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General Information

Name:  Bergen Evans  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1904 in Franklin, Ohio

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Illinois Connection

Evans joined the faculty of Northwestern University as in the department of English in 1932 and taught there until 1974.

Biographical and Professional Information

In addition to his career as an English scholar, Evans was an author and was involved with many television and radio programs. Although he did not appear on the program, beginning in 1955 Evans prepared questions used on the television game show “The $64,000 Question.” In 1959 the producers of the show were accused of coaching contestants, including giving them the questions in advance. Illinois State Representative Peter F. Mack, Jr. accused Evans of having been a part of the scandal and called for his resignation from Northwestern. Evans emerged from the scandal unscathed, having received the full support of his students and Northwestern president

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Titles At Your Library

The psychiatry of Robert Burton,

Columbia University Press. 1944

Dictionary of Mythology: A Fascinating Guide to Gods, Demigods, Quests, and Legends
ISBN: 0440208483

Dell. 1991

From the ancient past come the myths that color our present. Like the symbols that haunt our dreams and guide our inner journeys, the myths of the Western world touch something deep within us, awakening old nightmares and new yearnings. Some of the gods, tales, and mythic creatures in Bergen Evan's Dictionary Of Mythology are as familiar as the disturbing tale of Oedipus. Others may seem strange, wonderful, or chillingly macabre: Lycaon, the murderer, who is transformed into a wolf by an angry god Cronus (Time) who devours his won children Pan, the god of the animal in man, who fills us with overmastering fears that sweep courage and prudence aside the hero Sigurd, who seeks a magic ring and finds a maiden. . .in a ring of fire. These tantalizing stories and dozens more make this book a perfect addition to any library, as delightful for browsing as it is essential for reference.

The Dictionary of Quotations
ISBN: 0517268094

Random House Value Publishing. 1993

An extensive compilation of quotations primarily from Western literature arranged under general topic headings with topical, and author indexes