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General Information

Name:  Bruce Cutler  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Poetry

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1930 in Evanston, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Cutler was born in Evanston, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Cutler was an educator and poet. In addition to penning nearly a dozen volumes of prose, taught English and humanities at Wichita State University. He was responsible for developing the creative writing program there during the late 1960's and in 1978 was named Adele M. Davis Distinguishe Professor of Humanities.

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Titles At Your Library

Year of the Green Wave, The

University of Nebraska. 1960

A west wind rises: Massacre at Marais des Cygnes
ISBN: 0939391260

Washburn University Center for Kansas Studies. 1999

A voyage to America,: And other poems

University of Nebraska Press. 1967

At Keats' grave: The making of a poem (Wichita State University. University studies)

Wichita State University. 1967

The Massacre at Sand Creek: Narrative Voices (American Indian Literature and Critical Studies Series)
ISBN: 0806129905

University of Oklahoma Press. 1997

In the dawn of November 29, 1864, a Colorado militia unit attacked a peaceful encampment of Cheyennes by Sand Creek in southeast Colorado Territory and murdered almost two hundred men, women, and children. In The Massacre at Sand Creek, Bruce Cutler retells, in a powerful narrative, the events surrounding this atrocity. We hear the voices of the white participants, such as Colonel John Chivington, who planned and led the surprise attack, and Captain Silas Soule, the only officer who refused to attack. We are also given the voices of the Cheyennes - voices that historical documents do not record - with particular focus on Black Kettle, the chief who trusted the promise of protection he had received from white officers and who waved the white flag of peace even as the attacking army approached.

Seeing the Darkness: Naples, 1943-1945
ISBN: 1886157162

Bkmk Pr/Umkc. 1998

Naples, Italy, was the first major European city to be liberated during the Second World War, on October 1, 1943. The Allies had mounted a massive invasion at Salerno and Paestum three weeks before, but strong German resistance made the landing difficult, and winning the way from the beachhead into Naples was costly and uncertain. Only after heavy bombing and bitter fighting climaxed by a four-day insurrection mounted by the people of Naples themselves did the city fall.

Seeing the Darkness is about that liberation. There is no pretense at completeness. Rather, it is an anatomy of images. There is no single voice, but voices. There is no single style. But over all, there is the compelling and paradoxical spirit of Naples itself, the old city whose people are full of both tremendous life and hopelessness.

At War With Mexico: A Fictional Mosaic (Literature of the American West, V. 6)
ISBN: 0806132647

Univ of Oklahoma Pr. 2001

Book by Cutler, Bruce


  • The Year of the Green Wave, ''First Book Poetry Award in 1960 from the University of Nebraska''