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General Information

Name:  Inglis Fletcher  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1879 in Alton, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Inglis was born and raised in Alton, leaving Illinois after her marriage.

Biographical and Professional Information

Inglis spent the first half of her adult life with her mining engineer husband in northern California, Washington State and Alaska, once moving twenty-one times in five years. She had already published two successful novels by 1934, when a search for information about her Tyrell County ancestors piqued her interest in North Carolina's early years. She spent the next six years researching, writing, and editing Raleigh's Eden, an historical novel about Albemarle plantation families from 1765 to 1782. Between its publication in 1942 and 1964, she produced an additional eleven novels which eventually became known as the Carolina Series, covering two hundred years of North Carolina history from 1585 to 1789. Her established working pattern was to spend one year researching and one year writing each volume.

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