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Name:  Henry H Perritt Jr.  

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Henry H. Perritt, Jr., is a professor of law at Chicago-Kent College of Law. He served as Chicago-Kent's dean from 1997 to 2002 and was the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the Tenth District of Illinois in 2002. Throughout his academic career, Professor Perritt has made it possible for groups of law and engineering students to work together to build a rule of law, promote the free press, assist in economic development, and provide refugee aid through "Project Bosnia," "Operation Kosovo" and "Destination Democracy."

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Kosovo Liberation Army: The Inside Story of an Insurgency
ISBN: 0252033426

University of Illinois Press. 2008

The military intervention by NATO in Kosovo was portrayed in American media as a necessary step to prevent the Serbian armed forces from repeating the ethnic cleansing that had so deeply damaged the former Yugoslavia. Serbia trained its military on Kosovo because of an ongoing armed struggle by ethnic Albanians to wrest independence from Serbia. Warfare in the Balkans seemed to threaten the stability of Europe, as well as the peace and security of Kosovars, and yet armed resistance seemed to offer the only possibility of future stability. Leading the struggle against Serbia was the Kosovo Liberation Army, also known as the KLA.

Kosovo Liberation Army: The Inside Story of an Insurgency provides a historical background for the KLA and describes its activities up to and including the NATO intervention. Henry H. Perritt Jr. offers firsthand insight into the motives and organization of a popular insurgency, detailing the strategies of recruitment, training, and financing that made the KLA one of the most successful insurgencies of the post-cold war era. This volume also tells the personal stories of young people who took up guns in response to repeated humiliation by "foreign occupiers," as they perceived the Serb police and intelligence personnel. Perritt illuminates the factors that led to the KLA's success, including its convergence with political developments in eastern Europe, its campaign for popular support both at home and abroad, and its participation in international negotiations and a peace settlement that helped pave the long road from war to peace.

The Road to Independence for Kosovo: A Chronicle of the Ahtisaari Plan
ISBN: 0521116244

Cambridge University Press. 2009

This book tells the story of Kosovo's independence, from the periodic bloodshed of the twentieth century to the diplomacy that led to a determination of Kosovo's final status as a state in 2008. Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in February 2008, over the objection of Serbia and Russia. This culminated more than a hundred years of sometimes violent resistance to what the majority Albanian population considered to be "occupation" by foreign forces - first those of the Ottoman Empire, then those of Serbia, and finally by the United Nations. Kosovo's independence was the product of careful diplomacy, orchestrated by the United States and leading members of the European Union, under a framework brokered by former Finnish president Martti Ahtisaari, who subsequently won the Nobel Prize for Peace.

ISBN: 073553148X

Aspen Publishers. 2002

The Americans With Disabilities Act Handbook provides comprehensive coverage of the ADA's employment, commercial facilities, and public accommodations provisions as well as coverage of the transportation, communication, and federal, local, and state government requirements.

In one comprehensive two-volume set, you'll get a complete analysis of the Act and all the forms and case law you'll need to prepare your case. Recognized ADA authority Henry H. Perritt, Jr., clearly defines statutory and regulatory requirements for public and private employers, commercial facilities and places of public accommodation.

There's a complete analysis of the rapidly expanding case law - organized by frequently litigated topics, like wheelchair access and AIDS discrimination. In-depth analysis is provided for the numerous federal and state cases and significant regulatory activity by the EEOC cropping up each year.

You'll also get thorough analysis of how the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 relates to ADA. The statutory definition of disability and the concept of being "otherwise qualified" for a job are also discussed in-depth. And you'll see exactly what employers, business owners, and providers of governmental services must do to make "reasonable accommodation."

Plus, a comprehensive section that organizes case law by type of physical and mental impairment and accommodation by type of job requirement, making analysis easier.

Americans With Disabilities Act Handbook has been updated to include:

  • Analysis of case law on the retroactive effect of 2008 amendments to the Act
  • Case law on interaction of ADA and First Amendment
  • Discussion of what qualifies as a major life activity
  • Case law on accommodation for amputees
  • Case law on reasonable accommodation interactive process
  • Analysis of case law on adverse employment action based on conduct as contrasted with adverse employment action based on disability
  • New developments on scope of place of public accommodation
  • Case law on individual liability under Title II and the Rehabilitation Act
  • Inclusion of a new section on primary jurisdiction
  • Analysis of developments in the arbitrability of ADA claims
  • Case law on federal "catchall" statute of limitations
  • Analysis of expert testimony requirement
  • Case law on permissible role of judge deciding summary judgment motion
  • Case law on evidence necessary to support punitive damages
  • Analysis of Social Security disability claims foreclosing ADA claims
  • Case law on developments in contingency multiplier in attorneys fee awards

Trade Secrets: A Practitioner's Guide
ISBN: 0872240738

Practising Law Institute. 1994

In today's high-tech domestic and international marketplace, attorneys and business executives need fast, comprehensive and reliable information to understand the critical issues of trade secret regulation and protection. In this one-volume, up-to-date desk reference, Perritt advises you on the practical steps you need to take to minimize legal risks while maximizing clients' assets, giving you an easy-to-read and clear analysis of the key issues: - Misappropriation - Damages - Injunctive relief - Disclosure and contractual restrictions - Independent development of similar ideas by innocent third parties - Contracts with suppliers and restrictions on redisclosure - Confidential relationships and trade secrets To help implement effective trade secret strategies, you get checklists and useful examples of key documents. The cumulative supplement includes new material on the impact of the Restatement (Third) of Unfair Competition intentional interference with contractual relations legal information, religious materials, and memorized information as trade secrets wrongful disclosure confidentiality agreements FOIA issues Justice Department guidelines on license restrictions forum selection clauses the Economic Espionage Act injunctions sanctions for bad faith claims malicious prosecution international law and more. In clear, direct terms--and with extensive footnoted citations to authorities--this comprehensive guide spells out exactly what a trade secret is, how it should be protected and what to do when its secrecy is compromised.

How to Practice Law with Computers
ISBN: 0872241114

Practising Law Institute. 0

Civil Rights in the Workplace, Third Edition
ISBN: 073551559X

Aspen Publishers. 2000

For plaintiff and defense counsel, Civil Rights in the Workplace provides complete analysis of punitive damages, compensatory damages, jury trials, and changes in providing disparate treatment and disparate impact cases. It shows you how the 1991 Act has changed the way lawyers and their clients approach employment discrimination under Title VII, the Age Discrimination and Employment Act, the Reconstruction Era Civil Rights Act, and the ADA. You get the full text -- with insightful analysis -- of the controversial Supreme Court rulings that led to the creation of the 1991 Act.

Civil Rights in the Workplace provides coverage of legislative and other developments and new case law, including:

  • Analysis of a Supreme Court case allowing retaliation claims under ADEA for federal-sector employees
  • Discussion of a Supreme Court case on retaliation under Section 1981 for aiding another employee
  • Analysis of a Supreme Court case on burdens of proof in an ADEA "reasonable factors other than age" defense
  • An overview of the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, which overturned major Supreme Court cases on statutory disability
  • New case law on exhaustion of EEOC procedures, including obligation of EEOC to conciliate in good faith
  • New case law on standards and evidence to support awards of emotional distress and punitive damages
  • New case law on attorneys' fees
  • New case law on who qualifies as a supervisor in hostile-environment cases
  • New case law on the conduct that triggers FMLA protections

2007 Employment Law Update
ISBN: 073556616X

Aspen Publishers, Inc.. 2007

"2007 Employment Law Update" analyzes recent developments in case law of interest to employment law practitioners representing plaintiffs, defendants, and labor unions and comprehensively covers recent developments in the rapidly changing employment and labor law field. Comprised of nine chapters - each written by an expert in employment law - this edition provides timely, incisive analysis of critical issues. "2007 Employment Law Update" provides, where appropriate, checklists, forms, and guidance on strategic considerations for litigation and other forms of dispute resolution.

Law and the Information Superhighway
ISBN: 0735542724

Aspen Publishers. 2003

Digital Communications Law
ISBN: 0735593213

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. 2010

If your company or your clients have any presence on the Internet, Digital Communications Law (Revised Edition of former Law and the Information Superhighway) is a must-have resource. This complete compendium helps you handle all Internet-related legal issuesand#8212 from questions of liability connected to sales and communications on the Web, to issues of taxation, to problems that you never thought youand#8217 d faceand#8212 until youand#8217 re faced with them!

Digital Communications Law is the single, thorough reference that covers all the various laws that affect sales and communications on the Web, including:

  • Liability for harmful communication
  • Taxation
  • Privacy
  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Patent
  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal prosecution
  • Constitutional considerations
  • Legal issues in international communication and cross-border commerce

As technology advances, Digital Communications Law will keep you current with the laws that arise out of and affect new developments, including disputes and liability connected with:

  • Texting
  • Tweeting
  • Facebook and other social networking sites
  • Net neutrality
  • Dissemination of commercial music and video
  • Advertising
  • Consumer fraud
  • Interoperability and compatibility
  • Accessibility of public information
  • And more!

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