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Name:  Robert W Walker  

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Born: 1948 in Corinth, Mississippi

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Walker grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He is a graduate of Chicago's Wells High School, Northwestern University, and the NU's Graduate Masters in English Education program.

Biographical and Professional Information

Walker currently resides in Charleston, West Virginia where he teaches and writes.

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Absolute instinct
ISBN: 0425207153. OCLC Number: 62592550

Berkley Books,. .

Forensic pathologist Jessica Coran discovers that her latest homicide victim has had her spine removed from her body, and her subsequent investigation reveals that a man has already been convicted of a similar crime years earlier.

Aftershock /
ISBN: 0312909063. OCLC Number: 17007359

St. Martin's Press,. .

Bitter instinct
ISBN: 0515135690. OCLC Number: 51996270

Jove Books,. .

FBI Medical Examiner Dr. Jessica Coran has an international reputation for her brilliant work in forensic medicine. It's matched only by her cunning in tracking down the world's most ingenious serial killers. Her talents have been requested in Philadelphia by Detective Eriq Santiva, director of the behavioral science unit. A series of bizarre deaths, attributed to a killer known only as the Poet, has rocked the City of Brotherly Love. His calling card is a scroll of human parchment engraved with toxic, blood-chilling pieces of verse. But for Jessica the most baffling aspect of the crimes is that no victim shows signs of submission, or resistance, or even fear.

Bitter instinct
ISBN: 042517963X. OCLC Number: 45460891

Berkley Books,. .

A series of bizarre deaths, attributed to a killer known only as the Poet, has rocked the City of Brotherly Love. His calling card is a scroll of human parchment engraved with toxic, blood-chilling pieces of verse. ... Only Jessica [FBI Medical Examiner] has the insight to read between the Poet's lines, to decipher his unfathomable goal--and to discover why his young victims offered, so willingly, their dying flesh to a madman.--Jacket.

Blind instinct /
ISBN: 0515131504. OCLC Number: 47854622

Jove Books,. .

FBI Medical Examiner Dr. Jessica Coran and Scotland Yard Inspector Richard Sharpe have been enlisted to spearhead the investigation of a series of crucifixion murders--a bizarre rash of ritual killings in London's underground. The madman has left a trail of carnage unequalled in the history of serial crime. But he has also left no clues to his identity, or to his unfathomable motive.

Brain watch
ISBN: 0843921951. OCLC Number: 12068241

Dorchester Pub. Co.,. .

Burning obsession
ISBN: 1558172149. OCLC Number: 19782081

Windsor Pub.,. .

City for ransom
ISBN: 9780061979361. OCLC Number: 877891907

HarperCollins e-Books,. .

Welcome to Chicago, 1893 -- where new wonders are being unveiled ... and a monster feeds on the unsuspecting. Tens of thousands are flocking to a bustling, wind-swept metropolis in the middle of America for the great Exposition of 1893 -- to seethe future and to ride Mr. Ferris's remarkable wheel. A city of hope and hardship has caught the attention of the world -- and a maniacal killer has made it his hunting ground. Inspector Alastair Ransom carries the burden of the dead on his shoulders. But a demon far worse than Ransom's own is loose -- a bloodthirsty killer who preys on Chicago's most vulnerable citizens, his grisly handiwork masked by the glitter and frenzy of the World's Fair. But a haunted detective doesn't realize how desperate his search has become -- for each passing hour brings the slayer closer to his next intended victim: Alastair Ransom.

City for ransom /
ISBN: 0060739959. OCLC Number: 62758295

Avon,. .

With thousands flocking to Chicago for the Great Exposition of 1893, the city is confronting an onslaught of visitors, just when a maniacal killer sets out to turn the streets into his own personal hunting ground, and it is up to Inspector Alastair Ransom to find the bloodthirsty murderer amid the glitter and turmoil of the World's Fair, before he becomes the next victim.

City of the absent
ISBN: 9780061979378. OCLC Number: 877891874

HarperCollins e-Books,. .

Chicago's magnificent White City will soon be fading into memory. As the grand Exposition of 1893 reaches its final day, the metropolis is rocked by the public assassination of its popular mayor. In the chaos that ensues, another murder'the savage slaughter of a Pinkerton agent posing as a prostitute in a seedy slum alleyway'goes virtually unnoticed ... except by police inspector Alastair Ransom.

City of the absent /
ISBN: 0060740124. OCLC Number: 760034063

Avon ;. .

As the grand Exposiition of 1893 reaches its final day, the metropolis is rocked by the public assassination of its popular mayor. In the chaos that ensues, another murder goes virtually unnoticed ... except by police inspector Alastair Ransom.

Cold edge
ISBN: 0515129704. OCLC Number: 46321400

Jove Books,. .

Houston police detective Lucas Stonecoat and psychiatrist Dr. Meredyth Sanger track a savage killer known as the Scalper, who is responsible for the brutal murders and mutilations of a number of the city's prostitutes.

Daniel Webster Jackson & the wrongway railway
ISBN: 088092554X. OCLC Number: 48453735

Royal Fireworks Press,. .

A teenage boy decides to leave his foster home in Missouri rather then become involved in Judge Hatcher's scheme to break up the Underground Railroad that is operating in his territory.

Darkest instinct
ISBN: 0515118567. OCLC Number: 34529739

Jove Books,. .

Dead man's float
ISBN: 1558170979. OCLC Number: 18820485

Pinnacle Books,. .

Dead on :
ISBN: 9781594147814. OCLC Number: 316513999

Gale/Cengage Learning,. .

Marcus Rydell, a disgraced Atlanta police officer turned private investigator, is preparing to eat his gun when he hears screams from a downstairs apartment. He rushes to the rescue and meets Kat Holley, a resident at the local hospital. She pulls him out of his depression and gets him to help her seek revenge on the psychopath who ruined both of their lives. Along with a black dog named Paco, they search for a cave-dwelling former marine, Iden Cantu, who uses his training to elude both the Atlanta police and the feds. Kat and Marcus hunt him deep in the forests along the Georgia-Tennessee border. The country may be beautiful, but Cantu turns it into a death trap with his night-vision equipment and high-powered rifle.

Disembodied /
ISBN: 0312911106. OCLC Number: 18076189

St. Martin's Press,. .

Double edge /
ISBN: 0515123846. OCLC Number: 40129807

Jove Books,. .

Robert W. Walker has probed the deepest recesses of the criminal mind, bringing us face-to-face with killers as brilliant as they are vicious. Now Walker returns to the gritty streets of Houston he first explored in Cutting Edge, where Detective Lucas Stonecoat and police ssychiatrist Meredyth Sanger face a new predator: the Snatch. He preys on young teens - outcasts of society like himself. Outcats whose sole reason for existence is satisfying a psychopaths' horrifying needs.

Dr. O
ISBN: 0821734741. OCLC Number: 24267792

Kensington Pub. Corp.,. .

Dr. Maurice Ovierto was proud of his handiwork. He removed his little trophies with great care from his victims, wrapped them in surgical gauze and sent them by Express Mail only. Human flesh was much too delicate for regular mail. He wanted them to arrive in good condition for FBI Inspector Donna Thorpe. She alone understood his special talents, despite the pigs she worked with. He'd killed her partner to make her notice his genius. Now, it was time for her family. Soon Dr. O would have his greatest triumph. Her Pain. (Taken from back of the book.).

Dying breath /
ISBN: 1558172610. OCLC Number: 20310035

Windsor Pub. Corp.,. .

Extreme instinct
ISBN: 0515121959. OCLC Number: 38123447

Jove Books,. .

FBI pathologist Jessica Coran has probed the deepest recesses of the criminal mind. Coming face-to-face with killers as brilliant as they are vicious. Now Jessica must face a deadly new foe. A murderer terrorizing the American West from Arizona to Montana who ties his victims down, drowns their sins in gasoline, and cleanses them with flame. He is on a Satanic mission-and only by stepping into the fire can Jessica stop him.

Final edge
ISBN: 0515136956. OCLC Number: 54525213

Jove Books,. .

Gideon Tell and the siege of Vicksburg
ISBN: 0880925558. OCLC Number: 48018743

Royal Fireworks Press,. .

Fourteen-year-old Gideon Tell, a photography spy for the Union Army, infiltrates Confederate-held Vicksburg to gather intelligence for General Grant while trying to evade suspicious Confederates, civilian refugees, war profiteers, and other shady characters and learns, in the process, about the complexity of human nature.

Handbook of moiré measurement
ISBN: 0750305223. OCLC Number: 81882283

Institute of Physics,. .

ISBN: 0545791421. OCLC Number: 1083224392


Inquiry :
ISBN: 013182371X. OCLC Number: 51848634

Pearson,. .

Instinto depredador
ISBN: 8401468914. OCLC Number: 34206022

Plaza & Janés,. .

Killer instinct
ISBN: 9781493539970. OCLC Number: 946735049

. .

Dr. Jessica Coran is a brilliant and determined FBI medical examiner, an expert student of the criminal mind who thought she could face anything. That was before Wisconsin. Before she saw one of his victims ... the Vampire-Killer.

Perspectives on the world Christian movement :
ISBN: 0878082891. OCLC Number: 40354833

William Carey Library,. .

Poniżej zera
ISBN: 8390019167. OCLC Number: 749820875

Kazimierz Uchmański i S-ka,. .

Primal instinct
ISBN: 0515119490. OCLC Number: 35190196

Jove Books,. .

PSI psychic sensory investigation blue /
ISBN: 1590805089. OCLC Number: 81155285

Echelon Press,. .

An FBI psychic detective is brought into Phoenix, AZ to investigate the disappearance of young boys.

Pure instinct
ISBN: 0515117552. OCLC Number: 33124717

Jove Books,. .

A new horror is stalking New Orleans. He is the Queen of Hearts killer, removing the hearts of his young male victims. He is savage. He is unstoppable. And the New Orleans Police Commissioner has requested-by name-the aid of Dr. Jessica Coran. But another horror is stalking Jessica. The man known as The Vampire Killer has escaped from prison, leaving a trail of blood-drained bodies in his wake. No one knows where he is-but they do know he's coming for Jessica, the woman who put him behind bars. Now Jessica faces double jeopardy.

Pure instinct
ISBN: 0747247536. OCLC Number: 60262912

Headline Feature,. .

Razor's edge
ISBN: 1558171673. OCLC Number: 19411092

Windsor Pub. Corp.,. .

Rhetoric, religion and the civil rights movement, 1954-1965
ISBN: 9781932792546. OCLC Number: 77524331

Baylor University Press,. .

The Civil Rights Movement succeeded in large measure because of rhetorical appeals grounded in the Judeo-Christian religion. While movement leaders often used America's founding documents and ideals to depict Jim Crow's contradictory ways, the language and lessons of both the Old and New Testaments were often brought to bear on many civil rights events and issues-from local desegregation to national policy matters. This volume chronicles how national movement leaders and local activists moved a nation to live up to the Biblical ideals it often professed but infrequently practiced.

Salem's child
ISBN: 0843924454. OCLC Number: 15261714

Dorchester Pub. Co.,. .

Shadows in the white city
ISBN: 9780061979507. OCLC Number: 877986191

HarperCollins e-Books,. .

The nation and the world gaze in awe at Chicago's magnificent White City in this summer of 1893. But Inspector Alastair Ransom sees the rot beneath the splendor of the great Exposition'and he is consumed with an over-powering need for vengeance. The Phantom of the Fair, a blood-thirsty fiend who nearly added Ransom to his ever-growing list of slaughtered victims, is still lurking somewhere in the shadows of Ferris's gargantuan Wheel. And to end the maniac's reign, Ransom refuses to play by the rules established by the police brass and the corrupt politicians'appointing himself judge, jury ... and executioner. But white-hot hatred and zealous fury can blind a determined manhunter to a more terrible truth. And dangerous missteps may lead to even greater bloodshed ...

Shadows in the white city /
ISBN: 0060739967. OCLC Number: 92975522

Harper,. .

During the glitter of Chicago's 1893 Exposition, a bloodthirsty monster known as the Leather Apron Killer stalks the streets of the city, preying on Chicago's most innocent inhabitants, and a vengeful Inspector Alastair Ransom risks everything, including conflict with his superiors and the corrupt politicians, to bring his own justice to the murderer.

Unnatural instinct
ISBN: 0515135291. OCLC Number: 53121608

Jove Books,. .