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Name:  Robert W Walker  

Pen Name: 


Born: 1948 in Corinth, Mississippi

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Illinois Connection

Walker grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He is a graduate of Chicago's Wells High School, Northwestern University, and the NU's Graduate Masters in English Education program.

Biographical and Professional Information

Walker currently resides in Charleston, West Virginia where he teaches and writes.

Published Works

    The Edge Series:
  • Cutting Edge, Jove, 1997
  • Double Edge , Jove, 1998
  • Cold Edge, Jove, 2001
  • Final Edge, Jove, 2004The Instinct Series:
  • Killer Instinct, Jove, 1995
  • Fatal Instinct, Jove, 1995
  • Primal Instinct, Jove, 1995
  • Extreme Instinct, Jove, 1995
  • Pure Instinct, Jove, 1995
  • Darkest Instinct, 1996
  • Bitter Instinct, Jove, 2001
  • Blind Instinct , Jove, 2000
  • Unnatural Instinct, Jove, 2003
  • Grave Instinct, Jove, 2003
  • Absolute Instinct, Jove, 2004
  • Edge of Instinct, Jove, 1995Alistair Ransom Series:
  • City for Ransom , Avon, 2005
  • Shadows in the White City: An Inspector Alastair Ransom Mystery, Harper, 2007
  • City of the Absent, Harper, 2007Individual Books:
  • Sub-Zero!, 1979
  • Brain Watch, 1985
  • Salem's Child, 1987
  • Aftershock, St. Martin's Press , 1987
  • Disembodied, St Martins Mass Market Paper , 1988
  • Dead Man's Float, Pinnacle, 1989
  • Razor's Edge, Pinnacle, 1989
  • Dying Breath , Pinnacle, 1989
  • Burning Obsession, Pinnacle, 1989
  • Daniel Webster Jackson & the Wrong Way Railroad, 2000
  • Gideon Tell and the Siege of Vicksburg, 2001
  • PSI: Blue, Echelon Press Publishing, 2006
  • Dead on: A Marcus Rydell, Kat Holley Pi Thriller , Five Star , 2009Written under the pen name: Evan Kingsbury
  • Fire & Flesh, Jove, 2002Written under the pen name: Stephenson Roberstson
  • Decoy, Pinnacle, 1989
  • Blood Ties, Pinnacle, 1989
  • Blood Tells, Pinnacle, 1990
  • The Handyman, Pinnacle, 1990Written under the pen name: Glenn Hale
  • Dr. O, Zebra, 1991

Selected Titles At Your Library

Aftershock /
ISBN: 0312909063. OCLC Number:

St. Martin's Press,. New York :. 1987.

Disembodied /
ISBN: 0312911106. OCLC Number:

St. Martin's Press,. New York :. ©1988.

Dying breath /
ISBN: 1558172610. OCLC Number:

Windsor Pub. Corp.,. New York :. 1989.

Double edge /
ISBN: 0515123846. OCLC Number:

Jove Books,. New York :. 1998.

Robert W. Walker has probed the deepest recesses of the criminal mind, bringing us face-to-face with killers as brilliant as they are vicious. Now Walker returns to the gritty streets of Houston he first explored in Cutting Edge, where Detective Lucas Stonecoat and police ssychiatrist Meredyth Sanger face a new predator: the Snatch. He preys on young teens - outcasts of society like himself. Outcats whose sole reason for existence is satisfying a psychopaths' horrifying needs.

Blind instinct /
ISBN: 0515131504. OCLC Number:

Jove Books,. New York, N.Y. :. 2001.

FBI Medical Examiner Dr. Jessica Coran and Scotland Yard Inspector Richard Sharpe have been enlisted to spearhead the investigation of a series of crucifixion murders--a bizarre rash of ritual killings in London's underground. The madman has left a trail of carnage unequalled in the history of serial crime. But he has also left no clues to his identity, or to his unfathomable motive.

City for ransom /
ISBN: 0060739959. OCLC Number:

Avon,. New York :. ©2006.

With thousands flocking to Chicago for the Great Exposition of 1893, the city is confronting an onslaught of visitors, just when a maniacal killer sets out to turn the streets into his own personal hunting ground, and it is up to Inspector Alastair Ransom to find the bloodthirsty murderer amid the glitter and turmoil of the World's Fair, before he becomes the next victim.

PSI psychic sensory investigation blue /
ISBN: 1590805089. OCLC Number:

Echelon Press,. Laurel, MD :. ©2006.

An FBI psychic detective is brought into Phoenix, AZ to investigate the disappearance of young boys.

City of the absent /
ISBN: 0060740124. OCLC Number:

Avon ;. New York :. ©2007.

As the grand Exposiition of 1893 reaches its final day, the metropolis is rocked by the public assassination of its popular mayor. In the chaos that ensues, another murder goes virtually unnoticed ... except by police inspector Alastair Ransom.

Shadows in the white city /
ISBN: 0060739967. OCLC Number:

Harper,. New York, New York :. ©2007.

During the glitter of Chicago's 1893 Exposition, a bloodthirsty monster known as the Leather Apron Killer stalks the streets of the city, preying on Chicago's most innocent inhabitants, and a vengeful Inspector Alastair Ransom risks everything, including conflict with his superiors and the corrupt politicians, to bring his own justice to the murderer.

Dead on :
ISBN: 1594147817. OCLC Number:

Gale/Cengage Learning,. Detroit :. 2009.

Marcus Rydell, a disgraced Atlanta police officer turned private investigator, is preparing to eat his gun when he hears screams from a downstairs apartment. He rushes to the rescue and meets Kat Holley, a resident at the local hospital. She pulls him out of his depression and gets him to help her seek revenge on the psychopath who ruined both of their lives. Along with a black dog named Paco, they search for a cave-dwelling former marine, Iden Cantu, who uses his training to elude both the Atlanta police and the feds. Kat and Marcus hunt him deep in the forests along the Georgia-Tennessee border. The country may be beautiful, but Cantu turns it into a death trap with his night-vision equipment and high-powered rifle.

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