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Name:  Carol Saller  

Pen Name: Carol Fisher Saller


Audience: Adult; Children; Children;

Born: in Peoria, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Saller was born in Peoria and currently resides in the Chicago area.

Biographical and Professional Information

Carol Saller is a senior manuscript editor at the University of Chicago Press and editor of the ''Chicago Manual of Style'' and the ''Chicago Manual of Sty''le Online's Q & A. She currently writes for the ''Lingua Franca'' blog at the ''Chronicle of Higher Education'', and has also worked as an editor of children’s books at ''Cricket Books'' (Carus Publishing).

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Titles At Your Library

The Bridge Dancers
ISBN: 0876146531

Carolrhoda Books. 1991

When her sister cuts her leg in an accident, Maisie uses the knowledge of herbal medicine she learned from their mother, a healer in their mountain community

Pug, Slug, and Doug the Thug (Picture Books)
ISBN: 0876148038

Carolrhoda Books. 1993

A humorous Wild West tale, told in verse, about a dog, a cat, and a lone boy who team up to outwit the villainous bad guys Pug, Slug, and Doug the Thug

Florence Kelley (On My Own Biographies)
ISBN: 1575050161

Carolrhoda Books. 1997

A biography of the determined woman who worked to improve the lives of children, the poor, and adult workers

Working Children (Picture the American Past)
ISBN: 1575052768

Carolrhoda Books. 1998

Describes the various jobs which children performed during the early 1900s, the reasons for employment, working conditions, the efforts of reformers, and child labor today

George Washington Carver (On My Own Biography)
ISBN: 1575054582

First Avenue Editions. 2000

Born a slave near the end of the Civil War, George Washington Carver was a small and sickly child. Too frail to work in the fields of the Missouri farm where he grew up, George did chores around the house. But when his work was done, he headed for the woods. There his lifelong love of nature was born. As a teacher and scientist at Alabama's Tuskegee Institute in the 1900s, George Washington Carver became famous for his work helping farmers grow better crops while sharing with them his love of nature's beauty. Follow George's inspiring life through this beautifully illustrated and engagingly written book.

The Subversive Copy Editor: Advice from Chicago (or, How to Negotiate Good Relationships with Your Writers, Your Colleagues, and Yourself) (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing)
ISBN: 0226734250

University Of Chicago Press. 2009

Each year writers and editors submit over three thousand grammar and style questions to the Q&A page at The Chicago Manual of Style Online. Some are arcane, some simply hilarious—and one editor, Carol Fisher Saller, reads every single one of them. All too often she notes a classic author-editor standoff, wherein both parties refuse to compromise on the "rights" and "wrongs" of prose styling: "This author is giving me a fit." "I wish that I could just DEMAND the use of the serial comma at all times." "My author wants his preface to come at the end of the book. This just seems ridiculous to me. I mean, it’s not a post-face."

In The Subversive Copy Editor, Saller casts aside this adversarial view and suggests new strategies for keeping the peace. Emphasizing habits of carefulness, transparency, and flexibility, she shows copy editors how to build an environment of trust and cooperation. One chapter takes on the difficult author another speaks to writers themselves. Throughout, the focus is on serving the reader, even if it means breaking "rules" along the way. Saller’s own foibles and misadventures provide ample material: "I mess up all the time," she confesses. "It’s how I know things."

Writers, Saller acknowledges, are only half the challenge, as copy editors can also make trouble for themselves. (Does any other book have an index entry that says "terrorists. See copy editors"?) The book includes helpful sections on e-mail etiquette, work-flow management, prioritizing, and organizing computer files. One chapter even addresses the special concerns of freelance editors.

Saller’s emphasis on negotiation and flexibility will surprise many copy editors who have absorbed, along with the dos and don’ts of their stylebooks, an attitude that their way is the right way. In encouraging copy editors to banish their ignorance and disorganization, insecurities and compulsions, the Chicago Q&A presents itself as a kind of alter ego to the comparatively staid Manual of Style. In The Subversive Copy Editor, Saller continues her mission with audacity and good humor.

Eddie's War
ISBN: 1608981088

namelos. 2011

World War II. Hitler is threatening to take over the world. Eddie Carl thinks America should stop him-it's just plain right. But Eddie's just a kid, and the farm in Ellisville, Illinois, is a long way from the fighting. Ellisville: where the big news stories are gophers in the graveyard and the new bank alarm. But then America joins the war and Eddie's brother Thomas goes off to fly a bomber. Suddenly the war doesn't seem so far away. And Eddie faces more grown-up problems at home: A fire at the Strothers' place, and his gypsy friend accused of arson. Grampa Rob, all stubborn and mean. Grama Lucy with her secrets. And that redhead Sarah, who definitely likes him-unless maybe she hates him. Somehow Eddie's in the middle of it all, trying to figure out what's right. Let Thomas fight World War II. Eddie's war is right here in Ellisville. Eddie's War is a lyrical collection of prose vignettes linking Eddie, his family, and a small-town cast of Ellisvillians. Poignant and funny, this World War II story tells how a distant war affects the life of one boy in the Heartland.

Moonlight Blogger: Essays from the Subversive Copy Editor Blog
ISBN: 1463539207

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2011

Essays from The Subversive Copy Editor blog, by Carol Fisher Saller, an editor of The Chicago Manual of Style and author of The Subversive Copy Editor.


''The Bridge Dancers''
  • The Carl Sandburg Award for Children's Literature ''George Washington Carver''
  • NCSS/CBC Notable Childrens Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies ''Eddie's War''
  • Kirkus Reviews, Best Childrens Books of 2011 (Starred review)

  • Bankstreet Best Childrens Books of the Year, 2012 (Twelve to Fourteen, Outstanding Merit)

  • 2012 Best of the Best Fiction for Teens, Chicago Public Library
  • Nominated for Maryland's Black-Eyed Susan Award (2014-2015)

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