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General Information

Name:  Randolph Robert Harrison  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Children;

Born: 1945 in Oak Park, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Born and raised in Oak Park, Col. Harrison settled in Petersburg, Illinois after retiring from the military.

Biographical and Professional Information

Randolph Harrison spent 34 years fulltime with the Army National Guard. He has commanded Army Guard units at the Platoon, Battery, Battalion and Brigade levels as well as holding high-level staff positions through his military career. He earned Bachelor of Arts degree from Governors State University and also attended in residency the Army's top school for officers the prestigious Army War College in Carlisle Pennsylvania.

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Titles At Your Library

By Dawns Early Light: A Novel of New Millennium Terrorism
ISBN: 0595204538

iUniverse. 2001

A fast paced thriller packed with unspeakable terrorist events directed at the Homeland of the United States. Chemical, Biological and Nuclear warfare are the tools of the attack. The heartland of the country is the target. The new President, Saundra Anthony from Chicago, Illinois, wields a National Strategy of retaliation using a wide array of miltary resources directed at two countries that harbor and assist terrorists. The Novel is packed full of police, emergency management, national security, geo-political and miltary action scenarios. A must read for Weapons of Mass Destruction First Responders, Emergency Management Planners, Political Leaders, Military personnel and citizens!

By The Moons Darkness: A Thriller
ISBN: 0595185762

iUniverse. 2001

A fast paced thriller of terror, intrigue, and multiple murders set in a rural Midwest community with far reaching big city organized crime influence as well as military involvement. A truly diabolical story that will take the reader through a maze of deception, blind ally's and action, as it expands its web. Guaranteed to baffle, thrill and chill the most experienced reader!

The Frog King of Lily Pond World: Children's Short Stories and Poems
ISBN: 0595224806

iUniverse. 2002

Pull the kids or grandkids up on your lap and open this totally entertaining children's book of short stories and poems. They are written for both the young and old. Be thrilled by "My Great Adventure" amazed at "I Can Talk To Animals" touched by the poem "Our African American Princess" find the positive message in "Can't is a Bad Word". Woven into many of the writings are positive-life-lessons that you can use as teaching points or to augment your own message to the young.

Counterfeit Governor: A Political Murder Mystery Novel
ISBN: 0595661998

iUniverse. 2004

The recipe for a Devil's Brew is, greed, intimidation, sexual deviancy, organized crime, gambling, murder and a healthy dose of unchecked political power. This Novel delivers!

Counterfeit Governor begins in the mid 60's when two men, Chris Armstrong and Grant Wade, survive the death and destruction of Vietnam. They both return home, one with a questionable Medal of Honor and a dream, the other with only a dream. They start their parallel political careers, one in Chicago, the other in Springfield. Ultimatley one will be the Governor of Illinois, the other the Speaker of the Illinois House.

At the same time a young Chicago tough guy, BoBo Camberezi is forging his own destiny. BoBo, through intimidation and murder works his way to the top of organized crime in Chicago, then like a chameleon changes direction becoming a successful legitimate Chicago businessman. He takes a new name, Anton Curry, and leverages his way into politics, ultimately brutally intersecting the careers of both Armstrong and Wade.

Grasping the coat tails of both Armstrong and Wade is a woman. Renee Wade is deep into her own struggle to the top. Using her insatiable drive for power and her unusual sex life, she aligns herself first with Grant Wade then ultimatley with Armstrong.

Another woman, the illegitimate mulatto daughter of BoBo, Bijou Birdsong, emerges from the shadows. Bijou becomes her father's ultimate enforcer as he seeks political power. She is handsomely rewarded for her bloody work.

Could events like these really happen? The answer is a resounding yes, and it could happen in any states capitol.

Be prepared to become engrossed in this spider web of a story!

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