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Name:  William Harmening  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: 1959 in Springfield, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Bill Harmening was born in Springfield, Illinois and currently resides in Athens, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

William Harmening is a career government employee in the field of law enforcement. He holds an MA in Psychology from Sangamon State University, and is an adjunct instructor of psychology and criminal justice at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Illinois.

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In The Belly Of A Whale: Tales Of A Reluctant Christian
ISBN: 0963937723

Big Rock Press. 2001

"In The Belly Of A Whale" is William Harmening's humorous dissertation on growing up and searching for spiritual identity in a small Illinois town. His journey leads us through the turbulent sixties and on to the uncertain seventies from a young boy distracted by youthful pleasures, to a teenage Jesus-freak struggling to make sense of the world around him. Truly, anyone who spent their youthful years sitting in the back pew of the church daydreaming of baseball, bicycles and root beer soda, will find refuge in the pages of this "Lake Wobegon" for Christians!

The Misadventures of Salem Jack & Finnigan Reeves: Gold Fever
ISBN: 059537641X

iUniverse, Inc.. 2005

A mysterious map leading to a cache of gold a legendary Indian curse awaiting the unfortunate souls seeking to own the treasure murderous frontiersmen who'll stop at nothing to claim the map for their own and in the middle of it all, Salem Jack and Finnigan Reeves! After Jack discovers the map on the person of a dead man, and learns from his friend, Abe Lincoln, of the rumored existence of a strain of gold the size of a steamboat somewhere in the wilderness north of New Salem, he sets out to convince his best friend, Finnigan Reeves, to journey with him to retrieve the fortune. The story chronicles their ill-fated adventure, as they band together to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to discover the true fortunes life has to offer. It is a story of boys becoming men, and of the pursuit of those grandiose dreams that cause young boys to lay awake at night wishing for the sun to rise! above all else, it is a story of friendship.

Mystery at Corinth: Seeking a Jewish Answer to a Christian Mystery
ISBN: 059540345X

iUniverse, Inc.. 2006

In Mystery at Corinth, William Harmening takes a critical look at the modern charismatic doctrine of tongues against the backdrop of such ancient Jewish writings as the Mishnah and Talmud, and the historical record of the first century Jewish synagogue.

He begins by clearly defining the various doctrines and beliefs that guide the modern Charismatic church on this issue, leads us through the historical development of those doctrines, and finally, utilizing the Rabbinical writings of ancient Judaism, provides a new and enlightening exposition of the few New Testament scriptures that mention tongues.

His thought-provoking analysis demonstrates that the tongues of First Corinthians actually predate the New Testament narrative, and were employed by the Jews in their synagogue service long before Paul wrote his corrective discourse, thus refuting the view of tongues held by the modern Charismatic church. For anyone who has struggled to understand this controversial aspect of modern Christian practice, Mystery at Corinth will serve as an important guide to further research and study.

Forgiving Judas: Manifesto for a New Christianity
ISBN: 0595441629

iUniverse, Inc.. 2007

In this critical assessment of the modern day Church, William Harmening deconstructs many of its longest held beliefs and practices against the backdrop of our contemporary social milieu. He approaches the subject head-on, peeling away the layers of archaic dogma to rediscover the core teachings of Jesus that have been lost through the centuries in the fog of institutionalized religion and ceremonial worship. No area of the modern Church escapes his critique the clergy, the Bible, the structure and practice of the Church, and even our popular conceptions of the Holy Trinity. He ends with a final chapter in which he offers a model for a new kind of Church one that is socially relevant, passionately ecumenical, and empowered by the simple message of love and tolerance found in the story of the Cross. Not since the writings of the radical theologians who came to the forefront during the 1960s has such an honest and thought-provoking critique of the contemporary Church been offered.



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