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Name:  George C. Wilson  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: N/A

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George lived in Springfield, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

In 1986, George C. Wilson suffered a severe heart attack. During his recuperation in the hospital, he survived an out-of-body experience. Since then, he has been gifted with divine revelations that he shares with the reader in ''Seconds, A Logical Sequence''. Contained herein are two books reflecting unique and provocative inspirational visions and revelations, received and compiled from 1988 through 1997. These words of inspirational insight came to him, almost on a daily basis, and he preserves their sequential impact in a journal-like presentation. George C. Wilson conveys the enthusiasm and joy he has found in his devotion to God. Anyone seeking spiritual fulfillment will find guidance and a profound sense of purpose in this stimulating volume.

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Seconds, A Logical Sequence
ISBN: 1418432628

AuthorHouse. 2004

It is recorded in The Holy Bible, in the Book of Revelations, that the numbers of earthly souls that are destined for doom, outnumber those destined for salvation. The recorded visions and revelations contained within “Seconds” offer a justification for selfanalysis, and thus, provides a clearer path towards ones destination. For mankind to remain comfortable in his present pursuit, more so than not, only insures that he/she will be one of the greater number. The wise man/woman will rely on truth rather than on tradition or comfort. Mr. Wilson's prayer to God at age 15, relied on God to provide him beacons of clarity and light. Those beacons of light began and were recorded by the date received beginning in 1986 through 1997 and are now compiled in this twobook edition by its recipient author. Who is Mr. Wilson? He is now a retired Corporate Fixed Asset Accountant with three published books, two of which are contained in the twobook edition titled “Seconds, A Logical Sequence”. The third consists, primarily, of short stories that were created due to challenges inspired by his coworkers at Mitsubishi Motors, where he commuted 140 miles per day from Springfield, Illinois to Normal, Illinois for twelve years.



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