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Name:  Bret Nicholaus  

Pen Name: Bret R. Nicholaus

Genre: Fiction Other

Audience: Adult; Young Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Nicholaus lives in the Chicago area.

Biographical and Professional Information

Bret Nicholaus has written several books with his Bethel College friend, Paul Lowrie. One spring afternoon in 1992, Bret and Paul came up with a simple book idea: a collection of original questions that could serve as ice-breakers for any settings. Within a month they had formed Questmarc Publishing and released a small 350-copy printing of their first book, ''The Conversation Piece''. By late 1995, the two authors had sold 20,000 copies of their small paperback and attracted the interest of a literary agent. In 1996, Ballantine Books bought The Conversation Piece. They have since created the ''Chat Pack'' line of products.

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Titles At Your Library

Have You Ever...: Questions About You, Your Friends, and Your World
ISBN: 0345417607

Ballantine Books. 1999

Have you ever met a professional musician? Have you ever flown in something other than an airplane? Have you ever blown a tire while driving? Have you ever gone on a blind date? Have you ever dreamed in color?

Masters of fun and friendly communication, Bret Nicholaus and Paul Lowrie are back with an intriguing book of questions sure to get everyone talking! Have You Ever . . . is a great way to start entertaining conversations with people you've just met or friends you've known your whole life.

A unique book filled with questions that will help you connect with others--new acquaintances, old friends, children and teenagers, all the members of your family, Have You Ever . . . will leave you shaking with laughter, awash in forgotten memories, and marveling at the things you never knew about your friends and family! Have you ever had an opportunity this easy to start fantastic conversations?

The Conversation Piece 2: Fun New Questions to Tickle the Mind
ISBN: 0345438663

Ballantine Books. 2000

The Conversation Piece Too gets people talking about everyday opinions, life changing moments and everything in between. If you had to write a one sentence mission statement for your life, what would it be (22)? Thinking back to all the TV series finales that you've seen over the years, which show do you think had the best final episode (3)? If you could be a contestant on any game show, past or present, which show would you pick (253)?

The Conversation Piece Too gives you a chance to find out what people think about the big questions and the little ones. In one sentence, what do you believe is the secret of life (97)? In your opinion, what flavor of ice cream would best describe your disposition (298)? Get to know your family and your friends--even yourself--a lot better.

Who We Are: Questions to Celebrate Your Family
ISBN: 1577311310

New World Library. 2000

A collection of questions helps parents, grandparents, spouses, and children identify the core of their family values, life experiences, goals and accomplishments, spirituality, family history and memories, and more. 50,000 first printing. $50,000 ad/promo.

Kidchat: Questions to Fuel Young Minds and Mouths
ISBN: 0975580108

Questmarc Publishing. 2004

The Christmas Letters: A Timeless Story for Every Generation
ISBN: 1931722951

Center Street. 2006

The nine letters Grandpa hands to his family each contain a personal story of how they brought joy to him. This volume-which has sold more than 60,000 copies since its initial publication-has been repackaged as a gift hardcover.

KidChat Oh, the Places to Go!: 204 Creative Questions to Let the Imagination Travel
ISBN: 1596433175

Roaring Brook Press. 2007

TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES! More than 200 questions to get kids and parents talking. KIDCHAT OH, THE PLACES TO GO! is stimulating and fun.

KidChat Christmas: 200 Questions to Make You Think, Talk, and Giggle About the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
ISBN: 1596433345

Roaring Brook Press. 2008

Offers a look at the many different traditions and customs in which families partake to celebrate Christmas in their own special way through a series of thought-provoking, conversation-starting questions for young readers. Original.

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