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Name:  Allen Guttmann  

Pen Name: None

Genre: History

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1932 Chicago

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Biographical and Professional Information

Allen Guttman is a Professor of English and American Studies at Amhurst College.

Published Works

  • Jewish Writer in America: Assimilation and the Crisis of Identity, Oxford University Press, 1978 (Updated Version 2002)
  • From Ritual to Record: The Nature of Modern Sport, Columbia University Press, 1978
  • Sports Spectators, Columbia University Press, 1986
  • A Whole New Ball Game: An Intrepretation of American Sports, University of North Carolina Press, 1988
  • Women's Sports: A History, Columbia University Press, 1991
  • The Olympics: A History of the Modern Games, University of Illinois Press, 1992
  • Games and Empires: Modern Sports and Cultural Imperialism, Columbia University Press, 1994
  • Sports: The First Five Millennia, University of Massachusetts Press, 2007

Selected Titles At Your Library

The Jewish writer in America;
ISBN: 0195014472. OCLC Number:

Oxford University Press,. New York,. 1971.

Bibliography: p. 244-246.

From ritual to record :
ISBN: 0231133413. OCLC Number:

. .

Examines the relationship between sports and society, including the degree to which modern sport expresses the characteristics of modern society, such as secularism, equality, specialization, rationalization, and bureaucracy.

Sport spectators /
ISBN: 0231064012. OCLC Number:

Columbia University Press,. New York :. 1986.

In his previous books Allen Guttmann has provided incisive perspectives on Avery Brundage's role in the Olympic movement and on the nature of modern sports. Now, in his latest book, the accomplished historian of sport turns his attention from the playing field to the grandstand. Sports Spectators, the first historical study of the subject from antiquity to today, is at once erudite and entertaining; comprehensive and succint. Guttmann first examines the history of sports spectators, starting with Ancient Greece and Rome. He then moves on to the Renaissance and traces three early sp.

A whole new ball game :
ISBN: 0807842206. OCLC Number:

University of North Carolina Press,. Chapel Hill :. ©1988.

Women's sports :
ISBN: 023106957x. OCLC Number:

Columbia University Press,. New York :. ©1991.

The subject is rife with social and cultural implications which Guttmann explores as he traces the development of women's sports from antiquity to the present, including the evolution and the revolution in the 20th century and contemporary controversies.

The Olympics, a history of the modern games /
ISBN: 0252070461. OCLC Number:

University of Illinois Press,. Urbana :. ©2002.

Traces the history of the modern Olympics from 1896 to 2000, contrasting the ideal of the game with the often politicized reality.

The erotic in sports /
ISBN: 0231105568. OCLC Number:

Columbia University Press,. New York :. ©1996.

In The Erotic in Sports, Allen Guttmann illuminates a topic commonly hidden in the shadows, drawing upon literature, art, modern mass media, and traditional historical sources to describe and comment upon its importance across nearly three millennia of Western history. Investigating aesthetic ideals that romanticize the lithe, agile fencer at one historical moment and the massively muscled football player at another, surveying ancient legends and products of pop culture, Guttmann's groundbreaking work uncovers a vast array of evidence that cultures across the ages have celebrated, glorified, censured, and denied the erotic aspects of sports.

Sports :
ISBN: 1558496106. OCLC Number:

University of Massachusetts Press,. Amherst, Mass. :. ©2004.

From ancient Egyptian archery and medieval Japanese football to contemporary American baseball, sports have been shaped by - and in turn have helped shape - the culture of which it is part. This work traces this evolution across continents, cultures, and historical epochs to construct a single comprehensive narrative of the world's sports.

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