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Name:  Susan Carroll  

Pen Name: Susan Coppula, and Serena Richards

Genre: Romance

Born: 1952

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Illinois Connection

Susan lives in Rock Island, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Carroll was born Susan Carol Cute in 1952, Susan Coppula obtained a Degree in English with complementary studies in History in the University of Indiana. Since 1986, Susan has published books under three different pseudonyms: Susan Carroll, Susan Coppula, and Serena Richards.


The Sugar Rose

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Black lace and linen
ISBN: 0373592507. OCLC Number: 30814976

Silhouette Desire,. .

Brighton road
ISBN: 0449213900. OCLC Number: 18904494

Fawcett Crest,. .

Brighton Road ; The sugar rose
ISBN: 0449149242. OCLC Number: 30743406

Fawcett Crest,. .

Christmas Belles
ISBN: 9781311240972. OCLC Number: 940561163

. .

A Regency Christmas Romance from Susan Carroll, award winning author of the Bride FinderVillains can come in many disguises, even with a handsome face and a gold-braided uniform. So thinks Chloe Waverly when her father's untimely death results in an unknown naval captain being appointed guardian to the four Waverly sisters. Chloe dislikes the harsh Captain William Trent upon first sight, especially knowing that he plans to marry her oldest sister, Emma. Although Emma loves a poor clergyman, she feels it her duty to accept the wealthy captain's proposal. Chloe is determined to rescue her sister from a loveless match to one whose heart seems as cold as ice.But somewhere during all the Christmas celebrations, Chloe discovers that beneath the captain's stern military bearing is a lonely man imbued with a gentle gallantry. To her dismay, Chloe finds herself falling in love with her sister's fiance. She is unaware that William Trent has realized that he has pledged himself to marry the wrong sister. But with the wedding day looming closer, is there any honorable way to resolve this situation? It will take all of Chloe's faith and the magic of Christmas to unravel this tangle of hearts. Author Susan Carroll weaves a holiday tale about the enduring power of love and hope.

Der Racheengel :
ISBN: 3453054938. OCLC Number: 645685140

Heyne,. .

ISBN: 9781301744510. OCLC Number: 936701087

. .

Rory Kavanaugh is so desperate to save her hot air balloon company, she takes on a risky performance with a circus. When the stunt goes wrong and she crashes onto the lawn of Zeke Morrison's estate, she sees a new opportunity to rescue her failing business. But when the ruthless millionaire claps eyes on the lovely Rory, Zeke harbors far different ideas than investing in hot air balloons. Rory finds herself attracted to him, a dangerous desire because Zeke is a man of many secrets. When his murky past catches up with him, Rory faces a daunting question: could she have fallen in love with a murderer?

Love power
ISBN: 0373058764. OCLC Number: 30856779

Silhouette Books,. .

ISBN: 9781301284207. OCLC Number: 940561052

. .

During an era of revolution, Lady Phaedra Grantham fights for her own freedom from her tyrannical grandfather and memories of a tragic marriage. Her quest for independence is threatened by the arrival of a mysterious nobleman, Armande de LeCroix. The handsome marquis holds all of London in thrall. Even Lady Phaedra is drawn to the man, despite her growing suspicion and fear. What secret does Armande hide behind his aristocratic mask? And what danger does Phaedra face when love itself may prove to be nothing more than a masquerade?

Miss Prentiss and the Yankee
ISBN: 9781311551009. OCLC Number: 940561061

. .

Abigail Prentiss was engaged to turn the two Misses Harding from Pennsylvania into proper English ladies, acceptable to the ton. She vowed to do in spite of their brother Nathaniel and his boorish behavior. A truly superior governess would not lose her temper or become ruffled by a barbaric Yankee. Even though Nate Harding had clearly thrown down the gauntlet, Abigail was determined not to fight the revolutionary war all over again. She would be the last to admit that this handsome lusty male had already begun to breach the walls she had so carefully constructed around her heart.

Mistress mischief
ISBN: 9781310772078. OCLC Number: 922643121

. .

Left widowed and penniless, Frederica Barry resolved to become what her late husband's relatives had always proclaimed her to be- a very wicked woman. Taking London by storm, Freddie put her wits to work to support herself and her unusual entourage of servants. But losses at the gaming tables soon brought the merry widow to the brink of disgrace and debtor's prison. Clearly there was only one solution, to find herself a wealthy protector. Drawing up a list of the richest and most eligible men in the city, one name stood out above the rest- her distant cousin, the handsome rake, Max Warfield.Max had witnessed Freddie's outrageous antics with astonishment and reluctantly realized something had to be done about the young woman. But to accept her offer to become his mistress? Out of the question! His aim was to save her reputation, not destroy it. If only the beautiful Freddie did not make her offer so very tempting. . .Mistress Mischief is another light-hearted romance from the award-winning author of Brighton Road and The Sugar Rose.

Parker and the gypsy
ISBN: 9781459271562. OCLC Number: 781628833

Silhouette Books,. .

ISBN: 9781301288946. OCLC Number: 936701114

. .

During the French Revolution, Belle Varens risked her life to help aristocrats escape the deadly kiss of the guillotine. But there was no escape from the painful memories of her past until she met Sinclair Carrington, a British spy with dark secrets of his own. Sinclair rouses in Belle a passion she has long denied, but dare she trust her heart to a man who is a master of deception. Especially now when Belle is about to embark on the most dangerous mission she has ever undertaken-a plot whose target is none other than General Napoleon Bonaparte.

Shades of winter
ISBN: 0449131696. OCLC Number: 19069343

Ballantine,. .

The bishop's daughter
ISBN: 9781311637956. OCLC Number: 889221347

. .

The bride finder /
ISBN: 0449003884. OCLC Number: 38081570

Fawcett Columbine,. .

A historical romance featuring a husband who is able to read his bride's thoughts. He is Anatole St. Leger, owner of a haunted castle in Cornwall, she is Madeline Breton, and she is unaware of his powers.

The courtesan :
ISBN: 0345437977. OCLC Number: 57068997

Ballantine Books,. .

Determined to ensure her future by winning the heart of Henry, the Huguenot king of Navarre, sixteenth-century courtesan Gabrielle Cheney finds her plans jeopardized by the malevolent enmity and dark arts of the queen, Catherine de Medici.

The dark queen :
ISBN: 0345437969. OCLC Number: 57142487

Ballantine Books,. .

Ariane, the Lady of Faire Isle, must protect Renaissance France from the political intrigues and magic of the Dark Queen, Catherine de Medici.

The huntress :
ISBN: 0345490614. OCLC Number: 84838753

Ballantine Books,. .

The year is 1585, and prophecy has foretold the coming of a daughter of the Earth whose powers are so extraordinary they could usurp the very rule of the Dark Queen herself, Catherine de Medici. Dispatched from Brittany to London, Catriona O'Hanlon, known as the Huntress, must find this mysterious young girl and shield her from those who will exploit her mystic abilities, which have the potential to change the course of history.

The huntress :
ISBN: 9780345500083. OCLC Number: 741517747

Ballantine Books,. .

The year is 1585, and prophecy has foretold the coming of a daughter of the Earth whose powers are so extraordinary they could usurp the very rule of the Dark Queen herself, Catherine de Medici. Dispatched from Brittany to London, Catriona O'Hanlon, known as the Huntress, must find this mysterious young girl and shield her from those who will exploit her mystic abilities, which have the potential to change the course of history.

The lady who hated Shakespeare
ISBN: 0449210944. OCLC Number: 18422487

Fawcett Crest :. .

The night drifter
ISBN: 9780345493521. OCLC Number: 701109230

Ballantine Books,. .

Lance St. Leger is defying his destiny. The eldest son and heir to Castle Leger, he has returned from the asrmy determined to continue his role as rakehell and black sheep.

The night drifter /
ISBN: 0449005852. OCLC Number: 43496545

Ivy Books,. .

A young widow struggles to summon the magical forces that will enable her to save her new love, a Cornish nobleman who roams the night in spirit form, from a shadowy enemy.

The silver rose :
ISBN: 0345482514. OCLC Number: 62593694

Ballantine Books,. .

Returning to her ancestral home, Miri Cheney, the youngest and most powerful of the "Sisters of Faire Isle," is summoned by the "Dark Queen" Catherine de Medici whose reign is threatened by a diabolical woman known only as the Silver Rose.

The sugar rose
ISBN: 9781311247773. OCLC Number: 905236392

. .

Aurelia Sinclair felt as though she had been waiting forever for the proposal of marriage from her childhood sweetheart, Justin. If Lord Spencer was less than ardent, well, what could a plump dowdy creature such as herself expect from such a handsome buck of the ton? No matter what she might long for, she had to be content with what Justin offered, friendship and a marriage of convenience. Or so Aurelia thought until Everard Ramsey took matters into his hands. Rusticating in the country, the handsome London dandy was intrigued by Aurelia's humor and intelligence. His sympathy for Aurelia's plight led him to make an outrageous suggestion. If she would but place her trust in him, Everard vowed to transform her into next Season's belle. Though Aurelia was highly skeptical of his proposition, what did she have to lose? Nothing. . . only her heart.

The wooing of Miss Masters
ISBN: 9781311718990. OCLC Number: 890476163

. .

The wooing of Miss Masters ; The Bishop's daughter /
ISBN: 0449001555. OCLC Number: 38435370

Fawcett Crest,. .

Twilight of a queen :
ISBN: 0449221091. OCLC Number: 181599948

Ballantine Books,. .

As war and treachery loom, an ambitious man's mission threatens to topple two dazzling realms and their formidable rulers: Catherine de Medici, the Dark Queen, and Ariane, the Lady of Faire Isle.

ISBN: 9781301588411. OCLC Number: 940561128

. .

In a desperate bid to escape the advances of the tyrant King John, beautiful Lady Melyssan embarks upon a dangerous deception, claiming to be married to his worst enemy, Lord Jaufre de Macy, the legendary Dark Knight.Seeking shelter at Jaufre's castle, Winterbourne, she is unprepared for the angry warrior who returns to confront her. Lord Jaufre is a man as harsh and unforgiving as the Welsh borderland he rules. Will Melyssan's love and courage be enough to conquer Jaufre's dark heart ---and to save them both from the wrath of a vengeful king?