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General Information

Name:  Vera Caspary  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1899 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Vera Caspary was born and raised in Chicago. She lived here until 1924 when she moved to New York.

Biographical and Professional Information

After her graduation from high school in 1917, her father enrolled her in a six month course in a business college, and by January 1918, Caspary found herself working as a stenographer. Caspary went through a string of menial office jobs, looking for one where she could write instead of taking dictation from people with bad grammar. Finally breaking into book publishing with her first novel, ''The White Girl'', in 1929. She is the author of the classic mystery, Laura.

Selected Titles At Your Library

A chosen sparrow
ISBN: 9781471918865. OCLC Number: 953865696

. .

Bedelia /
ISBN: 1558615075. OCLC Number: 62085408

Feminist Press at the City University of New York,. .

"Long before Desperate Housewives, there was Bedelia: pretty, ultra femme, and "adoring as a kitten." A perfect housekeeper and lover, she wants nothing more than to please her insecure new husband, who can't believe his luck. But is Bedelia too good to be true? A mysterious new neighbor turns out to be a detective on the trail of a "kitten with claws of steel"--A picture-perfect wife with a string of dead husbands in her wake. Caspary builds this tale to a peak of psychological suspense as her characters are trapped together by a blizzard. The true Bedelia, the woman who chose murder over a life on the street, reveals how she turns male fantasies of superiority into a deadly con."--Publisher's website.

ISBN: 9781558617063. OCLC Number: 817929583

The Feminist Press at CUNY,. .

A novel of breathtaking suspense, and a brilliant psychological portrait of a Black Widow serial killer.

ISBN: 9781471918841. OCLC Number: 953865731

. .

Final portrait
ISBN: 9781471918889. OCLC Number: 953865198

. .

Final portrait.
ISBN: 0491000995. OCLC Number: 532642

W.H. Allen,. .

ISBN: 9781558618831. OCLC Number: 890530749

The Feminist Press at CUNY,. .

Basis for the famous film noir: a woman who kept men spellbound--even after her death.

ISBN: 1504029100. OCLC Number: 978556575


Stranger than truth :
ISBN: 9781504029032. OCLC Number: 933524941

. .

The dreamers
ISBN: 0491018339. OCLC Number: 59212665

W.H. Allen,. .

The man who loved his wife
ISBN: 9781558618473. OCLC Number: 894169618

. .

A jealous husband frames his wife for his own suicide so she'll never love again.

The man who loved his wife.
ISBN: 085617744x. OCLC Number: 672653

White Lion Publishers,. .

The Rosecrest cell.
ISBN: 0491003900. OCLC Number: 103264

W.H. Allen,. .

The secret of Elizabeth
ISBN: 9781471918919. OCLC Number: 953865088

. .

The secret of Elizabeth /
ISBN: 0671821385. OCLC Number: 4888128

Pocket Books,. .

The secrets of grown-ups /
ISBN: 0070102236. OCLC Number: 4665331

McGraw-Hill,. .