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General Information

Name:  Susan Kirby  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children; Children;

Born: 1949 in Bloomington, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Kirby was born in Bloomington, Illinois and currently resides in McLean, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Susan E. Kirby, the author of the series, American Quilts, grew up in Central Illinois on Historic Route 66. Although she has moved to McLean, Illinois, her family continues to tap trees and make "Maple Sirup" a few miles away in Funks Grove. Mrs. Kirby has written forty books for adults, teens and children.

Published Works

    Main Street Series
  • Lemonade Days, (Main Street Series), Avon Camelot, 1994
  • Home for Christmas, (Main Street Series), Avon Camelot, 1994
  • Home Front Hero, (Main Street Series), Avon Camelot, 1994
  • Goodbye Desert Rose, Avon Camelot, 1995American Quilt Series for Children
  • Ellen`s Story, (American Quilt Series), Aladdin Books, 2000
  • Hattie`s Story, (American Quilt Series), Aladdin Books, 2000
  • Daniel`s Story, (American Quilt Series), Aladdin Books, 2000
  • Ida Lou`s Story, (American Quilt Series), Aladdin Books, 2000Romance Novels
  • Blue Moon, Sapling, 1996
  • When The Lilacs Bloom, Avon Books, 1997
  • As the Lily Grows, Avon Books, 1997
  • Your Dream and Mine, Steple Hill Books, 1999
  • Love Sign, Steeple Hill Books, 2001
  • Love Knot, Steeple Hill Books, 2004
  • Prairie Rose, Avon Books, 1997
  • A No-Fuss Christmas, JourneyForth, 2010

Selected Titles At Your Library

Lemonade days /
ISBN: 0380774062. OCLC Number:

Avon Books,. New York, N.Y. :. ©1994.

In Illinois, during the summer of 1926, young entrepreneur Maggie Campbell sets up a roadside lemonade stand to serve the numerous customers making their way along the newly constructed highway, Route 66.

Home for Christmas /
ISBN: 0380774070. OCLC Number:

Avon Books,. New York, N.Y. :. ©1994.

In 1932, with the country in the depths of the Great Depression, Suker and her family face a Christmas without presents or a tree.

Home front hero /
ISBN: 0380774089. OCLC Number:

Avon Books,. New York, N.Y. :. ©1994.

Trying to fulfill the role of man of the house while his father serves in the war, ten-year-old Nick finds an injured stranger hiding in the family barn who claims to be a soldier on an important secret mission.

Goodbye, Desert Rose /
ISBN: 0380774097. OCLC Number:

Avon Books,. New York, NY :. ©1995.

Hattie's story /
ISBN: 0689809700. OCLC Number:

Aladdin Paperbacks,. New York :. 2000.

Set in 1856, Hattie's father's dangerous work for the Underground Railroad jeopardizes the entire family's safety.

Daniel's story /
ISBN: 0689809719. OCLC Number:

Aladdin Paperbacks,. New York :. 2000.

Great-grandmother Tandy tells Lacey about a quilt given to their ancestor, Daniel, who, upset by the changes after his grandfather's death, leaves Illinois for South Dakota in 1891 to find his father, and learns about the Sioux Ghost Dance first-hand.

Ida Lou's story /
ISBN: 0689809727. OCLC Number:

Aladdin Paperbacks,. New York :. 2001.

"Lacey's family history is filled with unforgettable characters and stories of courage and adventure ..."

Blue moon /
ISBN: 0425154149. OCLC Number:

Berkley Books,. New York :. ©1997.

Deanna's neighbor Michael has always been one of her best friends, but lately, he's been so distant. At first, Deanna is hurt-- until she realizes why Michael is so angry. He's always been close to his grandfather, but lately Mr. Kolupa just hasn't been himself. He walks around the neighborhood in his pajamas, he talks to people how aren't even there, and the worst part is that Michael keeps trying to pretend that nothing is wrong.

When the lilacs bloom /
ISBN: 0380785056. OCLC Number:

Avon Books,. New York :. ©1997.

As the lily grows /
ISBN: 0380785048. OCLC Number:

Avon Books,. New York :. ©1997.

Your dream and mine /
ISBN: 0373870647. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill Press,. New York :. ©1999.

Love sign /
ISBN: 0373871341. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill Press,. New York :. ©2001.

Love knot /
ISBN: 0373872631. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill Books,. New York :. ©2004.

For Paula Blake Jackson, doing what was best for her daughter, Joy, would always come first. And that meant reconciling with her estranged husband. As she and Colton Blake mend the pieces of their broken relationship for their daughter's sake, he thaws her frozen heart. But could Paula trust her future to the man who had abandoned her when she'd needed him most? Colton had assumed that Paula would be better off without him, though he was surely a man in need of love . . .and redemption. Then the daughter he never knew gave him a reason to live and the chance to win back Paula's love.

Prairie Rose /
ISBN: 038078503X. OCLC Number:

. .

Tells the story of a young woman's journey to find her place in the world ...

A no-fuss Christmas /
ISBN: 1606820591. OCLC Number:

JourneyForth,. Greenville, S.C. :. ©2010.

In 1932 Oklahoma, Sueker eagerly awaits a Christmas reunion with her brother, but feels edged out when her foster parents make room for a homeless child until her role as inkeeper in the Christmas pageant sheds light on the day's true meaning.



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If you would like Susan to bring her American Quilts presentation to your school, library, civic event or quilt venue, contact Crestview Bookings for scheduling information. 716 Crestview Drive Ingleside, Illinois Phone #847/602-1018 Fax #847/587-9114 http