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Pen Name: C.C. Wills

Genre: C:ADULT Fiction History Mystery

Born: 1954 in Urbana, Illinois



Illinois Connection

I was born in Urbana but grew up in Champaign. I worked for 35 yrs for Kraft Foods in Champaign, recently retired and now residing in Danville.

Biographical and Professional Information

I have now written 6 books total. My first three I call ''THE TREASURE TRILOGY'' and include - ''Treasure in the Shawnee Hills'' which came out in June 2011. It's sequel is ''Shawnee: The Adventure Continues'' which came out in July of 2012 and the third book is ''A Cherokee Wish'' which came out in August of 2013. All three of these books involve treasure hunting and take place in southern Illinois within the Shawnee National Forest. Places mentioned are Garden of the Gods, Shawneetown, Harrisburg, Crenshaw Mansion (old slave house) and others.

I am a self-published author working through FriesenPress but have recently established my own publishing company - Grape Creek Publishing. My new book ''Memories'' is the first book published by GCP in both Hardback and Paperback versions. The eBook was put out by Smashwords along with versions of my first 3 books.

On November 20th of 2014 I published my 5th and 6th books under my Grape Creek Publishing Company. The 5th book is called ''A Collection of Short Stories by C.C. Wills'' and contains 8 short stories all previously published in eBook versions on Smashwords. The 8 short stories are as follows: '''1) Bite of the Grizzly 2) The Haunted 3) 24 Hours Till Grace 4) Shawnee Wildcat Gold 5) Mama's Fried Chicken 6) Murder in Pounds Hollow 7) Through the Eye and Beyond & 8) The Lottery Ticket'''. This book also contains as an added extra an excerpt from my 2nd book ''Shawnee: The Adventure Continues''. These shorts are written in various forms of fiction genre containing horror, Christian faith healing, adventure, murder and science fiction. My 6th book is called ''Solitude...Portraits of the Lonely'' and is a fiction murder mystery. The book is based on a true story of senior abuse but has within the storyline a fictional murder so I call the story a fictional murder mystery. I wanted to bring the reality of senior abuse to everyone's attention - to realize that it is a reality and very much a part of our society today!

The 7th book to be added to my credits is called "Grandpa Tell Us A Story and other Short Stories." It has 14 short stories in all - 8 from the series of shorts known as "Grandpa Tell Us a Story" and the other 6 are individual shorts. The titles of these 6 are: "On The Ridge", "A New Beginning", "The Homestead", "Hunting A Spooked Tom", "A Walk In The Snow" & "His First Love". The first 3 of these 6 and "A Walk In The Snow" are all excerpts out of my first 3 books that make up The Treasure Trilogy and were published as individual shorts for the reading pleasure of those who have not read the trilogy. Hope you enjoy the new Short Stories!

More books are in the works!

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