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General Information

Name:  Cheryl Stevens Clark  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Other

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1967 in Waukegan, IL

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Illinois Connection

Clark was born in Waukegan. After a few years of living in other states as her parents moved around, she returned to Illinois in third grade and has been here ever since. Much of her childhood was spent in Third Lake - the village and the lake. As an adult, she has lived primarily in Round Lake and Fox Lake. She has worked for the Round Lake Area Public Library for many years.

Biographical and Professional Information

Cheryl Stevens Clark has been writing stories all her life. She has had stories and articles published under other names in some small literary magazines and special interest publications. In recent years, she has contributed to a few online magazines and published numerous short stories on the website she shares with her husband. Together, they wrote the fantasy novel ''Sorrow's Ashes''.Cheryl lives in Fox Lake, Illinois and works at the Round Lake Area Public Library where she has spent more than 25 years connecting readers with books in a variety of interesting ways.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes) Contact Cheryl at the email address above. She will happily speak in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin for no fee if she can schedule it. Please detail the topic, audience and nature of the engagement when inquiring.

Selected Titles At Your Library

Sorrow's ashes /
ISBN: 1518857000. OCLC Number: 946514353

. .

Ancestral denizens seek to reclaim lands once lost, but greed beckons. A proud race of isolationists discovers death can only be averted by lashing hope to those outside of the tribe. Independent settlements of men, secure in their strength, may not see the danger until too late. A cunning new chieftain seeks to raise his horde beyond their present squalor amidst shortsightedness and betrayal. An exiled priest, torn between faith and clan, struggles to create compromise where none has existed before. Follow the disparate yet woven tales of leaders, craftsmen, and the acutely ordinary as each discovers the casting of their roles is more complex than it seems--Cover.