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Name:  Jason Miller  

Pen Name: The Miller Bros - with his brother Ian

Genre: Graphic Novels Mystery Non-Fiction Thriller

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Miller grew up in Ferges and graduated from Johnston City High School. His Slim in Little Egypt Mysteries take place in Southern Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Jason Miller is a [ RiffTrax] contributor and, with his brother Ian, writer of the ''Redball 6'' and ''Philosopher REX'' graphic novels. His Twitter has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and online in Buzzfeed, Playboy, Heavy, Splitsider, and Mandatory, among other such places. The Chicago Tribune named him the funniest person on Twitter in 2014. Jason currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.He has also written the ebooks, ''The Hunger Angels: A Slim in Little Egypt Short Story'' and ''Mr. Dame Among the Pages: An Uncommon Guide to Common Literature.''

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Titles At Your Library

Down Don't Bother Me: A Novel (Slim in Little Egypt Mystery)
ISBN: 0062362194

Bourbon Street Books. 2015

A hugely entertaining debut—the first novel in a wickedly funny gothic mystery series set in the withering landscape of the southern Illinois coal country known as “little Egypt”—that blends the wry humor of Kevin Wilson, the dark violence of Urban Waite, and the electric atmosphere of Greg Iles.

In the depths of the Knight Hawk, one of the last working collieries in downstate Illinois, the body of a reporter is found, his mini-recorder tied around his neck and a notepad stuffed in his mouth.

The Knight Hawk’s owner, Matthew Luster, isn’t happy. He wants answers—and he doesn’t want the cops or any more press poking into his business. To protect himself and the operation, he turns to Slim, a mine employee with a reputation for “bloodhounding”-finding lost souls when the police can’t or won’t. Luster needs Slim to locate a missing photographer named Beckett, a close associate of the victim . . . who just happens to be his son-in-law.

A hard-working single father barely making ends meet, Slim accepts the job—after Luster offers him a guaranteed pension and job security for life. But when you make a deal with the devil, you’re going to get burned . . . . and now Slim is all too close to the flames. Circumstances have lead him into the grimy underworld of Little Egypt, Illinois—a Babel’s Tower of rednecks, rubes, freaks, tweakers, gun nuts, and aging hippies-and it quickly becomes clear that he’s much more involved in the murder than an innocent man should be.

Down Don’t Bother Me marks the emergence of a wildly assured mystery novelist, and of a series set in the fresh and brutal landscape of southern Illinois.

Red Dog: A Slim in Little Egypt Mystery
ISBN: 0062449060

Harper Paperbacks. 2016

Pitbull fighters, shadowy ne’er-do-wells, and murder mark Jason Miller’s wry, darkly atmospheric second novel in his Little Egypt series—perfect for fans of Frank Bill and Greg Iles.

One hot summer day, in his home in the southern Illinois coal country known as Little Egypt—a Midwest Gothic wonderland of barren vistas, sinister hollows, petty corruption, and deeply strange characters—the self-appointed “redneck detective” known as Slim gets a visit from a shady-looking pair who introduce themselves as Sheldon Cleaves and his son, A. Evan, looking to hire him to find a missing dog. As a miner with a reputation for “bloodhounding”—tracking down missing persons the police can’t find or won’t—Slim is accustomed to looking for people, not pets. On the other hand, he needs the cash to fix his air conditioner. But when he pulls the thread that leads to the Cleaveses’ red-haired purebred pitbull—and then the dognapper is discovered with his head blown off—Slim finds himself plunged into a world of underground dogfights and white supremacists. . . all because he just wanted to get cool.

As bitingly funny as it is starkly violent, Red Dog marks the emergence of a new, gritty voice in detective fiction.

Philosopher Rex
ISBN: 1897548028

Arcana Studio. 2010

Meet Dr. Ishmeal Stone: Philosopher, detective, monster-hunter, primes inter pares of a shadowy network of supernatural guardians sworn to shelter the world from the Infernal Orders. Stone's mission is aided by his daughter, half-ghost, half-witch Amara Stone, Wilbur Branch, a master of mystic weapons, the mysterious monster-detector known as Blind Jack, and the smooth-talking mentalist Martin Priest. Philosopher REX opens at a moment of crisis as the old orders are fragmenting and the Philosophers dividing into rival camps, with Stone and his comrades on one side of the battle, with the malignant and craven Philip Delacroix on the other. Complicating matters... just when Stone and his associates need them most, their various abilities are inexplicably on the wane!

RedBall 6
ISBN: 1897548885

Arcana Studio. 2010

Detective Sergeant Wayne Hambler will pull down the biggest case of hislife...moments after his death! Wayne awakens to being assigned the task ofleading an elite crime unit in a sprawling necropolis on the edge of Hell. Histeam cops from many different eras of human (and non-human) history are a ragtag bunch, and some appear to have ambitions beyond a goldbadge and an early retirement.

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