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Name:  Gina Frangello  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Frangello lives in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Gina Frangello is an author, editor and publisher. She is the Executive Editor of the award-winning literary magazine ''Other Voices'' and co-founded the book imprint ''Other Voices Books'' or ''OV Books'', now an imprint of Dzanc Books. She has written short fiction which has been widely published in many literary journals and anthologies, including: ''Swink'', ''StoryQuarterly'', ''Prairie Schooner'', ''two girls review'', ''Blithe House Quarterly'' and ''Fish Stories''. She has been a freelance journalist for the ''Chicago Tribune'' and the ''Chicago Reader''. Her debut novel, ''My Sister's Continent'', was published in 2006 and shortly afterward Frangello joined ''The Nervois Breakdown'' as fiction editor. Her second book, ''Slut Lullabies'', was released to critical acclaim in 2010. In the fall of 2011, she joined the online literary magazine ''The Rumpus'', where she sits on the edtiorial board for The Rumpus Book Club, and as Sunday editor. A graduate of the Program for Writers at the University of Illinois-Chicago, she has taught literature and creative writing at several Chicago universities, currently teaching at Columbia College in Chicago and Northwestern University. Frangello is also the recipient of an Illinois Arts Council literary award and individual fellowship.

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Titles At Your Library

My Sister's Continent
ISBN: 0970321295

Chiasmus Press. 2006

Fiction. MY SISTER'S CONTINENT is a contemporary retelling of Freud's infamous "Dora" case study, following a loosely parallel plot and containing similarly controversial sexual themes and layers of possibilities. Kirby is a young woman attempting to come to terms with a "failed" bout of therapy while concurrently trying to decipher the truth about her identical twin, Kendra's, life. When she is sent a skewed case study of herself by her former psychiatrist, she decides torespond by using Kendra's journals to reconstruct her final months with her sister and her brief time in therapy, finally creating her own version of the truth.

Slut Lullabies
ISBN: 0975362372

Emergency Press. 2010

Following her debut novel, My Sister's Continent, Gina Frangello continues her exploration of the power dynamics of gender, class, and sexuality in this collection of diverse, vibrant short fiction. Slut Lullabies is unsettling. Like the experience of reading a private diary, these stories leave one feeling slightly traitorous while also imprinting a deep recognition of truths you did not know you felt.

It is through beauty, horror, humor and chaos that Frangello has managed to pull these ten stories out of her deep understanding of the human experience. A gay Latino man whose pious relatives are boycotting his commitment ceremony' becomes caught up in hypocrisy and splendor when his lover's Waspy mother hires a glitzy wedding coordinator a precocious girl seduces her teacher in order to blackmail him into funding her young stepmother's escape from their violent home a wife turns to infidelity and drugs to distract her from chronic pain following an accident a teenage boy attempts atonement in Amsterdam after having exploited his naive girlfriend at home and a socialite must confront her dark past as her husband's deterioration from Huntington's Disease destroys both her bank account and social standing.

A Life in Men: A Novel
ISBN: 1616201630

Algonquin Books. 2014

The friendship between Mary and Nix had endured since childhood, a seemingly unbreakable bond, until the mid-1980s, when the two young women embarked on a summer vacation in Greece. It was a trip initiated by Nix, who had just learned that Mary had been diagnosed with a disease that would cut her life short and who was determined that it be the vacation of a lifetime. But by the time their visit to Greece was over, Nix had withdrawn from their friendship, and Mary had no idea why. Three years later, Nix is dead, and Mary returns to Europe to try to understand what went wrong. In the process she meets the first of many men that she will spend time with as she travels throughout the world. Through them she experiences not only a sexual awakening but a spiritual and emotional awakening that allows her to understand how the past and the future are connected and to appreciate the freedom to live life adventurously.

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