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General Information

Name:  Kevin Vost, Psy.D.  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1961 in Springfield, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Vost was born, raised and currently resides in Springfield, Illinois. He has taught psychology at the University of Illinois at Springfield and Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Illinois as well as at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Kevin Vost, Psy.D. has taught psychology at the University of Illinois at Springfield, Lincoln Land Community College, MacMurray College, and at Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee. A former powerlifter and Highland Games Heavy Events competitor, Dr. Vost has also served as a weightlifting instructor, fitness writer for the International Association of Resistance Trainers, Research Review Committee Member for American Mensa and lector for St. Agnes Catholic Church. He travels the globe sharing themes of faith, philosophy, and fitness on radio, television, and in live presentations.


International Association of Resistance Trainer's Writing Contest Winner

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability: (Yes)

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Beginning with the Gospel parable of the talents which were buried in the ground by some, and multiplied by others Kevin Vost here unearths a treasure for those who are struggling to live a life of Christian virtue: the ten particular talents that God has given each of us as our own ... to bury ... or to multiply for our own good and the good of the Kingdom. Guided especially by St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the Church's greatest teachers, as well as by Fathers of the Church and the example of many saints, Vost explains how you can discover, understand, and perfect each of your own ten talents. In the process, you will develop your noble ability to reason, strengthen your faculties of mind, perfect your physical capacities for beauty of form and grace, nurture your ability to act angelically, and prepare yourself to live that life which is proper to a being made in the image of God. Do you know what your ten talents are? Do you know what God wants you to do with your life? As He gave ten talents to each of the souls in the parable, so He has given ten particular talents to you. Don't ignore them any longer, or leave them buried. Let Kevin Vost help you unearth them, and show you how to multiply them a hundredfold.