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General Information

Name:  Mike Rucker  

Pen Name: Michael Rucker


Audience: Adult; Children;

Born: 1940 in Pinehurst, North Carolina

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Illinois Connection

Rucker lives in Peoria.

Biographical and Professional Information

Mike Rucker was a Service Representative and troubleshooter for Caterpillar Inc. He is a children's author, civil war researcher and marathon runner. Seventeen of his 18 children's books have been written about ''Terry the Tractor''. The jobs Terry performs in Mike's books and the situations he faces are based on the real life experiences of the author from his 40 years of employment with Caterpillar Inc. at various locations around the world.An advocate of children's reading programs, Rucker began writing his children-based books with ''Terry the Tractor'' as the main character when he was living in Australia. He wrote the first three stories for his son Derek. His last three ''Terry the Tractor'' books were written with his granddaughter Sabrina. Rucker has ran marathons in seven continents and is a member of the Seven Continents Club.

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Bridge burner :
ISBN: 1891852922. OCLC Number: 875304250

Quarrier Press,. .

Terry and the beaver dam fiasco /
ISBN: 0971165920. OCLC Number: 59006371

University Editions,. .

Terry's new job as a farm tractor turns out to be disasterous because the work has destroyed the habitat of beavers on the farm.

Terry and the bully /
ISBN: 1560024496. OCLC Number: 32140012

University Editions,. .

Terry and the dinosaurs /
ISBN: 097116598X. OCLC Number: 785750045

University Editions,. .

Terry is always ready for new adventures. By means of a time machine Terry travels 65 millions years into the past where he makes friends with several herbaceous dinosaurs and defends them from a tyrannosaurus rex.

Terry and the earthquake /
ISBN: 0971165955. OCLC Number: 307720261

University Editions,. .

Terry and the elephant /
ISBN: 1560027460. OCLC Number: 45545149

University Editions,. .

Terry and the high-tech (Laser guided satellite transmitted) dozing system /
ISBN: 1560028580. OCLC Number: 45468987

University Editions,. .

Terry and the Martians /
ISBN: 0971165963. OCLC Number: 307722563

University Editions,. .

Terry and the obsolete locomotive /
ISBN: 0971165947. OCLC Number: 64564646

University Editions,. .

Terry learns about teamwork when he joins with other machines to rescue a locomotive in danger of sliding down an embankment.

Terry and the South Pole breakdown
ISBN: 9780615113791. OCLC Number: 45538113

University Editions,. .

Terry and the sunken submarine
ISBN: 0971165971. OCLC Number: 785746893

University Editions,. .

This is one of Terry's strangest adventures. A submarine has become stranded and Terry has been asked to save it. He must go to the bottom of the ocean to pull the submarine to safety. The trip to the ocean floor is scary enough but Terry encounters a huge octopus who tries to eat him.--Page 4 of cover.

Terry and the super powerful fuel /
ISBN: 1560026731. OCLC Number: 45468975

University Editions,. .

Terry and the trouble with trash /
ISBN: 0971165939. OCLC Number: 57715049

University Editions,. .

Terry and his friend Larry hate their work in a nasty garbage dump but learn how to dispose trash in a proper manner with a new owner of the business.

Terry and the wild well blowout /
ISBN: 0971165912. OCLC Number: 52343859

University Eitions, Inc.,. .

Terry the athlete /
ISBN: 1560025603. OCLC Number: 34297969

University Editions,. .

Terry the smoke jumper /
ISBN: 0971165041. OCLC Number: 49534223

University Editions,. .

Terry the tractor /
ISBN: 1560023821. OCLC Number: 32276238

University Editions,. .

The Scrubland Critters and the Cedar Key catastrophe /
ISBN: 1614933227. OCLC Number: 1020793464

. .

The critters of Cedar Key Scrub in Florida have lived in peace for many years. Now their homeland is threatened by some strange new creatures with guns and dogs. These new creatures have cut down the trees on Cedar Key Island and are now cutting the trees in the critters' beloved Cedar Key Scrub. The critters, led by Randy Raccoon, have come up with a wacky plan to drive the invaders away by stealing a train. This plan goes awry and results in a major catastrophe.