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General Information

Name:  Dennis Fradin  

Pen Name: Dennis Brindell Fradin, Dennis B. Fradin

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Children;

Born: 1945 in Chicago, Illinois

Died: August 29, 2012 in Evanston, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Fradin was born in Chicago. He grew up in the Rogers Park neighborhood and Wilmette. He graduated from New Trier High School in Winnetka and earned a bachelor's degree in English in 1967 from Northwestern University in Evanston. After college, he landed a job teaching second-graders at Faraday Elementary School on the West Side of Chicago. At the time of his death, Mr. Fradin lived in Evanston, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

The award-winning author of nearly 250 non-fiction books for children and young adults, Dennis Fradin is known for his meticulous research, attention to detail and smooth, graceful writing. Fradin attributes his success in part to years of teaching in the Chicago Public Schools. In order to hold his second graders’ attention at the end of the day, he would spin stories about crayons in distress and birds with broken wings. Such a story caught the attention of an editor who asked him to write a series of books about the United States. The Children’s Press Sea to Shining Sea series launched Dennis’s career as a full-time author.Dennis Fradin has written children’s books on topics as varied as astronomy, colonial history, slave escapes and scientific discoveries. He has also written biographies of Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, and Louis Braille, among others. ''Bound for the North Star'' is a riveting collection of true slave-escape stories. ''Ida B. Wells: Mother of the Civil Rights Movement'' and ''The Power of One: Daisy Bates and the Little Rock Nine'' won the Society for Midland Authors young adult non-fiction awards; ''Daisy Bates'' was a Golden Kite Honor Book.Recently, Dennis has written ''Let It Begin Here'' and ''The Duel'', both illustrated by Larry Day. He’s completed two dozen “Turning Points in American History” books for Marshall Cavendish. And, along with his wife Judy, Dennis is now completing a series called “Witness to Disaster” for National Geographic Children’s Books. Four of those books, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tsunamis, are currently available. The Fradins also wrote ''5,000 Miles to Freedom'', the dramatic slave-escape story of Ellen and William Craft.


Dennis and his wife, Judy, won many awards for their books including

Selected Titles At Your Library

"We have conquered pain" :
ISBN: 0689505876. OCLC Number: 32921968

M.K. McElderry Books,. .

An account of the work of four doctors involved in the debate over the credit for use of anesthetics in the United States in the mid-nineteenth century.

Bound for the North Star :
ISBN: 0395970172. OCLC Number: 43657066

. .

Twelve accounts of slaves who escaped the South hoping for freedom and a new life.

Connecticut /
ISBN: 051626124X. OCLC Number: 37264630

Childrens Press,. .

Presents history, geography, and interesting facts about Connecticut.

Delaware /
ISBN: 0516038087. OCLC Number: 31045979

Childrens Press,. .

An introduction to the history, geography, important people, and interesting sites of Delaware.

ISBN: 9781426303395. OCLC Number: 227205919

National Geographic,. .

Describes droughts (with special eyewitness accounts of the Dust Bowl of the 1930s) and the far-reaching effects of these disasters. Chapters alternate between history and science to bring home the awesome power of nature's fury.

Duel! :
ISBN: 9780802795847. OCLC Number: 173367567

Walker & Co.,. .

In the early morning hours of July 11, 1804, two men stood facing each other on a New Jersey cliff side. One was the U.S. vice president, Aaron Burr, and the other was Alexander Hamilton, the secretary of the treasury. They were ready to fight to the death for honor.

Earthquakes :
ISBN: 1426302118. OCLC Number: 180080589

National Geographic,. .

Describes the earthquake in Alaska in 1964 as told by eyewitness accounts of this disaster.

Fight on! :
ISBN: 0618133496. OCLC Number: 50941615

Clarion Books,. .

Profiles the first black Washington, D.C. Board of Education member, who helped to found the NAACP and organized of pickets and boycotts that led to the 1953 Supreme Court decision to integrate D.C. area restaurants.

Georgia /
ISBN: 0516438107. OCLC Number: 23583864

Childrens Press,. .

An overview of the Empire State of the South, introducing its history, geography, industries, sites of interest, and famous people.

Hiawatha :
ISBN: 0689505191. OCLC Number: 22906515

M.K. McElderry Books ;. .

Recounts the life of the fifteenth-century Iroquois Indian who brought five tribes together to form the long-lasting Iroquois Federation.

Ida B. Wells :
ISBN: 0395898986. OCLC Number: 41646025

Clarion Books,. .

Story of Ida B. Wells, one of the great, yet one of the least known, civil rights leaders. A promised journalist, she is remembered for her leadership in women's voting rights, the NAACP, and anti-lynching.

Indiana from sea to shining sea.
ISBN: 0516261258. OCLC Number: 948142879

Childrens Press,. .

Is there life on Mars?
ISBN: 9780616798430. OCLC Number: 1012104370

CNIB,. .

Historical survey of theories about life on Mars, from ancient civilizations' perceptions to twentieth-century space exploration. Discusses evidence of canals and Percival Lowell's studies of them, discoveries made by the Mariner and Viking missions, and possibilities of future colonization by earthlings. Grades 5-8. 1999.

Is there life on Mars? /
ISBN: 0689820488. OCLC Number: 39654720

McElderry Books,. .

Examines the theories about life on Mars, providing both historical and current information about our exploration of the Red Planet.

Jane Addams :
ISBN: 0618504362. OCLC Number: 67374929

Clarion Books,. .

From the Publisher: Most people know Jane Addams (1860-1935) as the force behind Hull House, one of the first settlement houses in the United States. She was also an ardent suffragist and civil rights activist, co-founding the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the American Civil Liberties Union. But it was her work as a pacifist that put her in the international spotlight. Although many people labeled her "unpatriotic" for her pacifist activities, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 and, at the time of her death, Jane Addams was one of the most respected and admired women in the world. In this well-researched and inspiring account, acclaimed husband-and-wife team, Dennis Brindell Fradin and Judith Bloom Fradin, draw upon hundreds of historical documents and archival photographs to create a revealing portrait of the woman whose very way of life made her an American icon.

Louisiana from sea to shining sea.
ISBN: 0516438182. OCLC Number: 948274512

Childrens Press,. .

ISBN: 0516038192. OCLC Number: 28891186

Childrens Press,. .

An introduction to the history, geography, important people, and interesting sites of Maine.

Maine from sea to shining sea.
ISBN: 0516438190. OCLC Number: 948301844

Childrens Press,. .

Maria de Sautuola :
ISBN: 0382394704. OCLC Number: 34322914

Silver Press,. .

The true story of María de Sautuola, an eight-year-old Spanish girl who discovered the first known prehistoric cave paintings in 1879 while working with her father in Altamira Cave.

Maria Sanz de Sautuola
ISBN: 1593366930. OCLC Number: 244797476

Mondo,. .

The true story of María de Sautuola, an eight-year-old Spanish girl who discovered the first known prehistoric cave paintings in 1879 while working with her father in Altamira Cave.

Mary Anning, the fossil hunter /
ISBN: 0382394860. OCLC Number: 34690601

Silver Press,. .

A biography of the young English girl who made a major fossil discovery at age twelve and grew up to be one of the world's foremost fossil hunters.

ISBN: 0516038214. OCLC Number: 23464127

Childrens Press,. .

An introduction to the history, geography, important people, and interesting sites of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts from sea to shining sea.
ISBN: 0516438212. OCLC Number: 948345840

Childrens Press,. .

Minnesota /
ISBN: 0516038230. OCLC Number: 31045970

Childrens Press,. .

Takes the reader on a tour of the state called "The North Star State," emphasizing its geography, history, government, and culture.

Mississippi /
ISBN: 0516038249. OCLC Number: 31938130

Childrens Press,. .

An introduction to the geography, history, pqople, cities, and famous sites of the southern state known as the Magnolia State.

Missouri in words and pictures
ISBN: 0516039253. OCLC Number: 6087675

Childrens Press,. .

A brief introduction to the history, land, cities, industries, and famous citizens and sites in the Show Me State.

Mount Washington
ISBN: 0673618595. OCLC Number: 56210278

Celebration Press,. .

My family shall be free! :
ISBN: 0060293284. OCLC Number: 44594019

HarperCollins,. .

Peter Still was born a slave around 1800 on a Maryland plantation. His mother fled with his sisters to the north, leaving Peter and his brother behind in slavery. After more than 40 years in bondage, Peter bought his freedom, reunited with his mother and siblings, and returned to the South to set in motion the risky events to free his wife and children. Illustrated with archival art.

Nevada /
ISBN: 0516038281. OCLC Number: 32312095

Childrens Press,. .

An introduction to the history, geography, important people, and interesting sites of Nevada.

New Mexico in words and pictures
ISBN: 0516039318. OCLC Number: 7204578

Childrens Press,. .

Presents the history, cities, Indians, animal life, tourist sights, industries, and famous citizens of this state where the first atomic bomb was made and exploded.

North Dakota /
ISBN: 0516038346. OCLC Number: 30036933

Childrens Press,. .

An introduction to the history, geography, important people, and interesting sites of North Dakota.

North Dakota in words and pictures
ISBN: 0516039342. OCLC Number: 6941833

Childrens Press,. .

Introduces the history, geography, industries, cities, and major tourist attractions of the Flickertail State.

Oklahoma /
ISBN: 0516038362. OCLC Number: 31045985

Childrens Press,. .

Discusses the history, places of interest, and famous people of Oklahoma.

Oregon /
ISBN: 0516038370. OCLC Number: 31166785

Childrens Press,. .

An introduction to the geography, history, people, cities, and famous sites of the Pacific Coast state known as the Wonder State.

Puerto Rico /
ISBN: 0516038567. OCLC Number: 32508969

Childrens Press,. .

Presents a history and description of this popular vacationland located 1,050 miles southeast of Miami, Florida.

Rhode Island /
ISBN: 0516038397. OCLC Number: 32508053

Childrens Press,. .

An introduction to the geography, history, people, cities, and famous sites of the northeastern state known as the Ocean State.

Sacagawea :
ISBN: 0382394895. OCLC Number: 34663253

Silver Press,. .

The true story of a Shoshoni Indian girl who served as interpreter, peacemaker, and guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Northwest in 1805-1806.

Samuel Adams :
ISBN: 0395825105. OCLC Number: 36865708

Clarion Books,. .

Presents the life and accomplishments of the colonist and patriot who was involved in virtually every major event that resulted in the birth of the United States.

Stolen into slavery :
ISBN: 9781459676077. OCLC Number: 1062373448

. .

Stolen into slavery :
ISBN: 1426309376. OCLC Number: 713188697

National Geographic Society,. .

The true story of Solomon Northup, a free black man living in upstate New York, who was kidnapped in 1841 and spent 12 years as a slave on deadly Louisiana coastal plantations.

The Delaware Colony
ISBN: 0516003984. OCLC Number: 25628416

Childrens Press,. .

Discusses some of the key people and events in Delaware's history, from the arrival of the first explorers in the 1600s to becoming the first state in 1787.

The founders :
ISBN: 9780545139724. OCLC Number: 317036195

Scholastic,. .

The founders :
ISBN: 0802789722. OCLC Number: 57422784

. .

A companion volume to "The Signers" looks at how the delegates from twelve of the thirteen colonies met in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787, to create, debate, and eventually sign the United States Constitution.

The Georgia colony
ISBN: 0516003925. OCLC Number: 19921536

Children's Press,. .

A historical account of Georgia's early days, from its creation as a colony for debtors in the 1700's until its admission as the fourth state in 1788.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition /
ISBN: 0761420444. OCLC Number: 71800619

Marshall Cavendish Benchmark,. .

Describes the historic expedition led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark that paved the way for the westward expansion of the United States.

The Louisiana Purchase
ISBN: 9780761442578. OCLC Number: 244177238

Marshall Cavendish Benchmark,. .

Covers the Louisiana Purchase as a watershed event in U.S. history, influencing social, economic, and political policies that shaped the nation's future--Provided by publisher.

The planet hunters :
ISBN: 0616043694. OCLC Number: 1011710257

CNIB,. .

A history of astronomy from the earliest civilizations, when man observed the stars with only the naked eye, to 1997, when the Hubble Space Telescope orbited the earth. Describes the discovery of planets and other contributions by early and recent scientists. Grades 5-8.

The planet hunters :
ISBN: 0689813236. OCLC Number: 36138297

Margaret K. McElderry Books,. .

Provides historical information on astronomy, the discovery of the planets, and the people who have made such discoveries.

The power of one :
ISBN: 9780618315567. OCLC Number: 54537022

Clarion Books,. .

Born in a small town in rural Arkansas, Daisy Bates was a journalist and activist who became one of the foremost civil rights leaders in America. In 1957 she mentored the nine black students who were integrated into Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The price of freedom :
ISBN: 0802721664. OCLC Number: 793169755

Walker Books for Young Readers,. .

Documents the efforts of an Ohio community to secure the freedom of escaped slave John Price, examining various aspects of Price's escape from Kentucky, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, and the heroic showdown.

The Salem witch trials /
ISBN: 076143013X. OCLC Number: 171287705

Marshall Cavendish Benchmark,. .

"Covers the Salem Witch Trials as a watershed event in U.S. history, influencing social, economic, and political policies that shaped the nation's future"--Provided by publisher.

The signers :
ISBN: 0439495601. OCLC Number: 51632748

Scholastic,. .

Profiles each of the fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence, giving historical information about the colonies they represented. Includes the text of the Declaration and its history.

Tornado! :
ISBN: 1426307799. OCLC Number: 650211794

National Geographic,. .

Contains first-hand accounts of tornadoes in the United States, explains why and how tornadoes happen, and discusses ways to stay safe.

Tracking dinosaurs in the Gobi /
ISBN: 0805045732. OCLC Number: 44956574

Twenty-First Century Books,. .

Describes the work of paleontologists, beginning with Roy Chapman Andrews in the 1920s, who have searched in the Gobi Desert for evidence of dinosaurs.

Tsunamis /
ISBN: 0792253809. OCLC Number: 213358198

National Geographic Society,. .

The words and photographs of people who have witnessed tsunamis, along with the science, history, and protection efforts surrounding this watery disaster.

Volcano! /
ISBN: 1426308159. OCLC Number: 613435534

National Geographic,. .

Discusses volcanoes, why they erupt, the damage they cause, and what science can do to predict their eruptions, and includes true stories of encounters with volcanoes.

Volcanoes /
ISBN: 0792253760. OCLC Number: 77708508

National Geographic,. .

Provides first-person reports of those who've witnessed the violent rage of a volcanic eruption.

Washington from sea to shining sea.
ISBN: 0516261290. OCLC Number: 948142816

Childrens Press,. .

West Virginia /
ISBN: 0516038486. OCLC Number: 30438963

Childrens Press,. .

An introduction to the history, geography, important people, and interesting sites of West Virginia.

West Virginia in words and pictures
ISBN: 0516039490. OCLC Number: 6087360

Childrens Press,. .

A history and description of the Mountain State.

Who was Ben Franklin?
ISBN: 0329269879. OCLC Number: 1011471658

Penguin Workshop,. .

Illustrations and simple text provide young readers with a brief introduction to the life and accomplishments of inventor and patriot Benjamin Franklin.

Who was Ben Franklin? /
ISBN: 0448424959. OCLC Number: 49211684

. .

A biography of the eighteenth-century printer, publisher, inventor, scientist, and statesman who played an influential role in the early history of the United States.

Who was Sacagawea? /
ISBN: 0448424851. OCLC Number: 49221662

Grosset & Dunlap,. .

A brief biography of Sacagawea, the Shoshoni woman who accompanied explorers Lewis and Clark on their expedition in the early 1800s.

Who was Thomas Jefferson?
ISBN: 9781451736571. OCLC Number: 52070351

Grosset & Dunlap,. .

A biography of the third president of the United States and writer of the Declaration of Independence.

With a little luck :
ISBN: 0525471960. OCLC Number: 57965650

Dutton Children's Books,. .

Discusses eleven scientific discoveries found as a result of chance events and unexpected laboratory results, from Newton's discovery of gravity after observing an apple fall to Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin when mold landed on a bacteria culture.

Wyoming /
ISBN: 0516038508. OCLC Number: 29182064

Childrens Press,. .

An introduction to the history, geography, industries, important people, and interesting sites of Wyoming.

Wyoming in words and pictures
ISBN: 0516039504. OCLC Number: 5613805

Childrens Press,. .

Presents a brief history and description of the Equality State.

ISBN: 0358097460. OCLC Number: 1080247192


Zora! :
ISBN: 0547006950. OCLC Number: 740250669

Clarion Books,. .

A biography of African American author Zora Neale Hurston.