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General Information

Name:  Frederik Pohl  

Pen Name: Elton Andrews, S.D. Gottesman and Scott Mariner (works written with CM CKrnbluth), Paul Dennis Lavond (any combinations of works written with Kornbluth, Dirk Wylie or Robert A. W. Lownes), James MacCr


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1919 in New York, New York

Died: September 2, 2013 in Palatine, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Pohl lived in Palatine, Illinois from 1984 until his death.

Biographical and Professional Information

Pohl was a science fiction writer and editor. He was involved in publishing since he was a teenager, when he served as a literary agent for his science fiction-writing young friends. He went on to edit magazines and books before finding renown as a writer himself in the 1930's. In all, Pohl published more than 65 novels and some 30 short-story collections, as well as nonfiction works. Nearly half his novels were collaborations with friends and colleagues. Although he was entirely self-taught, Pohl’s grasp of science was impressive. He was elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1982. He was also in demand as a so-called futurist, speaking to business executives and other audiences about the shape of things to come in a science-dominated future — and about the unreliability of even short-range predictions.Mostly known for his science fiction work, Polh was also a prolific non-fiction author and served as the Encyclopedia Britannica’s expert of Tiberius, writing about film, science, politics, and ecology. His autobiography, ''The Way the Future Was'' provides an intimate look at the origins of science fiction fandom and business. More recently, Pohl has been blogging additional insights into science fiction on his website, entitled ''The Way the Future Blogs''.


Hugo for Best Professional Magazine if in 1966, 1967 and 1968 Hugo for The Meeting in 1973 Nebula for Man Plus in 1976 Nebula for Gateway in 1977 Hugo for Gateway in 1978 National Book Award Winner in Science Fiction for Jem in 1980 Hugo for Fermi and Frost in 1986 Inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 1998 Grand Master Award, Science Fiction Writers of America in 1993 Nebula Grand Master in 1993 J. W. Eaton Lifetime Achievement Award in Science Fiction from the UCR Libraries at the Eaton Science Fiction Conference, for Extraordinary Voyages

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Mars plus
ISBN: 0671876651. OCLC Number: 32536278

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Mars plus /
ISBN: 0671876058. OCLC Number: 29519733

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In this sequel to Man Plus, Pohl tells of the further colonization of Mars by cyborgs, half-cyborgs, just plain humans, and the computer net onw which all Martian life depends.

Mining the Oort
ISBN: 0732016002. OCLC Number: 221466955

Louis Braille Books,. .

Dekker Dewoe, born on Mars, studies on Earth to become an asteroid miner and to create an atmosphere on Mars. But Earth investors are turning to schemes that are more profitable than the Marsian colonies.

O pioneer!
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Stopping at Slowyear /
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The boy who would live forever
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The peaceful existences of the Heechee gateway creators and the human survivors of a post-apocalypse Earth are threatened by the alien Kugel and an insane human's plot to destroy the galaxy.

The far shore of time
ISBN: 0812577833. OCLC Number: 41361398

. .

Federal agent Dan Dannerman is captured by aliens, cloned twice and made to undergo painful experiments. Dannerman--all three of him--escapes to Earth and mounts an attack to avenge his inhuman treatment. A look at relations between clones by the author of The Siege of Eternity.

The other end of time /
ISBN: 143950461X. OCLC Number: 34583848

Tor,. .

Leaving a mechanized and overcrowded New York City for the vastness of space, a group of scientists arrives at a research station that has been receiving messages from aliens calling themselves the Beloved Leaders. Without warning, the scientists are kidnapped, confined to a sterile cell under close observation, and cloned. Their survival, and that of all intelligent life, now hangs on one question. Are these replicas capable of reason, or will they automatically follow the Beloved Leaders?

The siege of eternity
ISBN: 0312863756. OCLC Number: 36842392

TOR,. .

Two Earthmen are captured by aliens, then cloned and subjected to experiments. They escape and after capturing some aliens return to Earth, using their new knowledge to defend Earth from an alien invasion. By the author of The Other Ends of Time.

The siege of eternity /
ISBN: 0812577663. OCLC Number: 39949263

. .

The voices of heaven
ISBN: 9781449842444. OCLC Number: 667476041

Playaway Digital Audio ;. .

Barry di Hoa heads for a new world, where a colony struggles to survive with the help of intelligent indigenous aliens, despite too few supplies from Earth and too much religious zealotry.

The voices of heaven /
ISBN: 0788718908. OCLC Number: 38502923

Recorded Books,. .

An unwilling hero struggles to save a small human colony on a distant planet in turmoil.