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General Information

Name:  Jenna Petersen  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Romance

Audience: Adult;

Born: in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

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Illinois Connection

Petersen lives in Bloomington, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Petersen's journey as an author truly began when her husband told her she was only happy when she was writing. He was right, as always. She loves history and happily-ever-afters, so writing historical romance is a perfect fit. When not writing, she enjoys reading, making fun of reality television, and spending time with her cats (who truly believe they are children). She currently lives in the Midwest, where she dodges tornados between chapters.

Published Works

  • Scandalous, Avon, 2005
  • From London with Love, Avon, 2006
  • Desire Never Dies, Avon, 2007
  • Seduction is Forever, Avon, 2007
  • Lessons From a Courtesan , Avon, 2008
  • Her Notorious Viscount , Avon, 2009
  • What the Duke Desires, Avon, 2009
  • Unclaimed Duchess, Avon, 2010

Selected Titles At Your Library

Scandalous /
ISBN: 0060798599. OCLC Number:

Avon Books,. New York, NY :. ©2005.

When her scrupulously blemish-free life is rocked by scandal, Katherine Fleming is forced to accept a marriage proposal from the notorious seducer, Dominic Mallory.

From London with love /
ISBN: 0060798610. OCLC Number:

Avon Books,. New York :. ©2006.

Meredith Sinclair is stunning, witty and resourceful and one of England's best spies. She sparkles at every gala and can conquer any man with a whisper and a smile. Her target: Tristan Archer, Marquis of Carmichael. Known as a proud and powerful member of society, he also once saved Meredith's life. She will trade on her seductive wiles and their prior relationship, if necessary. Her mission: To uncover a treacherous plot and bring a potential traitor to justice. Potential weaknesses: The dashing marquis's bold, intimate caress, his devilish good looks, and his devastating kiss that could bring even the best spy to her knees.

Desire never dies /
ISBN: 0061138088. OCLC Number:

Avon Books,. New York :. 2007.

Cryptographer Lady Anastasia Whittig joins forces with master spy Lucas Tyler to uncover the unknown enemy working to bring down the espionage organization run by Lady M, assigned to use her talent for breaking codes to reveal dangerous, top-secret information, but her tempting partner could prove to be a distraction, in the second volume in a series about three seductive English spies.

Seduction is forever /
ISBN: 0061138096. OCLC Number:

Avon ;. New York :. 2007.

Fiercely independent and intelligent, Emily Redgrave, one of England's most talented spies, receives her next assignment--to protect Grant Ashbury, Lord Westfield, from the unknown enemies out to destroy him--unaware that Ashbury has in turn been assigned to protect her.

Lessons from a courtesan /
ISBN: 0061138142. OCLC Number:

Avon ;. New York :. 2008.

Abandoned by her new husband, Justin, the Earl of Baybary, after a single passionate wedding night, Victoria has vowed never again to let him use her and returns to London in the guise of a courtesan to torment him with the knowledge that other men will do anything to possess her.

Her notorious viscount /
ISBN: 0061470813. OCLC Number:

Avon Books,. New York, N.Y. :. ©2009.

After the death of his brother Nicholas Stoneworth must leave the life he's made for himself as a fighter in London's underworld to become the new Viscount. Jane agrees to reteach him how to live in the ton, if he will help her find her brother who disappeared four years earlier into the same London underground that Nicholas just left.

What the duke desires /
ISBN: 0061470821. OCLC Number:

Avon,. New York :. 2009.

"As the new Duke of Billingham, Simon Crathorne has one main duty to fulfill: find a proper wife and continue his family's exalted name. But of all the eligible women who have come to his country party, he desires only one. And she may be the most unsuitable bride of all. Lillian Mayhew is desperate to expose a devastating secret about Simon's distinguished late father so she can salvage her family's reputation. Yet from the moment she meets her rakishly handsome host, she begins to question if she can destroy his world so callously. She once wanted nothing more than to destroy his good name--and now she wants nothing more than his kiss. Caught between vengeance and ecstasy, Simon and Lillian begin a passionate affair. But betrayal lurks behind every stolen touch--and the duke's shocking past may be his ultimate undoing ..."--Page 4 of cover.

The unclaimed duchess /
ISBN: 0061934992. OCLC Number:

Avon,. New York :. c 2010.

"After a lifetime of unrequited love with her arranged fiancé, Anne Danvers has finally become the Duchess of Waverly. But just a few days into her marriage, her husband vanishes. Rhys Carlisle, Duke of Waverly has spent his life knowing he was better than everyone else because of his impeccable bloodline. But when he finds out everything he was told was a lie and he is in actually a bastard son of the late Duke of Billingham, his world is destroyed. He never expects his new wife to chase after him or demand she not be written out of his life. Nor does he expect the passion he feels for her to transform into love. But even as the two grow closer, Rhys's dark secret looms in the distance, along with a blackmailer who could destroy any future Rhys and Anne have dared to dream."--Author's website.

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