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Name:  Jessica Lewis Watson  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Jessica Lewis Watson works at the Childrens Reseach Center at the University of Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

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Titles At Your Library

Illegitimacy Empowered (Woman in History)
ISBN: 0866632069

Ide House Inc. 1994

A testament to those born out of love and out of wedlock. An articulate and powerful empowerment to those society wrongly views as bastards.

Bastardy As a Gifted Status in Chaucer and Malory (STUDIES IN MEDIAEVAL LITERATURE)
ISBN: 0773488758

Edwin Mellen Pr. 1996

This study on bastardy in Chaucer or Malory, takes a feminist and new historical approach to the subject, applying an illuminating critical methodology to "The Canterbury Tales" and the "Morte D'Arthur". It shows that Chaucer is empowering illegitimacy by demonstrating that a woman born illegitimately, like the Miller's Wife, can nonetheless lead a normal life emotionally and financially. Malory goes even further, portraying important knights like Arthur, Torre, Borre, Elayne le Blank, Gylberte the Bastarde, Mordred, and Galahad as powerful bastards. The author draws attention to Malory's positive portrayal of the bloodlines, heredity, heraldry, and history, of the fine bastards in his Morte.

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