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General Information

Name:  Frederick Dilley Glidden  

Pen Name: Luke Short

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1908 in Kewanee, Illinois

Died: 1975

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Illinois Connection

Glidden was born in Kewanee. He attended the University of Illinois for two years and a half years.

Biographical and Professional Information

Frederick Glidden began his early career as a general reporter for a series of Midwest daily newspapers. However, he did not last long at any of the papers, and during the Depression he trapped furs in Canada. He took on an agent in the early 1930's and by the end of the decade he had turned out fourteen novels and numerous short stories. He became a very prolific writer of Westerns. He also authored several screen and television plays. In 1974, Glidden was inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame.

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Titles At Your Library

Donovan's Gun
ISBN: 044020948X

Dell. 1992

Jim Donovan refuses to take sides in the bloody family feud that is blazing through the peaceful town of Pritikin and uses his keen lawyer's mind to take control and stop the fighting. Original.

Three for the Money

Bantam Book. 1970

The bounty hunters were out in full force, and no one was going to stop them, especially not a woman. Dan and Tina Bowers were taking a quiet train ride when the peace was shattered by the sound of gunfire. In its wake were Dan Bowers, dead in a pool of his own blond, and the train's cargo -- gold bullion--gone. The reward posted by the Consolidated Mine and Milling Company invited every vulture in the Southwest to town. Everyone--including Tina Bowers who figured that her husband's death should be worth something.

ISBN: 1127539019


The stalkers

Bantam Books. 1973

The Man From Two Rivers

Bantam Books. 1974

Man From Two Rivers

Deserters, The
ISBN: 0440205921

Dell. 1990

Jess Fairly kills his army comrades, steals the paymaster's wagon, and sets himself up with a new identity and a town full of hired guns, leaving Lieutenant Pete Brisbin the nearly impossible task of bringing the deserter to justice

Trouble Country
ISBN: 0440205948

Dell. 1990

After a year's absence, Sam Dana returns to find that Walt, his half-brother, has turned their ranch into a base of operations for his gang of rustlers