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Name:  Anne Eldridge  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: in Lincoln, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Eldridge is a lifelong resdient of Lincoln, Illinois.

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Olivia's Story
ISBN: 0595309801

iUniverse, Inc.. 2004

If Olivia Could Speak " To the angel I know as mother: Grieve for me briefly and don't worry where I go I will be well cared for. This small and tired body that was never meant to work, has served me on my journey as your child. I go now to take my place in the Kingdom of Heaven. I will not be alone and neither will you. As I have been watched over from above, I go now to watch over you and my other earthly angels. You see my stature in Heaven is that of a giant "Olivia's Story is a true, personal account of child born rare abdominal defects, as told by her mother.Olivia was the victim of physician impairment, professional arrogance and finally a cover-up of the fatal errors at both hospitals that treated her. Olivia's Story cries out to be told-how one sweet baby changed the lives of many in the brief 8 1/2 months she lived.It is a story of hope, devastation and finally, resolution. Olivia's message is that sometimes, the most important restitution of all is not to be found in a courtroom, but in the journey itself.

Alice & Henry: A Novel
ISBN: 1440190860

iUniverse. 2010

"How in the hell do you do that? Are you a witch?" I knew exactly how ridiculous that sounded and how rational at the same time. Darrin couldn't have said it better to Samantha. Alice's smile deepened and she demurely dropped her gaze. "I guess I'd have to know what you mean by that. There're so many misconceptions."

*** Alice & Henry is a magical tour through the landscape of a small Midwestern town where the past and present collide and the Afterlife is the one place where all can be understood.

Henry Spears has died and finds himself unable to stop haunting the love of his life, Alice, whom he has not seen in over forty years. Forcefully separated by Sarah, who blackmails and coerces him into marriage, he has been unable to break her hold over him. Guided by an angel, Henry learns through revisiting scenes of his life both with and without Alice, that his problems stem from a much earlier existence in the 15th century.

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