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Name:  Dyanne Davis  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Dyanne Davis lives in a Chicago suburb with her husband and son.

Biographical and Professional Information

Before Dyanne became a writer she had worked for many years as a nurse.In addition to her writing Dyanne has been a presenter of numerous workshops. She has presented several workshops for teens at Chicago and Suburban high schools.

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Titles At Your Library

Wedding Gown (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories)
ISBN: 1585711209

Genesis Press. 2004

New book

Misty Blue (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories)
ISBN: 1585711861

Genesis Press. 2006

Mia Black got what she wanted. All her life she's been saving herself for a handsome husband, and now she's about to get one. He's so hot, she only has to look at him and she melts. Mia can hardly wait to love.Damien Terrell doesn't like to brag, but he's proud of his prowess. He can't wait to make love to his beautiful bride.With both of them ready, willing, and able, what could possibly turn their marriage bed cold?

Two Sides To Every Story (Love Spectrum Romance)
ISBN: 1585712485

Genesis Press. 2007

Book by Davis, Dyanne

Many Shades of Gray (Indigo)
ISBN: 158571254X

Genesis Press. 2007

As romance blossoms between white publisher Simon Kohl and hot black author Janice Lace, they find their happiness threatened by Janice's ex-lover, past indiscretions, secrets, and deceptions. Original.

Another Man's Baby
ISBN: 1600430260

Parker Publishing, Noire Passion. 2007

War is hell. No one knows that better than Lt. Eric Jackson. The one thing Eric wants is to return home to his wife and start the family they'd planned. Only memories won't allow him to accept his happiness. Gabrielle wants two thing: Eric her husband, and his baby. When he returns home from Iraq he's a changed man. But she's determined to give him room to return to the man she loves. When the doctor gives Eric the test results saying he's sterile, he's heartbroken for Gabi. A baby is the one thing he promised to give her. When Gabrielle tells him she's pregnant, Eric doubts the baby is his. As Eric struggles with his nightmares and Gabi struggles to hold onto their marriage, their faith is tested as they attempt to rebuild their future.

The Lotus Blossom Chronicles II
ISBN: 1600430457

Parker Publishing Llc. 2008

For almost a year, Heaven pleaded with her best friend, Tanya Reed, to visit her and her husband, Hamid, in Pakistan. Not even the arrival of the couple's new baby could force Tanya to prepare for the journey halfway across the globe. When Heaven mentions Hamid's available rich brothers, the idea of hooking up with a man and money prompts Tanya to get her butt in gear. Of course, there's a hitch that develops after Tanya arrives: none of Hamid's brothers can stand the loudmouthed, gold-digging party girl. And if truth be told, Tanya shares the same sentiment of the brothers. They might be rich and handsome, but she doesn't want them. Not any of them—especially not Imran Ahmad. In Dirty Little Secrets by J. M. Jeffries, Elle Walker is a desperate woman—desperate enough to hire herself a rent-a-stud. Forced to go home to Florida for her parent's recommitment ceremony, she knows they will try to find her a respectable young Republican man that is tailor-made to fit into her parent's conservative world. So she turns the table on them by bringing Merrick Lee, a bearded, grease-under-his-fingernails mechanic. Merrick Lee has returned home after four years in Iraq. He is a man of hidden talents. Ivy Leaguer, ex-Delta Force Commando, he's just passing time until he returns to veterinarian school when he meets the fascinating, frustrating, sexy Elle Walker, and she makes him an offer he can't refuse. He'll be her pretend boy toy for the next two weeks, but only on his terms. And his terms include wooing and bedding Ms. Elle Walker.

The Critic
ISBN: 1600430325

Parker Publishing Llc. 2008

Anyone can write a book. . . At least that's what literary critic and talk show host Jared Stone thinks. After all, how hard can it be to pen a romance novel? The women who churn those books are a bunch of empty headed, bored women, and the women that read that trash are even worse. It takes no skill to either write or read the dribble. To prove his point, he's willing to walk the walk by joining a local romance writer's chapter and cranking out a silly little novel. It should be easy once he penetrates the group and uncovers the formula for writing. He's sure he can finish in a single week, no more than two. But that's only the beginning. . .\nToreas Rose has spent years crafting her novel, sweating through revisions and weathering rejections with the best of them. When Jared challenges her by promising he can finish a novel in a couple of weeks, she graciously steps aside, ready to watch the fun as he flounders through his personal learning curve at breakneck speed. And everything has a twist. . . When Jared and Toreas match wits in a contest of the literary critic vs. the romance writer, no holds are barred. As challenges, insults, and sparks fly between them things start to heat up. And quicker than you can crack the cover on a new book, the confrontation gets personal- so personal that they're creating a steamy subplot all their own. But will their ending be a literary tale of woe or a classic happily-ever-after?

Color Of Trouble (Indigo Love Spectrum)
ISBN: 1585712949

Genesis Press. 2009

Kari Anderson, buckling under the pressure of society, breaks up with Jonathan because he is white, but regrets her decision when he unexpectedly comes back into her life. Original.

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