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Name:  Leon Fink  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Leon Fink is Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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In Search of the Working Class: Essays in American Labor History and Political Culture (Working Class in American History)
ISBN: 0252020774

University of Illinois Press. 1994

The Maya of Morganton: Work and Community in the Nuevo New South
ISBN: 0807854476

The University of North Carolina Press. 2003

The arrival of several hundred Guatemalan-born workers in a Morganton, North Carolina, poultry plant sets the stage for this dramatic story of human struggle in an age of globalization. When laborers' concerns about safety and fairness spark a strike and, ultimately, a unionizing campaign at Case Farms, the resulting decade-long standoff pits a recalcitrant New South employer against an unlikely coalition of antagonists. Mayan refugees from war-torn Guatemala, Mexican workers, and a diverse group of local allies join forces with the Laborers union. The ensuing clash becomes a testing ground for "new labor" workplace and legal strategies. In the process, the nation's fastest-growing immigrant region encounters a new struggle for social justice.

Using scores of interviews, Leon Fink gives voice to a remarkably resilient people. He shows that, paradoxically, what sustains these global travelers are the ties of local community. Whether one is finding a job, going to church, joining a soccer team, or building a union, kin and linguistic connections to the place of one's birth prove crucial in negotiating today's global marketplace.

A story set at the intersection of globalization and community, two words not often linked, The Maya of Morganton addresses fundamental questions about the changing face of labor in the United States.

Progressive Intellectuals and the Dilemmas of Democratic Commitment
ISBN: 0674661605

Harvard University Press. 1998

How to lead the people and be one of them? What's a democratic intellectual to do? This longstanding dilemma for the progressive intellectual, how to bridge the world of educated opinion and that of the working masses, is the focus of Leon Fink's penetrating book, the first social history of the progressive thinker caught in the middle of American political culture.

In a series of vivid portraits, Fink investigates the means and methods of intellectual activists in the first part of the twentieth century--how they served, observed, and made their own history. In the stories of, among others, John R. Commons, Charles McCarthy, William English Walling, Anna Strunsky Walling, A. Philip Randolph, W. Jett Lauck, and Wil Lou Gray, he creates a panorama of reform of unusual power. Issues as broad as the cult of leadership and as specific as the Wisconsin school of labor history lead us into the heart of the dilemma of the progressive intellectual in our age.

The problem, as Fink describes it, is twofold: Could people prevail in a land of burgeoning capitalism and concentrated power? And should the people prevail? This book shows us Socialists and Progressives and, later, New Dealers grappling with these questions as they tried to redress the new inequities of their day--and as they confronted the immense frustrations of moving the masses. Fink's graphic depiction of intellectuals' labors in the face of capitalist democracy's challenges dramatizes a time in our past--and at the same time speaks eloquently to our own.

Working-men's Democracy: Knights of Labor and American Politics (The Working class in American history)
ISBN: 0252009991

University of Illinois Press. 1983

Upheaval in the Quiet Zone: A History of Hospital Workers' Union, Local 1199 (Working Class in American History)
ISBN: 0252015452

University of Illinois Press. 1989

Intellectuals and Public Life: Between Radicalism and Reform
ISBN: 0801427940

Cornell Univ Pr. 1996

Book by

Major Problems in the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era: Documents and Essays (Major Problems in American History Series)
ISBN: 0618042555

Wadsworth Publishing. 2000

This text presents a carefully selected group of readings, on topics such as American capitalism and the Great War, that allow students to evaluate primary sources, test the interpretations of distinguished historians, and draw their own conclusions.

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