well as offices for its four Boys & Girls clubs and two other charitable foundations. However, the Club history also has its darker chapters. Half the members of the Club board of directors in 2003--Jews, blacks, women--would have been neither eligible not acceptable for membership a half-century earlier. Based on their own records, the Club's resistance to these groups as members is recounted in sharp detail.

Drawing on interviews, oral histories, and the Club's extensive archives, Glory, Darkness, Light: A History of the Union League Club of Chicago is both a grand city history and a revealing look at what goes on behind the brass plaque of a prominent city club.

The Editor's Wife
ISBN: 1420853996

AuthorHouse. 2005

Book by Nowlan, James D.

Illinois Politics: A Citizen's Guide
ISBN: 0252077024

University of Illinois Press. 2010

Illinois Politics: A Citizen's Guide sheds light on these important questions and more:

Why has corruption flourished in Illinois even as reformers struggle for ethical change?

How do the three regions of the state compete for resources?

How does the legislature work?

When did the state become so blue?

What powers do the governor and other elected officials really have?

How are judges appointed to and removed from the bench?

Why does Illinois have more units of government than any other state?

How did higher education lose ground as a funding priority?

What role did politics play in the current budget deficit?

And how can Illinois move beyond its status as the "most average state in the nation"?

Fixing Illinois: Politics and Policy in the Prairie State
ISBN: 0252079965

University of Illinois Press. 2014

Persistent problems have left Illinois the butt of jokes and threatened it with fiscal catastrophe. In Fixing Illinois, James D. Nowlan and J. Thomas Johnson use their four decades of experience as public servants, Springfield veterans, and government observers to present a comprehensive program of almost one hundred specific policy ideas aimed at rescuing the state from its long list of problems.

Nowlan and Johnson start with the history of how one of the most prosperous states of the 1950s became a present-day mess riven by debt and discord and increasingly abandoned by both businesses and citizens. Among their more than ninety proposals to restore Illinois to greatness:

• An overhaul of state pension systems that includes more reasonable benefits and lengthening of the retirement age, among other changes
• Reducing one of the nation's highest corporate tax rates to attract business
• Medicare reform through an insurance voucher program
• Demanding that schools raise expectations for success, particularly in rural and impoverished urban areas
• A new approach to higher education that includes a market-driven system that puts funds in the hands of students rather than institutions
• Broadening of the tax base to include services and reduction in rates
• The creation of a long-term plan to maintain the state's five-star transportation infrastructure
• Raising funds with capital construction bonds to update and integrate the antiquated information systems used by state agencies
• Uprooting the state's entrenched culture of corruption via public financing of elections, redistricting reform, and revolving door prohibitions for lawmakers.

Pointed, honest, and pragmatic, Fixing Illinois is a plan for effective and honest government that seeks an even nobler end: restoring our faith in Illinois's institutions and reviving a sense of citizenship and state pride.



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