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Name:  Rebecca "Becky" Coelho  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction


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Illinois Connection

Becky lives in Quincy, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Lifing along the bluffs of the Mississippi and traviling thoughout the country visiting her extended family has helped inspire Becky's writing. In addition to her writing she is a very busy volunteer.

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Titles At Your Library

Born in December
ISBN: 1424150833

PublishAmerica. 2006

Rowdy nodded. “One time I asked Bess when her birthday was. She just said that she was born in December. But her birthday was in March.”

It Doesn't Always Show On The Outside (Madison Family Series Book 2)
ISBN: B004A8ZT54 2007

Fred and Mary had it all...or so it seamed. They had three beautiful children Joseph, Maggie and Thomas. Fred did very well in the real estate business providing them with a very nice house in the most affluent neighborhoods in town. They drove top of the line cars, which Mary flashed at all of her volunteer and high society engagements. The children attended public schools and were on the honor rolls and active with sports and band.

But behind closed doors it was a different story. Mary was constantly yelling and screaming at her children and Fred. It she didn't get her way, she resorted to violence. The tiny woman tortured her family until she put one of her children at death's door.

Read how this family coped with the struggles of life with an abusive parent and spouse. See how they overcame her torturous ways. And then you will understand how It Doesn't Always Show On The Outside.

Through The Crystal
ISBN: 143032855X 2009

Bob couldn't wait to move his family to the safety of his boyhood home only to find that it is not as peaceful as he remembered. Young John, who loves the farm, is thrilled about the move while Jenny is not sure about it. The turn of a radio dial changes her life by finding a Christian rock station and attending a Christian music festival, Jenny makes new friends at her new school but the jealousy of one girl marks Jenny for disaster. Her new found faith, prayer and good friend help her and the family through a difficult time. While preparing for Thanksgiving, Jenny finds an old family secret that brings back painful memories. It is a family mystery that opens old wounds with huge surprises for more than just the Madison family. Follow along through the tears and pain of the past. Feel how the unwavering love and respect of a grandson is strong enough to teach his grandfather that forgiveness is the way of the Lord. See how it unfolds for a beautiful Christmas as Grammy looks through the crystal.

The Secret of Mill Creek Raceway
ISBN: 0557180864 2009

Adam had 2 dreams. One was to win the Imca championship. The other was of a woman that haunted him. He was doing great on the Imca circuit in the Midwest winning races at Burlington, Quincy, and the Quad Cities. One night after working on his car, he saw a woman on turn four of the track at Mill Creek. Was she real or just another dream? Adam couldn't make her out very well so he walked toward her. She had long blond hair that was blowing behind her. "Adam," Vic yelled from the garage. "Adam, you out here?" Adam turned around when Vic called. He turned back to take another look at the woman but she was gone. "Maybe I'm just tired," Adam said as he started back to Vic. "I'm here." He called out to the boy. They told him she was a warning and he shouldn't race there. He didn't believe in ghosts. Find out if Adam wins the Imca championship or if he finds his true love in the beautiful blond. Or if the secret of Mill Creek Raceway will stand in his way.

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