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General Information

Name:  Jesse L Jackson, Jr.  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Born: 1965 in Greenville, South Carolina

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Illinois Connection

Jesse Jackson, Jr. is a member of the United States House of Representatives representing Illinois's 2nd Congressional District, which includes a large part of Chicago's South Side and southeast suburbs.

Biographical and Professional Information

Prior to elective politics, Representative Jackson was active in international civil rights work. He participated in his father's presidential campaigns and then in the office of his Rainbow Coalition. During his time in public office he has co-authored three books, including two on financial literacy. He also co-wrote A More Perfect Union, which advances a series of constitutional amendments that would guarantee all Americans the right to vote, and the right to high quality education, health care and housing.

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Titles At Your Library

Legal Lynching: Racism, Injustice, and the Death Penalty
ISBN: 1569247617

Da Capo Press. 1996

The African-American activist argues the case against the death penalty, examining its recent history and revealing how it disproportionately affects blacks and sometimes leads to the killing of innocent defendants. 50,000 first printing. IP.

It's About the Money!: The Fourth Movement of the Freedom Symphony: How to Build Wealth, Get Access to Capital, and Achieve Your Financial Dreams
ISBN: 0609807366

Three Rivers Press. 2001

Financial Empowerment . . . Financial Independence!

Rooted in the American dream, It's About the Money! is Reverend Jesse Jackson and Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s program for helping every American become financially independent and self-sufficient. Through their empowering, inspiring stories of people from all walks of life who have put their financial lives in order, accumulated nest eggs, and prepared for the future, they provide a step-by-step program for mastering the nuts and bolts of personal finance, including:

* Getting out of debt
* Preparing a budget
* Building wealth through a regular program of saving and investing
* Preparing for retirement
* Avoiding financial scams
* Dealing with major life events, such as sending children to college

Reverend Jackson and Congressman Jackson believe that the message contained in It's About the Money! is the fourth step in the movement to freedom. The first three steps (emancipation from slavery, ending legal segregation, and securing the right to vote) formed the basis for the fourth movement of the Freedom Symphony: access to capital and financial independence. The Jacksons' program will help everyone fully participate in the financial engine that drives our country, by showing how to build wealth, increase it, and keep it secure so that you can build a better life for yourself and for your family.

A more perfect union; advancing new American rights.

Welcome Rain Publishers, New York. 2001

Legal Lynching: The Death Penalty and America's Future
ISBN: 1565846850

The New Press. 2001

With public opinion polls showing opposition to the death penalty at its highest level in twenty years, this timely book by two of America’s most important civil rights leaders and the Nation’s criminal justice reporter makes a passionate and persuasive case against capital punishment. Combining a powerful moral argument with recent, overwhelming evidence of systematic legal error and widespread racial bias in death penalty cases, Legal Lynching directly attacks the basic claims of those—including our new president—who continue to insist on execution as a punitive solution for an increasing number of crimes. With the abolition of the death penalty in South Africa, the United States has become the last industrialized democracy to persist in state-sponsored execution.

Grounded in stories of those who were unjustly convicted and left to languish on death row, Legal Lynching is a moving, human book by America’s leading death penalty abolitionists.

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