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General Information

Name:  Laurie B Clifford  

Pen Name: Laurie Clifford, Laurie Berry Clifford

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction Poetry

Born: 1948 in Oak Park, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Clifford was born in Oak Park. She spent most of her childhood outside the United States but lived in Chicago off and on after between 1948 and 1966. She retuned to the area in 1973 and lived in Evanston until 1979.

Biographical and Professional Information

Laurie Berry Clifford began writing for publications in 1982. She has published 40-some books, some under her own name and some for others. Her life training is that of mother, writer, publisher, certified clinical hypnotherapist, urban contemplative, non-dual teacher, speaker and retreat leader. She is owner/operator of ''Waking Dreams Retreat'' in Asheville, North Carolina.

Speaking Engagements

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Eva Katherine Brandon is a beautiful woman with incredible eyes. She learns very young that she needs to watch out for them. But why? Eyes are the windows to the soul, her mother tells her. But Eva's soul is opaque, hiding secrets she can't risk to uncover. Eva is a stone-gatherer, and photos of her childhood years are like the stones she collects from the minnow creek nearby. Carefully chosen. Unlike the stones, though, the memories contained in the photographs are not hers. They are carefully constructed ones, created by her mother in three blue scrapbook albums. To hide what? The stone-gathering soothes Eva and the photographs unsettle her. But what true meaning does each of them hold? Memories of Eva's high school years are vivid and they won't leave her alone. Instead, they weave themselves unbidden into her current life, threatening to disrupt the cherished respite she has created in a tiny mountain village. Then one Wednesday morning, after she sends her three girls off to school, the phone rings. A cold voice informs her that D.J. Costain, someone she doesn't know or perhaps can't remember, has died leaving her a bequest.D.J. Costain's will contains startling news. This upends Eva's world and vaults her away from the safety of her quiet life, landing her on a life-changing journey. No time to consider the consequences. Her quest for answers, to the jigsaw puzzle of D.J. Costain and to the riddle of her own haunted life, propels her on a search to five of the seven continents before she finally assembles all the pieces. Only then can she understand what she needs to know and fully grasp the significance of her true inheritance. (viewed May 1, 2018)

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What if you-- accept the royal challenge? /
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The reader chooses the development of the plot while dealing with a difficult neighbor lady. Can she possibly be royalty?

What if you-- follow the lone cry? /
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What if you-- ride the blue bazoo? /
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By entering a contest advertised on the back of a cereal box, the reader is launched on a series of adventures whose outcome is governed by the choices he or she makes at the bottom of each page.