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General Information

Name:  Wenz S. Peter  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1945

-- Wenz S. Peter on WorldCat --

Illinois Connection

Peter is a professor of philiosophy and legal studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Biographical and Professional Information

Peter is Professor Emeritus of philiosophy and legal studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield. He also has an appointment to the Institute for Legal, Administrative and Policy Studies. He also serves as adjunct professor of medical humanities at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (No)

Selected Titles At Your Library

Abortion rights as religious freedom
ISBN: 9781439904619. OCLC Number: 639015212

Temple University Press,. .

Wenz argues that the Supreme Court reached the right decision in Roe v. Wade but for the wrong reasons.

Abortion rights as religious freedom /
ISBN: 0877228574. OCLC Number: 23286433

Temple University Press,. .

American political thought.
ISBN: 9781121878860. OCLC Number: 900616647

McGraw Hill Create,. .

Beyond red and blue :
ISBN: 0262012952. OCLC Number: 317406914

MIT Press,. .

Why Americans do not divide neatly into red and blue or right and left but form coalitions across party lines on hot-button issues ranging from immigration to same-sex marriage.

Environmental ethics today /
ISBN: 0195133846. OCLC Number: 44627055

Oxford University Press,. .

"Environmental Ethics Today is essential reading for anyone interested in the future of the environment, our species, and species diversity. This wide-ranging introduction to major issues and questions in environmental ethics employs an accessible, journalistic style - featuring current facts, real controversies, individual stories, and a vivid narrative - that engages readers and gives meaning to abstract philosophical concepts. Topics discussed include pollution permits for corporations, medical experimentation on animals, genetic engineering, economic globalization, biodiversity, and much more. Theories and methods such as utilitarianism, contractarianism, and hermeneutics are introduced as needed to help readers understand and attempt to resolve environmental conflicts. The book considers the views of many thinkers including Father Thomas Berry, Wendell Berry, J. Baird Callicott, Jane Goodall, Garrett Hardin, David Korten, Aldo Leopold, Arne Naess, Val Plumwood, Daniel Quinn, Tom Regan, Holmes Rolston III, Vandana Shiva, Julian Simon, Peter Singer, and Karen Warren. An exceptional primary text for courses in environmental ethics and environmental values, Environmental Ethics Today is also excellent reading for general course in moral problems, business ethics, environmental studies, and women's studies."--Jacket.

Environmental justice
ISBN: 0887066445. OCLC Number: 15793188

State University of New York Press,. .

Nature's Keeper (Ethics and action)
ISBN: 9781282644465. OCLC Number: 1076721998

Temple University.. .

Nature's keeper /
ISBN: 1566394287. OCLC Number: 33862964

Temple University Press,. .

Political philosophies in moral conflict /
ISBN: 0073132497. OCLC Number: 61684231

McGraw-Hill,. .