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Name:  Larry Heinemann  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1944 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Heinemann was born and raised in Chicago. He graduated from and taught at Columbia College in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Larry Heinemann is a novelist. His published work is primarily centered around the Vietnam War. He currently resides in Texas.

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Titles At Your Library

Close Quarters [UNABRIDGED]
ISBN: 0786144777

Blackstone Audiobooks. 2006

From the moment his first novel was published, Larry Heinemann joined the ranks of the great chroniclers of the Vietnam conflict—Philip Caputo, Tim O’Brien, and Gustav Hasford.

In the stripped-down unsullied patois of an ordinary soldier, draftee Philip Dosier tells the story of his war. Straight from high school, too young to vote or buy himself a drink, he enters a world of mud and heat, blood and body counts, ambushes and firefights. It is here that he embarks on the brutal downward path to wisdom that awaits every soldier. In the tradition of The Naked and the Dead and The Thin Red Line, Close Quarters is the harrowing story of how a decent kid from Chicago endures an extraordinary trial—and returns profoundly altered to a world on the threshold of change.

Paco's Story [UNABRIDGED]
ISBN: 0786172789

Blackstone Audiobooks. 2006

Paco Sullivan is the only man in Alpha Company to survive a cataclysmic Vietcong attack on Fire Base Harriette in Vietnam. Everyone else is annihilated. When a medic finally rescues him almost two days later, Paco is waiting to die, flies and maggots covering his burnt, shattered body. He winds up back in the U.S. with his legs full of pins, daily rations of Librium and Valium, and no sense of what to do next. One evening, on the tail of a rainstorm, he limps off a bus and into the small town of Boone, determined to find a real job and a real bed—but no matter how hard he works, nothing muffles the anguish in his mind and body. Brilliantly and vividly written, Paco’s Story—winner of a National Book Award—plunges the reader into the violence and casual cruelty of the Vietnam War, and the ghostly aftermath that often dealt the harshest blows.

Cooler by the Lake
ISBN: 0140230254

Penguin Books. 1993

Black Virgin Mountain: A Return to Vietnam
ISBN: 1400076897

Vintage. 2006

In 1967 Larry Heinemann was sent to Vietnam as an ordinary soldier. It was the most horrific year of his life, truly altering him—and his family—forever. In his powerful memoir, Heinemann returns to Vietnam, riding the train from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city and confronting the memories of his war year. Black Virgin Mountain confirms Heinemann’s legendary plain-spoken reputation as one of the essential chroniclers of our war in Vietnam


Close Quarters

  • Society of Midland Authors Best Novel, 1977
  • Paco`s Story

  • Carl Sandburg Literary Award
  • National Book Award for Fiction, 1987
  • Body of Work

  • ''Illinois Author of the Year'' by the Illinois Association of Teachers of English, 1993

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