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General Information

Name:  Kenan Heise  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1933 in Ferndale, Michigan

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Illinois Connection

Kenan Heise lived in Evanston, Illinois

Biographical and Professional Information

Kenan Heise is an award winning journalist, poet, and historian. He was a staff writer and reporter for the Chicago Tribune for thirty-four years. He was also proprietor of ''Chicago Historical Bookworks'' in Evanston from 1985 until he closed the store in 2002.

Published Works

  • They Speak For Themselves: Interviews With the Destitute of Chicago, Young Christian Workers, 1965
  • The Death of Christmas, Follett, 1971
  • Is There Only One Chicago, Westover, 1973
  • How to Survive in Chicago and Enjoy It, Crown, 1975
  • Journey of Silas P. Bigelow, College, 1981
  • Chicago, Center for Enterprise An Illustrated History, Windsor, 1982
  • Aunt Ella Stories, Academy Chicago Pub., 1985
  • Hands On Chicago, Bonus Books, 1987
  • Chaos, Creativity and Culture, A Sampling of Chicago in the 20th Century, Gibbs, Smith, 1988
  • The Chicagoization of American: 1893-1917, Chicago Historical BookWorks, 1989
  • Alphonse: A One Man Play Based on the Words of Al Capone, Chicago Historical BookWorks, 1989
  • Chicago Originals A Cast of The City`s Colorful Characters, Bonus Books, 1990
  • Resurrection Mary: A Ghost Story, Chicago Historical BookWorks, 1990
  • Renumbering of Chicago Residences, 1909: A Guide, Chicago Historical BookWorks, 1992
  • Clarence Darrow in Hell: A Play in Two Acts, Chicago Historical BookWorks, 1993
  • The Sandburg Shelf: A Bibliography and Annotated Price Guide to the Works of Carl Sandburg, Chicago Historical BookWorks, 1993
  • Tales from an Urban Wilderness, Chicago Historical BookWorks, 1994
  • Our Dinosaurs Are Dying: New American Poetry, Chicago Historical BookWorks, 1994
  • Chicago The Beautiful A City Reborn, Bonus Books, 2001
  • The Witch of Ferndale: And More Aunt Ella Stories, AuthorHouse, 2002
  • The Sin of Obedience, AuthorHouse, 2004
  • Challenging the Daley Machine: A Chicago Alderman's Memoir (Chicago Lives), AuthorHouse, 2004
  • Chicago Afternoons with Leon, AuthorHouse, 2007''

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Dan Heise is an ETHS alumnus, class of 1986.

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"In Mayor Richard J. Daley's fifty-member Chicago City Council, Alderman Leon M. Despres frequently faced defeats of forty-nine to one. Council meetings were manipulated by Robert's Rules of Order so that Despres was not allowed to speak or was continually interrupted. And when he did get a chance to talk, his microphone would often be turned off. Yet he fought on relentlessly, eventually winning on one major issue after another."

Chicago afternoons with Leon :
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