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General Information

Name:  Katherine Dolores Marko  

Pen Name: Katherine Marko


Audience: Children;


Died: 2009 in Geneva, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Marko lived in Elgin.

Biographical and Professional Information

Katherine D. Marko moved to Elgin in August of 1955. She was a freelance writer. Over the years, she sold over 300 articles, poems and stories, including nine children's books and several entries for the Children's Encyclopedia Britannica.

Selected Titles At Your Library

"God, why did dad lose his job?" /
ISBN: 0570036291. OCLC Number: 8410597

Concordia Pub. House,. .

When a spoiled twelve-year-old's father loses his job, Stacy finally realizes that the valuable things in life are not material.

Animals in orbit :
ISBN: 0531200035. OCLC Number: 22388713

F. Watts,. .

Discusses the animals originally sent up in space as experiments, and looks at currents projects being conducted on various plants and animals.

God, when will I ever belong? /
ISBN: 0570036240. OCLC Number: 4858061

Concordia Pub. House,. .

After a sequence of foster homes in which she was unhappy, 12-year-old Jeanie finds herself in a new one she dislikes for the same reasons.

Hang out the flag /
ISBN: 0027623203. OCLC Number: 25628730

Macmillan ;. .

In 1943, as she waits for her father to come home on leave, a sixth-grade girl in a midwestern town tries to find something special to do for the war effort, such as catching a German spy.

How the wind blows /
ISBN: 0687176808. OCLC Number: 6789102

Abingdon,. .

Describes the various types of winds and their names in different parts of the world and discusses both the destructive and beneficial aspects of wind.

Pocket babies /
ISBN: 0531202119. OCLC Number: 32626391

Franklin Watts,. .

Examines marsupials, those animals that carry their babies in pouches, including the opossum, kangaroo, and Tasmanian devil.

Time goes on forever /
ISBN: 0531203166. OCLC Number: 36126792

Franklin Watts,. .

Examines the concept of time and the inventions used to measure it.

Whales, giants of the sea /
ISBN: 0687445604. OCLC Number: 5564313

Abingdon,. .

A look at whales, how they probably came to be, and their future.