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Name:  Jim Graczyk  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction Other

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1969

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Illinois Connection

Jim was born and raised in Chicago and currently lives in a Southwest Suburb of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Graczyk is an American researcher and author on the subject of ghosts. He is the Research Assistant for the Ghost Research Society. He is an American non-fiction writer for a series of books in the Haunted Field Guide Series. He is a member of the Society of Midland Authors.In addition to writing books in the Haunted Field Guide Series, Graczyk has written numerous articles for Ghost of the Prairie Magazine, Ghost Trackers Newsletter and The Journal. He has also appeared in a number of television shows and documentaries about ghosts. including Real Ghosthunters on the Discovery Channel.

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Titles At Your Library

Field Guide to Illinois Hauntings (Haunted Field Guide Series, Book 3)
ISBN: 1892523264

Whitechapel Productions. 2002

Field Guide to Chicago Hauntings
ISBN: 0976607220

Ghost Research Society. 2006

Author Jim Graczyk takes the reader on a tour of the haunted Windy City, Chicago in this condensed book on ghost stories. The book is the first in the Field Guide series and is meant to be taken into the field and used as reference to find the locations, hear the stories surrounding them and be directed right to the spot with concise directions.

Field Guide to the Land of Lincoln
ISBN: 0976607247

Ghost Research Society. 2006

From its haunted houses to its abandoned graveyards, there is no state in the Midwest as spirit-infested as Illinois! From the back roads to the big cities, there are more ghosts, haunted places and downright weird spots in Illinois than most have ever considered. For this reason, no ghost hunter who plans to track down the supernatural in the state should be without this new field guide! Join real-life ghost researchers Jim Gracyzk and Donna Boonstra as they present an essential guide to the ghosts of Illinois. Filed with the history of the sites, directions to the location and resources for finding great information, the book is a must have for those looking for the darker side of the region!

Field Guide to Mysterious Waters
ISBN: 0976607263

Ghost Research Society. 2006

From the moonlit beaches to the foggy seas, there is no coastal water as haunted as the United States! From the lonely lighthouse battered along the shore, there are ghostly sightings of keepers and spooky lights that refuse to stay extinguished. For this reason, no person with an interest in lighthouses or old ships should be without the new book in the field guide series! Join real-life ghost researcher Jim Graczyk as he presents to you a new guide to mysterious water. This is the new research guide for investigating haunted lighthouses, ghostly shores and phantom ships. Filled with history, pictures, and directions to the locations, this is the book for those who desire to look into the darkness of the night!

Field Guide to America's Most Haunted (Haunted Field Guide Series)
ISBN: 0979711509

Ghost Research Society. 2007

This book is a compilation of numerous locations throughout the United States that we as researchers, consider the most haunted. The locations are listed in alphabetical order by location name to make it easier for the reader to find a particular area. The locations in this book have been selected as America's Most Haunted because of the paranormal activity that has been encountered in those areas

Chicago Hauntings for Teens
ISBN: 0979711525

Ghost Research Society. 2008

The new series of books, Hauntings For Teens Series, has its first edition which tells many of the famous Chicago ghost stories and helps the reader truly understand the paranormal activity. The book is written for the "tween age and up" group so this gives them a chance to understand and learn history while giving them a taste of the known paranormal activity.

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