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Name:  Esther Hershenhorn  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Young Adult; Children; Children;

Born: 1945, in Philadelphia, Pennsylania

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Illinois Connection

Esther teaches at an artists residency program, at Chicago's Newberry Library, and at the University of Chicago's Writer's Studio. Before she taught writers, she was an elementary school teacher in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Esther Hershenhorn specializes in picture books and middle grade fiction. She coaches writers and teaches courses on writing for children at the University of Chicago's Writers's Studio and Chicago's Newberry Library. Hershenhorn also serves on the board of advisers of the Society of Children's Book Wirters and Illustrators. Her book ''The Confe$$ion$ and $ecret$ of Howard J. Fingerhut'' was a 2004-2005 Crown Award Nominee.

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Titles At Your Library

There Goes Lowell's Party!
ISBN: 0823413136

Holiday House. 1998

Lowell has been looking forward to his birthday party for a long time because he knows it will be an opportunity to see all his family, but when rain suddenly pours from the sky, he worries whether or not his beloved family will attend.

Illinois: Fun Facts and Games (Fun Facts & Games)
ISBN: 189292045X

G H B Pub Llc. 2000

Illinois Fun Facts and Games is an interactive workbook designed to entertain, teach and stimulate children to learn more about the area where they live, will visit or would like to visit. The activities include coloring pages, mazes, connect the dots and more. The topics covered in Illinois Fun Facts and Games include famous people, geography, history and places to see.

"I" is for Illinois
ISBN: 1892920417

G H B Pub Llc. 2001

Gives an overview of the state of Illinois, including its history, notable sights, people, and recreations.

The Confe$$ion$ and $ecret$ of Howard J. Fingerhut
ISBN: 0823416429

Holiday House. 2002

Fourth grade entrepreneur Howard J. Fingerhut competes with his classmates to win the H. Marion Muckley Junior Businessperson of the Year Contest and writes an advice book about the experience.

Chicken Soup By Heart
ISBN: 0689826656

Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers. 2002

When Rudie Dinkins's sitter, Mrs. Gittel, gets the flu, he uses her recipe to make her a batch of special chicken soup, including the secret recipe of stories from the heart.

Fancy That
ISBN: 0823416054

Holiday House. 2003

In 1841 in Pennsylvania, Pippin Biddle, determined to get his three orphaned sisters out of the poorhouse, tries to earn a living as an itinerant painter, but he returns empty handed, only to find that he is not the only one in the family with artistic talents.

Harley Hippo & the Crane Game
ISBN: 1598190067

Loucks-Christenson Publishing, LLC. 2008

Based on a true story

S is for Story: A Writer's Alphabet (Alphabet Books)
ISBN: 1585364398

Sleeping Bear Press. 2009

What is a first draft? What is a narrative? In S is for Story: A Writer's Alphabet, author and writing coach Esther Hershenhorn uses the alphabet to help explain, explore, and examine the tools, techniques, and strategies for those hoping to live the literary life. Writing terms and topics are explained using a two-tier format. C is for the Character, every story's star, the one for whom we cheer, we care, with whom we travel far. Specific genres, story elements (setting and plot), and the mechanics of how to write (including editing and revision) are covered, while quotes from famous authors provide examples of the writer's thought process. Budding writers of all ages will be inspired to put pen to paper (or fingers on keyboards)! Author, and writing coach, Esther Hershenhorn admits S is for Story is the book she wishes she'd owned as a little girl, dreaming of a writing career. She lives in Chicago, where she teaches Writing for Children at the University of Chicago's Writer's Studio and the Newberry Library. Zachary Pullen's character-oriented picture book illustrations have won awards and garnered starred reviews. He has been honored several times with acceptance into the prestigious Society of Illustrators' juried shows and Communication Arts Illustration Annual of the best in current illustration. Zak lives in Wyoming.

Little Illinois (Little State)
ISBN: 1585365378

Sleeping Bear Press. 2011

State birds, flowers, trees, and animals brought to board book form for the youngest book lovers. Toddlers will delight in these books filled with rhyming riddles framed by brightly painted clues, introducing elements that make each state so special.

Txtng Mama Txtng Baby
ISBN: 1585368873

Sleeping Bear Press. 2013

Without a sliver of doubt, language and literacy are to be revered by book lovers both young and old. But alas, the technology age is firmly upon us all—both young and old. Nearly 85% of American adults own cell phones and most of them send and receive text messages. Communication that began as text message acronyms, OMG and LOL, for example, have become commonplace on our screens for sure, but they’ve also worked their way into our language. In fact OMG (oh my god) and LOL (laughing out loud) are formally recognized in the Oxford English Dictionary! "Txting Mama Txting Baby" embraces this “newfangled” form of communication, most often referred to as “txtng.” After all, everyone seems to be doing it. No matter how the message is delivered, a loving, affirming relationship between Baby and Mama should be expressed. The text messages “O U QT” (Oh you, cutie) and “I <3 U” (I love you) begin this board book accompanied by smiling, colorful emoticons representing the feelings of Mama and Baby alike. The book and Baby’s day come to an end with encouragement to sleep peacefully “U zzzzzz.”


''Chicken Soup by Heart'' won the 2003 Sidney Taylor Book Award for Young Readers Esther was honored at the 2004 Illinois Authors Book Fair sponsored by the Illinois Center for the Book and the Illinois State Library in Springfield, Illinois. ''Little Illinois'', 2013 ILLINOIS READS Book

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