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General Information

Name:  Sharon Lindsay  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction Other

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1937 in Lovington, Moultrie County, IL

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Illinois Connection

I was born and raised in Lovington, IL, studied at the University of Illinois for four years. I worked in community and long term care programs for the elderly in Illinois for more than thirty years and continue to live in Lovington, IL.

Biographical and Professional Information

I studied occupational therapy and therapeutic recreation at the University of Illinois 1955 to 1959; Gerontology at Eastern Illinois University in 1973 and Activity Coordination at Youngstown State University in 1990. I worked in community and long term care programs for the elderly for thirty years and retired to care for my mother in Lovington, IL. I am a free lance writer of books about methods of providing cognitive stimulation for the elderly and the importance of doing so. Six of my books have been published by Gary Grimm and Associates and I write regular articles for A NEW DAY magazine for activity professionals.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes) I have a presentation targeting nursing home activity personnel and others who work with the elderly to explain and emphasize the importance of providing cognitive stimulation for the elderly. I can be contacted via e-mail or by phone. My fee will be to cover travel expenses and I am available in mid-Illinois.

Selected Titles At Your Library

12 months of trivia
ISBN: 1564901904. OCLC Number: 66899805

Gary Grimm & Associates,. .

Sixty trivia quizzes in large print designed to exercise pathways to long-term memory. For use with individuals or groups. Answers provided at the end of each quiz.

20 minute trivia :
ISBN: 1564903109. OCLC Number: 444510476

Gary Grimm & Assoc.,. .

52 weeks of trivia
ISBN: 9781564901897. OCLC Number: 810330679

Gary Grimm & Associates,. .

Activity circle
ISBN: 9781564901910. OCLC Number: 182861884

Gary Grimm & Associates,. .

This book presents over 30 small-group activities for use in nursing homes. Intended benefits for seniors include cognitive stimulation, reality orientation, environmental awareness, social interaction, communication skill practice, sensory stimulation, and physical exercise.

Do you know? :
ISBN: 9781564903112. OCLC Number: 457779211

Gary Grimm & Associates,. .

Four seasons of trivia /
ISBN: 1564903028. OCLC Number: 182859253

Gary Grimm & Associates,. .

Sixty themed trivia quizzes in large print, some with follow-up activities, designed to encourage thought about and retrieval of information stored in the long-term memory and to stimulate discussion and/or transition into other activities. Can be used by individuals or with groups. Answers provided at the end of each quiz.

Triviali-tease! :
ISBN: 9781564903075. OCLC Number: 276305479

Gary Grimm & Associates,. .