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General Information

Name:  Carl Sandburg  

Pen Name: Carl (August) Sandburg, Militant, Jack Philips, Charles Sandburg, Charles A. Sandburg, and Carl Sandberg

Genre: Poetry

Audience: Adult;

Born: January 6, 1878 in Galesburg, Illinois

Died: July 22, 1967 in Flat Rock, North Carolina

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Illinois Connection

Sandburg was born and raised in Galesburg. His ashes are buried beneath ''Remembrance Rock'' at his birth home - the Carl Sandburg State Historic Site. This site was dedicated as a Literary Landmark on April 25, 2015.

Biographical and Professional Information

Carl Sandburg was born Carl August Sandburg. His parents were Swedish immigrants, and his family was so poor that when he finished eighth grade he went to work full time. Sandburg spent many years traveling around the American West working at a wide variety of jobs, including bootblack, harvester, hotel dishwasher, and newspaper reporter. After fighting in the Spanish-American War, he went to Lombard College in his hometown. Although he did very well, he did not take his final exams and returned to being a hobo for several more years. At age 30, he settled down and put his years of traveling and learning American folksongs and stories to good use in this writing. One of America's best-loved poets, Sandburg was also a popular folklorist and a biographer of Lincoln. He is also famous for his book, ''Rootabaga Stories'', written for his daughters. His Abraham Lincoln biography has come to be considered an American epic. He won two Pulitzer Prizes, one for his poetry and another for a biography of Abraham Lincoln. Sandburg also served as Illinois' second Poet Laureate from 1962 until his death in 1967.


'Cornhuskers '

Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, 1919

Other Awards and Honors

Chicago Literary Hall of Fame, 2011

Selected Titles At Your Library

A patriot's handbook :
ISBN: 0786869186. OCLC Number: 52040923

Hyperion,. .

From Publishers Weekly: The rich and sometimes discordant strains of American self-scrutiny fill this wide-ranging anthology. Kennedy (The Best-Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) arranges the more than 200 selections according to themes like The Flag, Freedom of Speech, Work, Opportunity and Invention and The Individual, and devotes equal space to the official, the devotional and the oppositional. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are reprinted in full, along with a large selection of presidential inaugurals and farewells and excerpts from landmark Supreme Court decisions. Popular songs include Yankee Doodle, This Land Is Your Land and Surfin' U.S.A. Poems and fiction from such luminaries as Whitman, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Stephen Crane, Alice Walker and Annie Proulx explore the variegated textures of American life. The dissident voices of Thoreau, Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass hold America to account for its injustice; H.L. Mencken castigates it as a commonwealth of third-rate men; and Oscar Wilde raises a sardonic eyebrow at the whole dubious enterprise. Combining traditional touchstones of Americanism with many insightful surprises, Kennedy's thoughtful arrangement of works of historical significance and literary quality will reward both casual browsers and those conducting a more focused investigation of the nation's patriotic literature.

Abe Lincoln grows up
ISBN: 9780156026154. OCLC Number: 3255283

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

The story of Lincoln's boyhood, taken from the first part of Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years.

Abraham Lincoln;
ISBN: 0156027526. OCLC Number: 1166281

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. .

Brings to life the young country lawyer as well as the president who became the central figure in the wildest storm that ever shook the American Republic.

Always the young strangers /
ISBN: 0156047659. OCLC Number: 24212387

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

Carl Sandburg recalls his childhood in Galesburg, Illinois.

Billy Sunday and other poems /
ISBN: 0151621306. OCLC Number: 28212776

Harcourt Brace & Co.,. .

Previously unpublished, uncollected, and unexpurgated poems by the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet portray a variety of duplicitous characters, illustrate the folly of war, and ruminate on the dream of love.

Breathing tokens :
ISBN: 1590910389. OCLC Number: 70288307

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

Carl Sandburg at the movies :
ISBN: 0810817381. OCLC Number: 11043665

Scarecrow Press,. .

Chicago poems
ISBN: 9781313403078. OCLC Number: 861187493

. .

ISBN: 9781514303498. OCLC Number: 946582121

. .

Cornhuskers by Carl Sandburg is a collection of classic rural American poetry. --

Early moon ;
ISBN: 0156273268. OCLC Number: 856986

. .

A collection of approximately seventy poems by Sandburg, with an introductory "short talk on poetry."

Ever the winds of chance /
ISBN: 0252068483. OCLC Number: 43365365

University of Illinois Press,. .

Harvest poems, 1910-1960 /
ISBN: 0156391252. OCLC Number: 228084

. .

"A representative selection of poems, culled from the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet's published verse." --

Honey and salt /
ISBN: 0156421658. OCLC Number: 37781206

Harcourt, Brace & Co.,. .

A collection of 77 lyrical poems testifying to man's courage, frailty, and tenderness.

ISBN: 5519281297. OCLC Number: 972434165


Mary Lincoln, wife and widow /
ISBN: 1557092486. OCLC Number: 31434749

Applewood Books,. .

A reprint of Carl Sandburg's 1932 biography of Mary Todd Lincoln, which discusses such subjects as her childhood in Kentucky, her relationship with Abraham Lincoln, her depression and mental illness after the death of her son Tad, and her institutionalization by her son Robert.

More Carl Sandburg reads.
ISBN: 1559948469. OCLC Number: 29206197

Caedmon,. .

More Rootabaga stories /
ISBN: 0152047131. OCLC Number: 51566827

Harcourt,. .

A selection of tales from Rootabaga Country peopled with such characters as the Huckabuck Family, Big Buff Banty Hen, Dippy the Wisp, and many others.

Poems for children :
ISBN: 0679989900. OCLC Number: 39671384

Alfred A. Knopf,. .

A collection of previously unpublished poems by the well-known American poet, Carl Sandburg, about such familiar objects and ideas as the moon, manners, eyes, necks, pencils, and clouds.

Poetry for Young People
ISBN: 140275471X. OCLC Number: 166362082

Sterling Pub. Co.,. .

Presents a collection of poems by the beloved American author who, as a young man, travelled across the Midwest as a hobo. The surrealistic illustrations, which appear to be rendered in pastels, are appealing; the soft edges and warm tones work well with Sandburg's imaginary. The full-color illustrations are nothing short of breathtaking. Displays the range of everyday topics in which Sandburg found beauty, humor, or pathos. Unfamiliar words are helpfully defined in footnotes, and an introductory biographical essay establishes a context for the poems. Arcella makes a grand debut; his intensely colored sculptural forms, carved from dramatic shadows, have a distinctly '30s look to them.

Prairie-town boy /
ISBN: 0152633324. OCLC Number: 21600998

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

An autobiographical account of the author's boyhood in the Midwest.

Remembrance Rock /
ISBN: 0156763907. OCLC Number: 24216961

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

Portrays the hardships, successes, dreams, and loves of the men and women who struggled to realize the American dream from Colonial times to now.

Rootabaga pigeons /
ISBN: 1557095094. OCLC Number: 49521103

Applewood Books,. .

Rootabaga stories /
ISBN: 015204714X. OCLC Number: 51566829

An Odyssey/Harcourt Young Classic,. .

A selection of tales from Rootabaga Country peopled with such characters as the Potato Face Blind Man, the Blue Wind Boy, and many others.

Rootabaga stories and Rootabaga pigeons
ISBN: 0824023145. OCLC Number: 2047923

Garland Pub.,. .

A collection of fanciful, humorous tales introducing such characters as the Potato Face Blind Man, Henry Hagglyhoagly, the Blue Wind Boy, Googler and Gaggler, and others.

Sandburg range.
ISBN: 0156014084. OCLC Number: 947267495

Mariner Books,. .

Selected poems
ISBN: 0517072440. OCLC Number: 43812537

Gramercy Books ;. .

A selection of favorites by the American poet.

Slabs of the sunburnt West
ISBN: 1290368252. OCLC Number: 940779786

. .

Smoke and steel /
ISBN: 0766199444. OCLC Number: 66461611

Kessinger Publishing,. .

Storm over the land :
ISBN: 9780544798878. OCLC Number: 926924883

. .

The American songbag /
ISBN: 015605650X. OCLC Number: 21442823

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

Two hundred and eighty songs and ballads trace the growth of America.

The Chicago race riots, July, 1919.
ISBN: 9780544416901. OCLC Number: 904439565

. .

The Chicago Race Riots, July, 1919 With a preface by Ralph McGill and introductory note by Walter Lippmann.

The complete poems of Carl Sandburg /
ISBN: 0151009961. OCLC Number: 93593

. .

"The original edition, published in 1950, won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. This new, revised and expanded, edition contains, in addition to the introduction, an index of titles, an index of first lines, and 113 poems not included in the earlier volume."--Jacket.

The Family of man :
ISBN: 0870703412. OCLC Number: 11756389

The Museum :. .

Hailed as the most successful exhibition of photography ever assembled, The Family of Man opened at The Museum of Modern Art in January 1955. It was groundbreaking in its scope--503 images by 273 photographers originating in 69 countries--as well as in the numbers of people who experienced it on its tour through 88 venues in 37 countries. As the permanent embodiment of Edward Steichen's monumental exhibition, this publication reproduces all of the 503 images that Steichen described as "a mirror of the essential oneness of mankind throughout the world. Photographs made in all parts of the world, of the gamut of life from birth to death."

The Huckabuck family and how they raised popcorn in Nebraska and quit and came back /
ISBN: 0374434492. OCLC Number: 38856059

Farrar Strauss Giroux,. .

After the popcorn the Huckabucks had raised explodes in a fire and Pony Pony Huckabuck finds a silver buckle inside a squash, the family decides it is time for a change.

The people, yes.
ISBN: 0156716658. OCLC Number: 235036

Harcourt, Brace & World. .

A book of free verse expressing the voice of the people.

The Sandburg Treasury :
ISBN: 9781328521767. OCLC Number: 1020031335

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,. .

An illustrated volume of all of Carl Sandburg's books for young readers: Rootabaga Stories, Early Moon, Wind Song, Prairie-Town Boy, and Abe Lincoln Grows Up. Introduction by Paula Sandburg.

The wedding procession of the rag doll and the broom handle and who was in it
ISBN: 9780486815855. OCLC Number: 989802556

. .

The rag doll and the broom handle marry and have a grand wedding procession that includes the Easy Ticklers, the Chubby Chubbs, and the Sleepyheads.