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Name:  Steve Tomasula  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Steve earned both his MA and PhD. from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He resides in Chicago. His books ''VAS: An Opera in Flatland'' and ''In and Oz'' are set in Chicago and ''The Book of Portraiture'' is partially set in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Steve is an Associate Professor of English with a specialty in Creative Writing and, 20th & 21st Century Literature, at the University of Notre Dame. He was also the Coal Royalty Chair in Creative Writing at The University of Alabama in the spring of 2005 and named a Howard Fellow. May 13-27, 2013, Tomasula will be a Visiting Professor at the Université Paris 13 in Paris, France.


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Selected Titles At Your Library

In & Oz /
ISBN: 1892389630. OCLC Number: 53922556

. .

"In & Oz is a novel of art, love, auto mechanics, and two places: the actualities of the here and now and the desire for somewhere better. Five men and women - an auto designer, photographer, musical composer, poet/sculptor and mechanic - find themselves drawn together when they begin to suspect that the thing lacking in their lives might be discovered in the other place. Against the tension between idiosyncratic art and mass-marketed taste, each works to bridge the gulf between In & Oz by using the medium of their trades: light and darkness; sound and silence-- That is, In & Oz is a story as old as the Tower of Babel and as new as global markets: the story of people trying to reach beyond the limits of language and remake the world. Or at least themselves"--Dust jacket.

In & Oz :
ISBN: 9780226807447. OCLC Number: 781764358

The University of Chicago Press,. .

Steve Tomasula is a novelist like no other; his experiments in narrative and design have won him a loyal following. Exemplifying Tomasula's style, IN & OZ is a heady, avant-garde book, rooted in convincing characters even as it simultaneously subverts the genre of novel and moves it forward. IN & OZ is a novel of art, love, and auto mechanics. The story follows five different characters-an auto designer, photographer, musical composer, poet/sculptor, and mechanic-who live in two very different places: IN, a back-alley here and now; and OZ, which reflects the desire for somewhere better. The me.

The book of portraiture /
ISBN: 1573661287. OCLC Number: 62324988

FC2,. .

ISBN: 9781573661522. OCLC Number: 327637660

FC2,. .

A multimedia epic about time--the invention of the second, the beating of a heart, the story of humans connecting through time to each other and to the world. An evocative fairy tale with a steampunk heart, TOC is a breath-taking visual novel, an assemblage of text, film, music, photography, the spoken word, animation, and painting. It is the story of a man who digs a hole so deep he can hear the past, a woman who climbs a ladder so high she can see the future, as well as others trapped in the clockless, timeless time of a surgery waiting room: God's time. Theirs is an imagined history of people who are fixed in the past, those who have no word for the future, and those who live out their days oblivious to both. A new media hybrid, TOC re-imagines what the book is and can be--Publisher website.

ISBN: 0226807401. OCLC Number: 54843571

The University of Chicago Press,. .

Printed in the colors of flesh and blood, VAS: An Opera in Flatland--a hybrid image-text novel--demonstrates how differing ways of imagining the body generate diverse stories of history, gender, politics, and, ultimately, the literature of who we are. A constantly surprising, VAS combines a variety of voices, from journalism and libretto to poem and comic book. Often these voices meet in counterpoint, and the meaning of the narrative emerges from their juxtapositions, harmonies, or discords. Utilizing a wide and historical sweep of representations of the body--from pedigree charts to genetic sequences--VAS is, finally, the story of finding one's identity within the double helix of language and lineage.