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General Information

Name:  Paul Gude  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult; Children;


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Illinois Connection

Gude grew up in Dorsey, Illinois. He attended Edwardsville Sr. High School and lives in Edwardsville again today.

Biographical and Professional Information

Paul Gude is an actor/musician/writer/cartoonist. He studied theatre performance, creative writing, and cognitive psychology at the University of Missouri, Columbia. While there, he was a DJ for the radio station KCOU and a cartoonist for the ''Maneater'' student newspaper.From 1998 - 2014, Gude lived in Seattle, Washington. While there, he performed at Annex Theatre's monthly cabaret as one-half of the performance duo Gude/Laurance. Gude has written books for both children and adults. He has also penned one ebook for children, ''RRRAWRR!: A Story for Little Monsters''.

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Titles At Your Library

The Fuzzy Robot: A Color-It-Yourself Book by Paul Gude
ISBN: 143483381X

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2008

This is a coloring book about a fuzzy robot who doesn't fit in with the metal robots, but still saves them from bears. It also likes flowers and kazoos.

When Elephant Met Giraffe (Giraffe and Elephant)
ISBN: 1423163036

Disney-Hyperion. 2014

From the instant she sees him at the water hole, Elephant is curious about Giraffe. And while Giraffe doesn't have much to say, Elephant is more than happy to make the first move. From inviting herself to bake pretzels with Giraffe to ordering him around while playing pirates, Elephant?s bold and brassy style takes some getting used to. But still waters run deep and silent Giraffe seems to have no problem making himself heard. The result is a friend for the ages.

A Surprise for Giraffe and Elephant (Giraffe and Elephant are Friends)
ISBN: 1423183118

Disney-Hyperion. 2015

Elephant has a lot to say about surprises-about surprise alpine horn serenades, and surprise toboggans, and surprise parties.

And while Giraffe doesn't have a lot to say about surprises, or anything else, he always seems to get the last word.

With surprising wit and humor, Paul Gude brings back delightfully earnest Elephant and her quiet friend, Giraffe, for three new (and surprisingly silly) adventures that will leave readers laughing and asking for more!

These Are Your Coded Instructions: Poems By Paul Gude
ISBN: 1434823784

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2007

Buy this book and carry it with you at all times. These word sequences are aligned with your temporal state and will reveal the next step in your mission at the exact moment you are ready to proceed. Know your fellow travelers by the book, but do not assume their cooperation. Their missions may differ from your own. When you meet Paul Gude, present him with your copy of the book. Two pages await his personal attention.

Ninjas!: The Spacefaring Cowboys Of Japan's Mesozoic Era
ISBN: 1434816346

Createspace. 2007

This is a book about ninjas, written and illustrated by Paul Gude, and NOT a sock puppet.

ISBN: 1434825019

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2007

These are stupid comics by Paul Gude, which he created when he didn't have time to make a Super Rocket Monkey or Giraffes and Elephants Are Friends comic.

Super Rocket Monkey
ISBN: 1438246978

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2008

The lovable space monkey gets a full-on comic treatment as he fights a nude martian menace in his own mini-book! 26 pages of justice! (BONUS: This version includes at least three spelling or typographical errors! Can you find them all?) NOTE: This Super Rocket Monkey mini-book is not for children.

Love In A Time Of Zombies
ISBN: 1438239157

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2009

Conceived as a "mash-up" of a bad romance novel and a boilerplate zombie epic, Love in a Time of Zombies is pretty much exactly that. WARING: Graphic language, frank descriptions of questionable activities, and poor similes pervade the text.


When Elephant Met Giraffe

  • ILLINOIS READS Book Selection, Illinois Reading Council, 2017

    Speaking Engagements

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    Gude uses his background in comedy and improvisational theatre to produce question and answer driven presentations with children interested in creative pursuits.