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General Information

Name:  Zachary Weiner  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1980

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Illinois Connection

Zachary Weiner grew up in Buffalo Grove a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Zachary Weiner was born Oct 15, 1980 and grew up in a suburb of Chicago named Buffalo Grove. He attended Stevenson High School and proceeded to receive his education at Indiana University where he studied psychology with a minor in business. Zachary is also actively engaged in extreme sports and taught martial arts for the Illinois Shotokan Karate Club. Chicago. Weiner started Luxuryreach Inc. It is located in Chicago.

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Titles At Your Library

City at Night
ISBN: 141370025X

PublishAmerica. 2003

Moving away from friends and family to attend graduate school in the city of Chicago seems to be a perfect fit for Matt Storan. Of course, everybody needs friends. One random night Matt is having a drink in a small bar where he meets Richard Haberton, an affluent socialite, who decides to become Matt’s guide to the fast-paced glitz and glamor of the elite Chicago night scene. When not spending nights of extravagance with Richard, Matt is romancing a fellow graduate student and yoga instructor named Vicky, trying to study for his Master’s program in philosophy, and simply trying to get by. This life that Matt quickly becomes accustomed to is taken away from him in one quick and decisive move. It seems that Matt wouldn’t have been hunted through the city streets by both the law and a brutal drug syndicate if he had only realized the true motives of Richard Haberton.

The Road
ISBN: 1413746713

PublishAmerica. 2005

The small town of Mintwood is a quaint and quiet home to sheltered locals and the occasional tourist. It is also the epicenter of the drifters. These wanderers are men who are just passing from one area to the next with no real destination. They come from nowhere and leave in the same direction. For a while I called this place home, although it was apparent that I too was a drifter. Then there is The Road. It is an enigma that cannot be found on any map. Some classify it as a schizophrenic's reality, plagued by frightening hallucinations, delusions, compulsions, and encounters with arcane characters. The Road exists in a parallel reality where rules and boundaries don't exist, and reality manifests itself in dark and sinister ways. It is a place that I had to call home a place where there was no escape a place where we all must venture.

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