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General Information

Name:  Bill Granger  

Pen Name: Joe Gash or Bill Griffith


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1941 in Chicago, Illinois

Died: April 22, 2012 in Manteno, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Granger lived most of his life in Chicago in the city's Southside and attended St. Ambrose Catholic School until 1955.

Biographical and Professional Information

Granger was an American novelis from Chicago specializing in political thrillers. He worked at the Chicago Tribune and other Illinois newspapers.

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Titles At Your Library

The Shattered Eye
ISBN: 0671477560

Pocket. 1984

Nonsensical data spewed out by an American intelligence computer prompts Section R to send the November Man to France, where he uncovers a terrorist organization that has tampered with the United States intelligence network

British Cross
ISBN: 0671523619

Pocket. 1984

Deveraux, the November Man, dares to expose the most shocking triple-cross of World War II in order to free a Gulag prisoner thought dead for thirty-eight years

Zurich Numbers
ISBN: 0517554461

Random House Value Publishing. 1984

The November Man searches for a mysterious man called Felix Krueger, head of an international conspiracy to buy and sell human slaves

Hemingway's Notebook
ISBN: 0446302848

Warner Books. 1986

The November Man journeys to the politically explosive Caribbean island of St. Michel and discovers an American agent who claims to possess Hemingway's journal of his Cuban sojourn during the Bay of Pigs, a notebook alleging CIA and Mafia involvement in the region

There Are No Spies
ISBN: 0446347051

Warner Books. 1987

Devereaux, the November man, is promoted by the operations chief of R section to an investigation that frightens and activates a KGB sleeper agent within R section itself

The Infant of Prague
ISBN: 0446347809

Warner Books. 1988

The simple task of escorting prominent Czech defector Emil Mikita to Paris is complicated when Deveraux's arch-rival, Colonel Ready, intercepts the defector and leaves the November Man on death's doorstep

Henry McGee Is Not Dead
ISBN: 0446356212

Grand Central Pub. 1989

Henry McGee Is Not Dead [mass_market] Granger, Bill [Nov 01, 1989] ...

The Man Who Heard Too Much
ISBN: 0446360864

Grand Central Publishing. 1990

Master-spy Devereaux, the November Man, finds himself working for--and against--both the CIA and KGB as he races against time to recover the tape of a secret high-level Soviet-American diplomatic conference

League of Terror
ISBN: 0446361267

Warner Books. 1991

When an assassination attempt goes awry, leaving Deveraux's love, Rita Macklin, wounded, Deveraux--the November Man--sets out to stalk the rogue Soviet agent, Henry McGee, responsible for the hit


Edger Allan Poe Award, 1981, for Public Murders