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General Information

Name:  Allan Woodrow  

Pen Name: Fowler DeWitt

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Children;


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Illinois Connection

Woodrow lives in Vernon Hills.

Biographical and Professional Information

Allan Woodrow grew up in Michigan and is a children's author who also writes under the pen name, Fowler DeWitt. He was also one of eleven other contributing authors to the book, ''Lucky Dog: Twelve Tales of Rescued Dogs''.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes) Woodrow prefers speaking to Age Levels 5-10, and 11-13 and will travel anywhere to speak. He will also make Skype Visits.

Selected Titles At Your Library

Class dismissed /
ISBN: 0545800714. OCLC Number: 899488688

. .

Class 507 is terrible, and one day, after a particularly disastrous science experiment, Ms. Bryce quits and walks out in the middle of class, and the school office never finds out--at first all the fifth graders enjoy goofing off, but after a few days that starts getting boring, and the students begin to realize that school without a teacher is not easy, cooperating is difficult, and keeping a secret is harder than they thought.

Field tripped /
ISBN: 1338116916. OCLC Number: 1015274879

. .

The fifth graders of Liberty Falls Elementary have a reputation for trouble, but they still have a field trip to the mansion of Edward Minks (local inventor, founder of the town, and great-great-great grandfather of fifth-grader Eddie). While there, they search for secret inventions that are rumored to be hidden in the mansion--but they find that they are not the only ones searching, and somehow this class of trouble-makers must work together to thwart the thieves.

The amazing Wilmer Dooley :
ISBN: 1442498544. OCLC Number: 858276146

. .

Hoping to impress Roxie with his dazzling project on bacteria, seventh-grader-to-be Wilmer Dooley enters the state science fair, where he encounters his arch nemesis, Claudius, who may be planning something terribly sinister.

The contagious colors of Mumpley Middle School /
ISBN: 1442478292. OCLC Number: 819275534

. .

When a mysterious illness sweeps through school, causing students to change color, sixth-grade scientist Wilmer Dooley tries to find the cause and cure.

The pet war /
ISBN: 0545513197. OCLC Number: 823473410

Scholastic Press,. .

Eleven-year-old Otto wants a dog, and his older sister Lexi wants a cat, so their mother suggests that whoever can raise enough money to pay for their pet can choose--and so the competition begins.

The rotten adventures of Zachary Ruthless /
ISBN: 0062005871. OCLC Number: 670475648

Harper,. .

Ten-year-old Zachary Ruthless, who aspires to join the Society of Utterly Rotten, Beastly, and Loathsome Lawbreaking Scoundrels (SOURBALLS), acquires an inexperienced but earnest henchman and sets out to prove how evil he can be.

Unschooled /
ISBN: 1338116886. OCLC Number: 968767158

. .

Fifth graders George and Lilly are best friends, but when they end up leading separate teams competing for the Spirit Week prize, it puts a strain on their friendship, especially when the competition generates a host of nasty pranks designed to sabotage their teams--and if Principal Klein finds out what is going on Spirit Week will be canceled and everybody concerned will spend the rest of the year in detention.